LeBron James kicks off the playoffs with a couple of excellent flops (Video)

Until he wins a championship ring, critics will continue to question whether or not LeBron James has what it takes to lead his team in the postseason. Now that Derrick Rose is out for the season with a torn ACL, he should have an even better opportunity to prove the doubters wrong this year. One thing you cannot question, however, is LeBron’s ability to draw a call in the playoffs by flopping. As you can see from the GIF above that @cjzero shared with us, King James did a pretty good job of it during Saturday’s win over the Knicks.

But that wasn’t all. LeBron also took some moderately hard contact from Tyson Chandler earlier in the game and Chandler wound up with a flagrant foul. It was a pretty rough screen, but LeBron did plenty of delayed embellishing. Check it out:

If LeBron continues to do a tremendous job of acting and the Heat keep getting calls like these, they’ll be tough to beat this postseason.

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  • Gene

    I thought the second one was a pretty hard hit and jarred his head forward.  Chandler took a cheap shot when he and his teammates should have been concentrating on playing  better basketball.  First one definitely was a great acting job on all levels.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003491713490 Magneto Hsu

    LeQueen and Princess Wade are 2 of the 5 biggest floppers in the league (along with Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and Tony Parker). Don’t these people realize all of this is being filmed in HD, from a million angles? Jumping a second and half after the contact like you’ve been shot looks really funny on the replay. When was the last time Princess Wade didn’t fall down after a layup? He falls every time regardless of the contact. Carmelo might be a chucker, but he gets hammered  and does not flop.