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Monday, April 23, 2018

Kenneth Faried wasn’t worried about Body Issue because he has a big…you know

Kenneth-Faried-TMZLike most other athletes who have agreed to pose nude for ESPN the Magazine’s “Body Issue,” Denver Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried is very comfortable in his own skin. When a TMZ reporter caught up with him as he was leaving Lure nightclub in Hollywood on Tuesday night, Faried relayed his confidence in an incredibly graceful manner.

The brief interview began in fantastic fashion when Faried and his boys took the camera away from the TMZ reporter and instead started to interview him. When the guy finally figured out that he was talking to the NBA player who was on the cover of the “Body Issue,” he asked him if he was nervous being naked in front of all those people.

“No!” Faried said. “My d–k is big. I wasn’t nervous at all.”

Naturally, Faried and his boys razzed the reporter about not knowing who he was. Basically they were saying he just hangs out outside of a nightclub and interviews large black men, as evidenced by him asking Faried if he plays basketball or football.

TMZ’s guy then asked if Faried saw Playgirl magazine in his future.

“Hell yeah,” he said. “If they let me get naked with them girls, hell yeah.”

All in all, a fantastic interview. Faried told a fan he was drunk while the cameras were rolling, but all of his comments were harmless. He’s done dumber things when he’s sober.

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