LeBron: Good Teammate, Bad Father

LeBron James was interviewed by Rachel Nichols for the ESPN Sunday Conversation. In the interview, he revealed the news that he would not miss an NBA Finals game for the birth of his child. As Marcel Mutoni points out at FanHouse, the baby is due when Game 5 is scheduled. Don’t fret Cavs fans, here’s what LeBron said:

I’ve already told her I’m not missing any games. I’m not missing any games because of the birth of my second child. I was there for my first one. Definitely going to be tough on me but I think she understands how much I love my teammates and how much they mean.

So is LeBron taking the birth of his child lightly here? He seems quite dismissive of the significance of the milestone in his life and his child’s. Look at what he said, he was there for one, doesn’t need to be there for the other. What kind of a message is that? Then again, it is the NBA finals, and he’s choosing not to let his teammates down. Clearly he’s a good teammate and bad father. This is a tough call for a man, and I stand by LeBron for his choice — he owes it to himself and his team. What do you think?

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  • http://captainjacksworld.com Bill

    I don’t think it’s fair to say he’s a bad father. He was there for the birth of his first, and I’m sure he’s not going to neglect any of his kids (Shawn Kemp,Calvin Murphy). There is no perfect way to be a father, and I’m sure he’s doing the best he can.

  • http://wastingcotime.blogspot.com WCT

    Can this guy do ANYTHING without getting ripped? What if he missed the game for the birth and the Cavs ended up losing that game and the series in 7?

  • http://www.larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I think it’s fine for that reason. Besides, not like the kid knows the difference!

  • Big Brother Jake

    There is nothing more precious than the birth of your child, whether it’s the first one or the fiftieth one. Sure, he may never get a chance to never play in the NBA Finals again, but that is a child and he even said in a press conference interview during this year’s playoffs that “it’s just a game.” Well, is it still just a game LeBron? It isn’t now, because he actually won. I think he’s dead wrong!!!!

  • http://captainjacksworld.com Bill

    Have to consur with WCT. He’s damned if he do, damned if he don’t.

  • YouKnowWho

    Boohoo… I will never miss the birth of my child for anything! Not even a NBA finals game is worth it!

  • The King

    Lebron is an asshole all the way around. Of course, hes a bad father he represents everything bad about black culture. Bad tipping lmao 10 on 800 what an idiot. Bad father, not caring about his kid. I’m sure he’ll get a divorce and not be there for his kids growin up. Didn’t graduate college. Ignorant and ghetto. Bad sportmsanship, he couldn’t even shake the hands of the better team that eliminated them. Lol I could go on. He’s a terrible role model but a great basketball player.

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