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Monday, January 22, 2018

Kobe Bryant thinking about getting a new rosary tattoo

Kobe Bryant said Tuesday that he is thinking about getting a new tattoo.

The injured Los Angeles Lakers star shared his plans over Twitter to possibly get another religious-themed tattoo.

Kobe BryantKobe went through the first part of his career with his body ink-free, but that changed when he faced charges of sexual assault. In 2003, he got a tattoo on his right arm to show his newfound commitment to his wife, Vanessa.

The tattoo shows a crown with a butterfly, Vanessa’s name below that, and angel wings beneath her name.

“That’s my wife, my angel,” Bryant said of his tattoos in 2003. “That’s a crown, and butterflies. Her name actually means butterfly.”

Bryant also has tattoos on the inside part of his right forearm. The ink contains his daughters’ names, and he has another tattoo that says “Psalm XXVII,” which is a line of scripture he loves.

Whatever tattoo he does get, I hope it doesn’t look like this.

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