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Monday, June 18, 2018

Michael Beasley commits hilarious inbounds violation

Michael BeasleyWhy does it seem like things like this only happen to Michael Beasley? Even in a game where the backup forward had 21 points in 23 minutes, he still managed to make a boneheaded play.

This inbounds pass fail was awesome on so many levels. First off, it took place early in the second quarter, and as you can tell, no players were in the frame. Second, an inbounds pass from under your basket with no pressure on you is one of the most simple plays to execute, yet Beasley manages to muck it up. Lastly, watching this was like watching a cartoon when someone loses their balance by the edge of a pool. You’re watching and hoping they won’t fall into the water. Beasley couldn’t catch his balance, so he ended up putting the ball down on the court, causing a turnover. Super cool move, Beas.

The Suns are now 22-45 after losing 127-105 to the Wizards.

Below is video of the Beasley inbound pass fail:

GIF via Wiz Spurtin

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