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Thursday, May 24, 2018

LeBron James says Miami Heat will 3-peat (Video)

LeBron JamesWhen LeBron James went up on stage and said at his huge Miami Heat introduction that he planned to win “not one, not two, not three …” championships, you could tell he was exaggerating and playing to the home crowd. But in this video shared by the NBA when he says the Heat will 3-peat, you can tell he means business.

“Do we talk about it? Of course we all talk about it,” James tells the camera. “Of course we do. We’re going to 3-peat, man. What else we going to do?”

I believe him too. Sure, Derrick Rose will be back and that will create more of a challenge for the Heat in the Eastern Conference, and Dwight Howard joined the Houston Rockets making them formidable, but this is still the Heat’s trophy to lose. Baring an injury to LeBron, they’ll probably win it all again.

And does James have to pay Pat Riley a fee for using the term “3-peat”? Or does he get some sort of licensing exemption?

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