LeBron James already in Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns jersey

LeBron James Johnny Manziel Browns jersey

LeBron James is buddies with Johnny Manziel and really wanted his Dallas Cowboys to select the former Heisman Trophy winner 16th overall in the draft. That didn’t happen, but that doesn’t mean James won’t be cheering on his friend in the NFL. In fact, LeBron already is sporting a Manziel Cleveland Browns jersey.

Manziel signed with LeBron’s marketing agent — Maverick Carter — and has already begun using a similar image-building strategy. LeBron and Johnny connected while Manziel was at A&M, and the quarterback credited the Heat star for giving him advice on dealing with all the attention and scrutiny. They have remained in touch since then. But just because they’re friends, don’t expect Manziel to influence James to return to the Cavaliers.

“I don’t think I can do that,” Manziel said at his introductory press conference Friday when asked if he could convince LeBron to return to Cleveland.

Getting him to wear the jersey is a good start.

Photo: Twitter/WFNY Scott

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  • Arsen Dadyan

    That’s not the real manziel jersey. His real jersey is #2. Lebron is wearing the Nike version of the jersey. The same #1 that was in the Nike billboards in NY

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