Speculation: LeBron James Could Return to Cavs

I know this is out there and you probably think I’m crazy for posting it, but let’s keep in mind that the NBA is the place where crazy happens. If I had told you three years ago that LeBron James would end up in Miami with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, you would have thought I was nuts, right? OK, so bear with me on this one.

There is some chatter that LeBron James is unhappy with the Miami Heat organization and that he may consider opting out of his contract following the 2013-2014 season. Sam Amico writes at FOX Sports Ohio that James would consider opting out if Pat Riley remains in control of the Heat. Amico also says LeBron would be looking closely at returning to Cleveland.

On top of that, in a Fact or Fiction game posted on the Heat Index at ESPN as a preview to the Cavs-Heat game Tuesday, two writers said they believed LeBron would end up playing for the Cavs again. Brian Windhorst, who covered LeBron in Cleveland and followed him to Miami, laid out this convincing argument:

Insane you say? Never? Impossible? Too much bad blood, right? Not in professional sports, where you can always go home again. And when it does happen the Cavs fans, for the most part, will welcome him back. Don’t believe me? They’re building a statue in Cleveland to Jim Thome right now and he ditched Cleveland for straight cash back in 2002. Not today and not tomorrow but someday James will consider it because time heals wounds, it just does. The Heat will not be championship contenders forever. James has outs in his contract after the 2014, ’15 and ’16 seasons for the record.

So maybe someday LeBron James could end up back in Cleveland. Do you really think in four or five years the fans wouldn’t be ready to forgive him? I don’t. If he wants to come back, they would definitely have him.

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  • Anonymous

    We here in Cleveland don’t have a problem with Thome leaving for cash…..or anybody leaving for that matter.  Our problem is HOW (one more time, for those of you who still don’t get it- HOW) he left.  The ego-basting humiliation he dumped on us with the “Decision” is why we hate the man.  You want to leave?  Then LEAVE.  Why did you have to stomp all over us, just to feed your disgusting sense of self-importance.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I for one never liked the man.  I used to get alot of flak about it too, until he did what he did.  I don’t want him back, not now, not ever.  We couldn’t win with him when he was here and he screwed us over in the playoffs.  Why the hell would we want him back?  To do that to us all over again?  It’s like having a no-good cheating loser husband leave you on the Jerry Springer show, and then taking him back because you think this time it will be different.  Unlike like the stupid people on that show, we here in Cleveland have alot more pride, self-respect and intelligence than that.

  • Anonymous

    Larry must not know many Cleveland fans.  This will NEVER happen.  Cavs fans have moved on, but obviously bored sports writers will never give up on bringing up LeBron when discussing Cleveland.  Writers need to get over it already, I say. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jamal-McPherson/100002024158473 Jamal McPherson

    LeBron was young and stupid. Still is. I’m from Cleveland, and would welcome him back with loud cheers if he decided to come back.

    I was appauled by the way he left. I was p*ssed. And I hated his guts. But he’s wickedly talented, and time does heal all (or most) wounds.

    He left like a clown. But the Cleveland organization and the media made him the clown he was/is.

    Maybe he grows up, hell freezes over, and Dan Gilbert somehow builds a bridge (in comic sans) with LeBron James. Whew. That would be wild.

    Had Gilbert not blown his top the way he did, it might be easier to make this Return happen.

    It would be amazing. And 97% of Cleveland fans would get over it pretty d_mn quick.

    In my narrow opinion.