Mike Wallace makes insensitive remarks about Jason Collins coming out as gay

Mike Wallace DolphinsOn Monday, veteran NBA center Jason Collins became the first ever athlete from the four major American team sports to come out as gay, and there has been an outpouring of support since the Sports Illustrated story was released to the public. Everyone from Bill Clinton to Kobe Bryant has endorsed Collins and commended him for his courage. Mike Wallace decided to go in the other direction.

Shortly after the internet began buzzing about Collins, the Miami Dolphins receiver sent the following tweet. He deleted it shortly after it was sent, but the folks at The Big Lead were able to capture it first.


What can we even say at this point? While Wallace’s comment was obviously incredibly idiotic, we know better than to be surprised. Whether it’s an MLB pitcher saying a gay teammate would create awkwardness or a former NFL star saying religion makes it wrong, there are always going to be people who stand in the way.

Naturally, Wallace sent out an apology.

Anyone who believes he’s actually sorry is incredibly naive.

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  • SherylSimpson

    Are the brainless utterings of an unintelligent (or at the very least, woefully ignorant) football player really news? Do we acknowledge this moronic drivel to expose it’s idiocy? Or does any mention of it only lend it some level of credence? Personally I think it tarnished Jason Collin’s brave effort somehow to lend any legitimacy whatsoever to a vapid opinion such as this.

  • http://twitter.com/Scrapdo Matt

    I don’t see what’s wrong with someone not understanding the feelings of a gay man. We can pretend that everyone totally gets how someone can be gay or we can be real and recognize that for many straight men it can be difficult to comprehend homosexuality all the while having no problem with it. People are reacting as if he’d said it’s wrong or he wouldn’t play with a gay teammate. He said nothing of that sort, just a guy expressing that he finds it strange, which is FAR from condemning it. We get NOWHERE if we don’t even allow people to express all non-hateful feelings about these issues.It’s the basis of dialogue.

  • kirby76

    I’m a gay man, and I have friends who’d say exactly the same thing about having sex with a woman. (Often in much harsher terms….) There’s nothing really wrong with how he feels, it’s just that the Internet has made us think that every passing thought has to be blurted out to millions of people.
    It’s blurred the line between what would be okay to say to a couple of buddies and saying something publicly.

  • Guest

    I really don’t care about anyone’s sexual preferences. If you can do your job well, and perform at a high level, I’m happy… Why are we putting people’s private choices on center stage? It’s not our business.

  • SherylSimpson

    my point is why are ignorant opinions news? they don’t ask people who know nothing about meteorology if they think it will rain, and if they did, the response would be irrelevant. if your stance is, “”i’m ignorant…i don’t understand,” then LEARN and then express yourself. being ignorant isn’t an opinion. educated yourself, THEN express yourself.

  • Dr. D

    Small point of clarification:

    Because it’s not a “private choice”; it’s a “personal choice.” No one’s orientation exists in a vacuum; the decision to be out is a very public one for anyone. Whether it’s to serve as a role model for other queer people, or something as seemingly banal to us straight folks as having a partner someday. To some degree, sure, it’s not anyone’s business—but that doesn’t mean it should be private, either.

    Life is not just about “performing at a high level.” Sometimes, instead of “not caring,” we can be actively supportive and be happy for folks like Jason Collins (and all the major female athletes who came out before him). Even in situations like this. You’ve probably not met any of these guys in real life, but something you say (or even write online) will be overheard by queer people. Better it be supportive than an admonition that someone’s lifestyle, culture, and happiness be kept “private.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.pastuch James Pastuch

    His comments weren’t idiotic. Collins basically said the same thing going the other way. So I guess his comment was idiotic as well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.pastuch James Pastuch

    To answere the educate yourself, how ??? By going to the Blue Oyster Bar I guess. Not interested. I know gay from straight not education needed.

  • jim

    The answer is simple, You see that beautiful woman and it turns you on – you see that good looking guy and recognize that he’s good looking but certainly no turn on (probably). The gay guy looks at the beautiful lady and acknowledges her looks but there is no turn on, he looks at the guy and is turned on. And that is how it is. It isn’t something you learn it is with you from birth.

  • FashionBOY

    I can understand why straight people didnt get it. It is just that he loves another dude. It is about the connection. You have this strong feel that you want to get to know them more. I mean, simple word, it is just love.