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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Lakers had Tobey Maguire voice over short movie for Carmelo Anthony

Tobey MaguireThe Lakers did not completely flex their Hollywood muscles during a free agent meeting with Carmelo Anthony on Thursday, but they did at least show what they’re capable of.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Lakers had famed movie producer Joel Silver create a four-minute video showing a trailer of ‘Melo’s life. None other than “Spider-man” actor Toby Maguire did the voiceover for it.

While the Houston Rockets were out there ticking off Jeremy Lin by giving ‘Melo his jersey number, the Lakers had Seabiscuit telling Carmelo what’s up.

Who gets the edge in that one? Not even a discussion.

The Lakers also reportedly told ‘Melo they would offer him the maximum they’re able to, which is $97 million over four years. That sounds nice and all, but he’s still going back to the Knicks.

And how awesome is it that Jeanie Buss and Phil Jackson are competing for the same player? That has to make for some great makeup sex.

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