Kobe Bryant’s parents says son lied about memorabilia

Kobe BryantKobe Bryant and his parents are in a nasty dispute over some of the All-Star’s basketball memorabilia, and Bryant’s parents say their son is lying.

To recap, Bryant’s mother, Pamela, agreed to sell some of her son’s memorabilia to an auction house for $450,000 up front. Kobe was trying to stop the sale — and had it temporarily blocked — because he claims he owns the memorabilia and that his mother is selling it without his permission.

Bryant’s mother is likely attempting to sell the memorabilia because she wants to buy a new home. Kobe was willing to buy his parents a home, but they wanted something more expensive than he was willing to buy.

Goldin Auctions filed a lawsuit to determine who owns the memorabilia.

According to TMZ, Kobe’s father stated in his declaration that Kobe gave the items to his mom over the years, telling her, “Here mom, these are for you.” Kobe’s grandmother reportedly has filed a declaration in support of his parents.

Making matters worse in the dispute is that family members are taking sides; Kobe’s sister reportedly filed a declaration claiming that Kobe’s mom has said for years that they could sell the stuff and profit greatly.

I’m guessing that Kobe probably gave the memorabilia to his parents, but not with the intent for them to sell it.

In cases like this, nobody wins. Well, nobody except for maybe the lawyers.

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  • janet

    Kobe should be ashamed talking about wanting to buy a house for his mother but the one they want was too expensive, if he can take a little time to remember it is because of his mother that he is able to be here and do what he does, guess the money is not good for his mom but it is good for hiswife family, shame, shame, shame,a mother will always be there hope he remember that.

  • Anon

    She should be grateful he’s willing to buy her anything. Its not his job to buy her a house with his hard earned money. Poor people think nothing but themselves. They think because they have a relative that’s rich they are entitled to money. No, no they are not. Don’t forget you have property taxes on the house. If they can’t afford the house, they can’t afford the tax and they will ask for more money. That’s how rich athletes go broke. Mooching lazy family members. She should be grateful he was willing to give her anything.