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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Mike Miller toys with fans by posting LeBron James jersey in Instagram picture

Mike Miller LeBron jersey

Mike Miller has become a central figure in this free agency period because of his connection to LeBron James.

Miller was with the Miami Heat for three seasons, reaching the finals all three years and winning two of them. His name came up Wednesday because a report said LeBron reached out to him about playing together should James choose to leave the Heat.

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And how did Miller respond? He messed with everyone by posting this picture.

What at first glance looks like Miller just shooting around in his gym actually has a lot more meaning when you notice the LeBron Cavs jersey against the back wall. Now tell me why that was there, especially when reports say he is working on a deal with the Denver Nuggets? Way to mess with the fans, Mike.

Photo: Instagram/Mike Miller

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