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Friday, June 22, 2018

LaVar Ball tore son LaMelo apart in front of AAU team

LaVar Ball WWE

LaVar Ball is a fiery guy. He’s a trainer, and he knows how to motivate people — including, apparently, his sons. Considering how well they’re all doing in their playing careers, we’d be hard-pressed to condemn Ball for his methods, as audacious and controversial as they are.

Still, it is odd to see Ball berating his youngest son, LaMelo, in front of his AAU team. Footage surfaced of such a moment Monday following the team’s loss in an AAU game.

During a lengthy rant, Ball said LaMelo cares too much about checking his phone and sleeping and isn’t being a leader for his team because he’s selfish.

“All you want to do is score the ball, and then you want to dance with it for 20 minutes before you hit a shot because you selfish and you don’t want to win,” LaVar said.

LaVar went on to say LaMelo is lazy and cares too much about scoring.

“You are the weakest link that we have on defense for the fact that you don’t move,” LaVar told LaMelo, urging him to be like his brother, Lonzo, and learn to play at both ends.

Ball said LaMelo will be a “flash in a pan” and “highlight film” until he learns to work hard.

Watch the full video of Ball’s speech below:

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