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Friday, June 22, 2018

Kobe Bryant and friend have bet over whether Justin Bieber, Katy Perry will implode first

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Justin Bieber has officially reached the point in his young career where people have little interest in talking about his music. The general public is more concerned about Bieber’s recent DUI arrest and his tendency to believe he is above the law. Kobe Bryant believes that behavior will ultimately lead to the downfall of Bieber’s career.

In a feature that was written on Bryant for the New Yorker, there is mention of a running bet that Kobe has going with a business associate. Kobe and his buddy, a big Bieber fan, have apparently bet on whether it will be Katy Perry or Bieber that self-destructs first.

Bryant, who wears self-discipline like a badge, has long favored the more predictable Perry’s odds, and found in Bieber’s recent tabloid episodes hints of a looming implosion: talent spurned. As he and the associate walked into the dining room at the Four Seasons, in downtown Miami, in late January, the associate, a Belieber, mentioned that Bryant had been giving him a hard time about it for years. He seemed almost ready to concede. That morning, elsewhere in Miami, Bieber had been caught drag racing and booked for driving under the influence.

Bieber has also gotten into trouble for egging his neighbor’s house and pissed off various NFL stars by speeding through his and their neighborhood. I don’t really follow celebrity gossip too closely, but I don’t hear much about Perry getting into trouble with the law.

As someone who signed his first NBA contract at the age of 17, Kobe knows plenty about reaching celebrity stardom at a young age. I like his chances with the wager.

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