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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Kobe Bryant wants Dwight Howard to be more of an a–hole

Kobe Bryant has a complete a-hole persona on the floor. He bosses his teammates around, takes control of games when he feels he needs to, and he calls out teammates on a regular basis. It’s all part of that “killer instinct” so many says he has.

Bryant believes Howard has a lot of great tools, but he wants the young center to be more of an a-hole like him.

“Shaq was a goofball. But Shaq was a big a——. I was a little a——. It worked well,” Bryant said, per ESPN LA.

“Dwight has a lot of that in him. He just needs to bring it out and make guys pay every single day.”

Translation: less goofball Dwight who mocks people at press conference, and more of the serious player who just wants to kick butt on the floor. We shall see if Howard takes note of the advice. You know Kobe will say something if Dwight starts stepping out of line.

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