LeBron James Cavs contract reportedly two years, $42 million

LeBron-CavsDetails of LeBron James’ contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers emerged on Saturday, and they may surprise you a bit. While most of us assumed LeBron would sign a maximum four-year deal worth around $90 million, he has reportedly only committed to the Cavs for two years — at least on paper.

Brian Windhorst of ESPN reports that LeBron signed a two-year, $42.1 million contract with the Cavs. However, Windhorst noted that LeBron remains “fully committed to the Cavs long term.” The Decision 3.0 is unlikely to ever take place, as the goal of LeBron’s current contract is to allow him to get a max contract with the league’s next collective bargaining agreement. He also has a clause that allows him to opt out of the deal next year.

A new television contract is expected to result in a large increase in the NBA’s salary cap before the 2016-2017 season. When that happens, LeBron will only be 31 and can sign another max contract with Cleveland that will likely be worth significantly more than a max deal would be worth right now.

Of course, there is some risk involved on James’ end. He could (heaven forbid) suffer a career-ending injury this season. LeBron makes somewhere in the range of $40 million off the court each year, so he can afford to gamble a bit.

Although we would never rule out the possibility of LeBron causing the sports world to grind to a halt with another free agency decision in 2016, it doesn’t seem likely. James wrote in his essay that he wants to finish his career in Cleveland. Jumping around more will do nothing for his legacy. We’re guessing he’s back home to stay.

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  • Richard Howell

    Does anyone besides Heat fans really give a flip what James does ? Contrast his signing with Popovich’s,…two sentences, no press conference, yet just as important to his team. Also, I would take Kawhi Leonard over James anyday, unless all I wanted to do was create a circus.

  • James Kearns

    leonard not a free agent dick

  • Mel Bias

    i think the dick said he would prefer leonard any day over james. nothing about leonard being or not being a free agent.

  • JakeJ413

    Yes, obviously a lot of people care about what James does besides Heat fans. You know that. People say media creates this circus, but try putting news about Kawhi Leonard out there. No one outside of Spurs fans would care and the media would go back to reporting on Lebron. Love, like, dislike, hate, people care about Lebron. And Popovich is a coach. An entertaining curmudgeon of a coach but people don’t care that he signed.

  • Topazinator

    Well, BFD. I’d prefer Obama headed home to Kenya.

  • Richard Howell

    Have problems with your reading comprehension, James ?

  • Richard Howell

    Well, Jake, you sound like a Le Bron/ Heat fan. From my seat , I would say that James was rendered pretty much ineffective. Yes, he scored, but was not a difference maker. Hell, Patty Mills had a bigger effect on the series than James did.
    So, you keep on buying the media hype. Heat made four straight Finals, but should have been 1-3, possibly 0-4.

  • JakeJ413

    Did I mention anything about the quality of his play? No, I was making the obvious point that your claim that no one outside of Heat fans “give(s) a flip what James does” is ridiculous. Fans of every team root for and against him in large numbers. His going back to his home state is a big story.

  • JakeJ413

    So to quote you above, ‘Have problems with your reading comprehension,’ Richard?

  • Cthulhu

    Yes. Cavs fans. So pretty much pro basketball fans from all of Ohio, Eastern PA, WV, and northern Kentucky.