Nate Robinson Films Thunder Fans Greeting Team in Oklahoma City (Video)

Nate Robinson got himself into trouble last week when he called Thunder fans the best in the world. The praise was nice, but it alienated the fans in Robinson’s hometown of Seattle, where the Thunder came from before moving to Oklahoma City. Even if Robinson exercised poor judgment with that statement, he might not be wrong.

A few hours after beating the Mavericks in Game 2, the Thunder arrived home in Oklahoma City and a strong crowd was there to support the team. The only difference is Nate Robinson flipped the script on them, filming the experience. Check out this video to see the support Oklahoma City has for its team (beware of an s-bomb around the 2-minute mark):

It had to have been around midnight in Oklahoma City when the team arrived, if not later. If that’s not dedication shown by the fans I don’t know what is. Fans generally are extremely supportive whenever they have a new team (see most expansion teams in the history of sports), and it doesn’t hurt that the Thunder is really good, but these fans look pretty legit to me. Nice show OKC, well done.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Z7SQCNKPKH4E6I27KREOLQLXUA josh t. edwards

    Guess what, Seattle can get over it. They don’t have to worry about being in the “best fans” section since they currently don’t have team. However, they have certainly earned the whiniest ex-NBA fans award. Perhaps they should pleaded harder with the city and Schultz to keep the team in Seattle. They didn’t want to foot the bill for updating Key Arena, guess what, OKC with the OKC arena. Now we have a great team that we support whole-heartedly; especially since our hard earned money was put into the procurement and development of the team. Something that the residents of Seattle were not up to doing.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    That’s a pretty jerk thing to say, Josh. I don’t think you would appreciate it much if OKC lost its team. I can’t blame any city that doesn’t want to shell out multiple millions when owners can do that. I just hope the same thing doesn’t happen to your team.