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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Unintended Consequence: Heat Fire Season Tickets Sales Staff

Talk about a dick move. Now that they have the Bermuda Triangle in Miami — LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade — fans have been celebrating and Miami Heat tickets are the hottest item in town and fans have been celebrating. They have sold out all their season tickets and won’t have to worry about playing in an empty arena for the next few years. Because of the popularity of the tickets, the Heat decided they have no use for a season tickets sales staff. As a result, they canned 30 employees on Friday, according to The Miami Herald via SB Nation.

The dismissals reflect the new Heat position in basketball: it can sell tickets without really trying.

“They let us go because there was really nothing left to do anymore,” the fired staffer said.

With a mass firing like that, you would think the wages the staffers earned went against the salary cap! That’s straight cold blooded by the Miami Heat. I guess there is no longer a need for the staff since the product sells itself, but it’s just crap the way those people got cut. Looks like the only people who didn’t want LeBron to go to Miami were the 30 members of the sales team.

With Heat season tickets sold out, team fires season ticket sales staff [The Miami Herald]
The Wages Of Empire: Miami Heat Fire Their Season Ticket Sales Staff [SB Nation]

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