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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Kevin Durant: Media blew up LeBron James ‘jealous’ comments for no reason

Kevin Durant LeBron James

Kevin Durant doesn’t think much of LeBron James’ recent comments that he’s jealous of the amount of field goals KD attempts.

When asked on Thursday about LeBron’s comments, Durant pretended like he hadn’t heard what James said before admitting it was unavoidable because it was everywhere.

“Ya’ll blowing that out of proportion, man. I mean, I’m pretty sure, matter of fact, I’m 100 percent sure LeBron can do whatever he wants,” Durant said via The Oklahoman.

That’s true. Even though LeBron said he was jealous of the amount of shots Durant was taking, it’s not like LeBron can’t take those shots; James chooses not to because he’s made it a goal to be efficient, which is a good reason why his field goal percentage is higher than ever.

“There’s probably a handful of times I shot 30 times,” Durant said. “I’m sure he’s shot more 30-shot games than I have over his career. But I guess the guy is just trying to challenge himself. I don’t know. But you guys are blowing that up for no reason.”

If Durant is going to be mad at anyone, it should be LeBron for mentioning him, not the media for reacting accordingly to a surprising comment. I mean LeBron James has a great basketball game and seems to have everything going for him. That’s why it’s surprising to hear him say he’s jealous of anyone in a basketball context. When you’ve been blessed with the gifts LeBron has, how can you possibly be jealous of someone else?

As for Durant’s field goals, they’ve been up recently since Russell Westbrook got hurt. Despite being a tremendous player and gifted shooter, Durant doesn’t even gun the way many others do.

I wouldn’t think much of LeBron’s comments if I were Durant. It’s not like we’re talking about Kobe or Rudy Gay or JR Smith in terms of throwing up shots here.

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