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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Michael Beasley Is Doing Ballet, Has Hired PR Firm

Michael Beasley is trying to remake himself in two ways: he’s trying to change his body, and he’s trying to change his image.

Beasley has never been overweight, but he doesn’t have the tightest body in the league. So what’s he doing to drop some pounds? Almost anything possible.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune says Beasley has incorporated elements of yoga, karate, and ballet into his summer workouts. He’s trying to become stronger and more limber so he can have a longer career. He’s lost 15 pounds and is now down to 225.

While Beasley’s desire to make over his body and get in better shape is commendable, it’s the second part of his makeover that will be more challenging. He’s hired a public-relations agency to improve his image. That won’t be easy given Beasley’s eventful summer.

You may recall that Beas was pulled over this summer for speeding while high on weed. He also got physical with a fan during a park league game in New York. And then comments like this certainly don’t help.

Remaking your body is easy. Changing his image will be difficult. We’d prefer to see Beasley do it naturally rather than with hired help.

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