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Sunday, June 17, 2018

NBA cameraman attempts to hilariously walk it off after leg falls asleep (Video)

NBA-cameraman-foot-asleepNBA preseason basketball is so boring that limbs are falling asleep. During Saturday’s exhibition game between the Chicago Bulls and Indiana Pacers, a cameraman who was previously sitting with his legs crossed underneath him had to abruptly jump up and walk onto the court during a timeout. He just barely avoided disaster, as it appears his right leg had slipped into a deep sleep.

I really can’t blame this dude’s leg for nodding off. I have enough trouble sitting through an entire regular season basketball game, let alone trying to do it in the preseason. His arms probably would have fallen asleep too, but they knew they had to hold the camera up. You can’t expect everyone to stay awake.

H/T Barstool Sports

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