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Saturday, December 16, 2017

LeBron James not interested in playing with Kyrie Irving?

Kyrie IrvingNot that it would have ever happened, but there was a lot of chatter — mostly on Cleveland’s end — that LeBron James might return to the Cavaliers at some point.

The thinking was that the Cavs could have an attractive core to offer James since they already have a young, emerging point guard in Kyrie Irving. If they could add another strong player, they felt it might be enticing enough for James.

But it sounds like Kyrie would actually be a deterrent for LeBron.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst did an interview with Cavs the Blog and dished about Irving. He said Kyrie definitely does not want to be in Cleveland in the future, which is the same story we’ve been hearing. He also said James would not want to play with Kyrie.

And the other thing is: if the Cavs ever dream of having LeBron, it’s not going to be with Kyrie there. LeBron and Kyrie have drifted apart in the last few years, even to the point that if the Cavs wanted to get LeBron they would maybe trade Kyrie for someone who would fit better with LeBron. And I’m not making that up. That line of thinking was not originated by me. That’s just the truth.

Windhorst also shared his personal feelings about Irving, saying the young point guard has disappointed him with his immaturity.

This certainly is very interesting. It seemed for a long time that Irving was going to be a building block for the Cavs turning things around, but that story is changing. He needs a better coach, execs and players surrounding him on that team. Or maybe he just should leave like he may be planning.

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