NBA Officials Explain Why Dwyane Wade Did Not Travel on Winning Shot (Video)

Dwyane Wade nailed the winning shot to beat the Bobcats 96-95 Wednesday night. Rob Mahoney at Hardwood Paroxysm put together a well illustrated video showing that Wade traveled on his final shot.

The NBA took notice of Mahoney’s video and created an NBA Officials Twitter account to respond to the supposed missed call. Their first and only tweet linked to a brief explanation of why no travel was called.

“The Dwyane Wade basket shown in the below video is a legal basketball move. Wade gathered the ball with his right foot on the floor: his first step is when both feet touch the floor simultaneously and his second is when he steps forward with his right foot.”

I’ve seen some blatant travels in the NBA, but Wade’s play didn’t look like one to me. Mahoney’s video does a great job explaining what makes it a travel, and the difference between his opinion and the league’s is what was considered the first step.

I honestly believe the NBA rule book is so vague and expansive that they could have defended the decision had the referee called it traveling.

Thanks to Deadspin for sharing the info.

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  • Anonymous

    Just another reason why the NBA is not real basketball!  The NBA is nothing but over paid street ballers!  Really I would rather watch street ballers than these guys that call themselves basketball players.  Also the refee’s are so scared to call anything against some of these high dollar players for fear the NBA won’t let them officiate anymore.  They are just guys in gray shirts getting the best seats in the house and getting paid for it!

  • Anonymous

    I was a bad call.  This was not a jump stop first step.  It was a jump stop 2nd step.  His first step after picking up the ball was with his right foot. His 2nd step was the jump stop.  Neither foot is allowed to leave the floor after hitting the ground on a 2nd step. It doesn’t matter if it was a jump stop with a simultaneous landing of both feet or not.  The issue here was that the refs and the league are saying that Wade’s first step was the jump stop.  However , if you look at the replay in slow motion the last step of the dribble before he stopped dribbling was with his left foot. Then he took the continuation step with his right foot then the 2 foot jump stop, then the right foot step again.  That’s a travel. Bad call with the help of instant replay.  Though  call to catch in real time.  After you stop dribbling or when you catch the ball you are allowed to finish the step you started if the foot has not touched the ground yet and one more step or a two foot jump step.  If the two foot jump step is the continuation step taken after you pick up the ball from a dribble or catch, then you are entitled to a pivot foot.  If it is the second step, then the only way you can take one or both feet off the ground would be to jump and shoot the ball before either foot touches the ground again.  If the refs called all the travels that they were supposed to call, then there would be no need to have that silly ‘charging arc’ under the basket.  The dribbler would not be able to get that far legally,  but the thrill of the ‘dunk’ far outweighs calling the game properly.  When is the league going to stop rewarding poor execution by the offense and reward great execution by the defense.  

  • Anonymous

         He sounds like a failed “wantabe” NBAer or a failure as a physchology major at a community college level. Either way, I say go ahead watch street ballers its free!
        On another issue, my argument is to retire David Stern and his right hand hatchet man, whom together, stalled the NBA season with outrageous demands and consequently get to make the press corp put them on the front page with “Look owners I am fighting tooth and nail against the dark invaders. David makes the news daily and the owners bellied up to the bar for him. If anything, the owners should realize what a pinhead they have running their league..
        Another thing that should be said …Cry baby owners (Cleveland) collected a chitti when Stern turned down the Laker New Orleans trade. Another rich team gonna smoke the low income area team stopped in its tracks.. BS! The luxury tax pays them for doing nothing to bring in the fans. Check out Oklahoma…A great example of what a team owner can do.