LOL at this incredible Mitch Kupchak face of despair (Video)

Mitch Kupchak face

Oh. My. God.

Nothing could have possibly captured the emotion of the Los Angeles’ Lakers terrible season than this priceless reaction from GM Mitch Kupchak during the middle of the team’s blowout defeat against the rival Clippers.

Up by nearly 50 points, the Clips went for alley-oops on back-to-back plays in the third quarter. The first one failed, but the next one was executed perfectly by Blake Griffin. After Griffin brought down the house, TNT shifted to a priceless shot of Kupchak giving the look of hopelessness Lakers fans have embraced all season.

That was amazing.

Here it is in GIF form:

Video via @cjzero

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  • yakka

    As a lifetime, die-hard Laker fan, I would understand if Mitch chose to resign from his position. He has done great things for the franchise (under the tutelage of Jerry West) since 1987. Sure, ‘running from the job’ might be perceived as cowardly, but this team is MINIMUM 5 years away from being relevant no matter how magic his wand is. The CBA and passing of Jerry Buss have left the premier basketball franchise in a terribly compromised position.

  • cookie zztest

    When did the sports media become nothing but glorified cyber-trolls?