LeBron James vents on Facebook about difficulties going out

LeBron James mediaLeBron James has become one of the most popular and recognizable sports figures in the country, which probably makes it tough for him go out in public. The Miami Heat star vented about that particular issue in a post on his official Facebook page late Sunday night.

“Man it’s hard to go out and have a good time these days! It’s cool though, it’s part of my life. Wouldn’t change anything(just saying). Been in the spotlight since I was 15. Sometimes u just wanna STOP!! But I refuse cause I have a commitment to the youth to inspire them!! That will keep me pushing forward and focused alone.”

While it’s unclear what happened to bother LeBron on Sunday night, we know that he has had issues with people getting in his personal space since the season ended. After winning the NBA championship in June, James told some media members to get the f— out of his face in the locker room. Then in July, James took the mic at Tao night club in Las Vegas to tell fans to chill out on all the cell phone cameras and pictures:

We’re not trying to break out the violin of sympathy for one of the most athletically-gifted people in the world, but the lack of privacy is definitely a downside to being so famous. The perks of being so awesome are things like having a personal DJ play for you 24/7, but on the flip side it’s tough to go out.

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  • JonSwann

    King my ass more like drama Queen!

  • Michael Twain

    This coming from the jerk who created a media circus when he decided to announce his departure from Cleveland to Miami. As the saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for.” He wanted the spotlight, now he has it. Deal with it.

  • joe

    50mil a year or be like joe here,29,000 a year and nobody bothers you,I like being poor