LeBron James Regrets Skipping Out on Media, Doesn’t Regret Being Poor Sport

lebron-james-chosen1It’s amazing how LeBron James with all this time on his hands can’t see why what he did after losing to Orlando was wrong. While covering up the Nike video tape confiscation scandal and standing by Nike’s side, LeBron admitted the error of his ways for skipping out on his media duties after the Cavs got knocked out of the playoffs. While acknowledging that mistake, LeBron says he’ll continue to be a poor sport:

“I wouldn’t have done it the same. I would have done the media. Looking back on it, without you guys, there’s no LeBron James, D-Wade, Tiger Woods or no Peyton Manning. If I could have started over again, I would have done the media. As I thought about it I could see why people were talking about because [the media's] job starts when mine ends.

“But as far as the dunk or whatever car I’m driving, some things you shouldn’t comment and some things you should. I look at the no handshake like this — during the regular season, no one ever shakes hands. You move on to the next game. I congratulated Dwight Howard through email and told him good luck in the Finals. Shaking hands is not a big deal to me. It’s not being a sore loser, it’s moving on. Sometimes people want you to accept losing and I’ll never accept losing.”

The sad thing is LeBron only regrets skipping the media because he sees how they benefit him monetarily. Unfortunately they don’t pay players for post-game handshakes otherwise he would apologize for that. I understand him being unhappy after losing but hasn’t he ever been taught about sportsmanship? I guess when you’ve always been “The Chosen One” people don’t teach you much.

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  • Gene

    I was a big LeBron James fan until the end of the playoffs. His refusal to shake hands with the players on the victorious Magic was inexcusable. It is compounded by his poor attempts at defending that action. I would like to see film clips of LeBron being on the receiving end of handshakes after the Cavs won the first two series. His action reeks of poor sportsmanship and insincerity.

    Then he compounds the problem by being involved, to some extent, with the cover up of the so-called dunk, which was really a non-event. I watched the clip and saw that the player did not really dunk over LeBron, who was on the side, guarding another player. Why would anyone suppress that? I also wonder why it was publicized as a dunk over LeBron.

    Anyway, LeBron, stop whining. Nobody wins all of the time in this life, so accept the setbacks and grow from the experience. Your actions until now have been those of a mature person. Why spoil your image now?