If Brutal Bulls Have a Shot at the Playoffs Then the System Is Broken

The Phoneix Suns clinched a spot in the playoffs Tuesday night with a win over the Chicago Bulls. This was a heartbreaking loss for the Bulls as it pushes them a game and a half out of the NBA playoffs. Although the Bulls have been playing OK lately, it still grinds my gears that the possibility of them making the playoffs exists.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not directing all my anger at the Bulls; I want to direct it at the NBA. We’ve frequently complained about the NBA playoff seeding system and asked why they don’t re-seed teams. Additionally, how does a system exist that allows a team like the Bulls who are under .500 with 35-39 record to have a chance at winning an NBA title? Why should they be able to make the playoffs? Frankly, I don’t think they have deserved it. The loss of Joakim Noah for most of the season certainly has hurt the team and they haven’t seemed to be able to get a good rhythm going. So please tell me why they should make the playoffs?

Contrarily, the Suns are quite deserving of their playoff spot given their 48-26 record. I think the NBA really needs to revise the playoff system including the amount of teams allowed to participate in the postseason. The way it stands, if a team like the Bulls with that crappy record has a chance at the playoffs then something is wrong with the system.

Bulls playoff hopes on fumes now [ChicagoNow.com]

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  • thedude

    Agreed! For years now the Western Conference has been stacked with good teams and the East has had sub-.500 teams making the playoffs. Heck, the divisions are meaningless as well. I wouldn’t guarantee the division winners a playoff spot. The NBA should just take the top 16 teams regardless of conference.

  • JS

    In college football, 6-6 gets a bowl bid. Then the next season the pundits wow that a school has 8 or 9 bowl teams on the schedule.

    Then there was 1973 when the three games above .500 Mets damn near won the Series.

  • http://www.fasjf.com DannytheBull

    “your mad at your dad not the Bulls we forgive you!!”

  • BigPoke 22

    It sounds to me like your complaint is baseless. There will always be instances where a team that has a worse record will advance through a tournament style championship series. That’s the whole point.

    Remember series where an eight-seed that barely made the playoffs beat a highly favored one-seed? In a seven game series, the best eam will always win. Want to get in, win more games during the regular season in your conference, you’re in.

    There is nothing wrong with the current system. Do I think it would be a tragedy if a sub-.500 team won an NBA championship? NO!!! I think that it would just prove that anything can happen in the playoffs, so bring your A-game, or go home.

    The Bulls played one of, if not the, best playoff series in NBA history last season against the Celtics. I would love to see them push Lebron and the All-Stars out of the playoffs. It would prove that reaching for All-Star players is not the way to build a team. It would also stop all the talk of Lebron being the best player in the league.

  • http://TheOtherFifteen.com Jeremy Hawn

    Although I think picking on the Bulls isn’t the best example, since they were the 6th seed and well above .500 before their injuries and are definitely a playoff-quality team again now that their healthy, I completely agree that the NBA playoff system is broken. Most of the league makes the playoffs. A majority of the teams. That’s not right. And the playoffs last for months, including dozens of west coast games that keep us east coasters glued to the TV well past our bedtimes and make us zombies at work. And instead of addressing these problems, a few years ago Stern lengthened the playoffs by making the first round a 7 game series instead of eliminating it altogether. I know that they make money off of the current system, but it renders each game less meaningful since there are so many others to be played. I think they should either eliminate one of the rounds, or switch to a march madness-style tournament that includes every team in the league in a 3 game series. Then it would be more exciting due to the chance of upsets, and would be less bothersome that losing teams would be in the running.

  • SpinMax

    no divisions, each conference with 15 teams. Play those other 14 teams 5 times each which is 70 games total. then play a dozen from the other conference. against conference opponents you will play 3-2 one year, 2-3 the next.

    Top 7 get in. The best record gets a 1st round bye. The rest go 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, 4 vs 5. Then it’s 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3(assuming).
    all are 7 game series, but they will play back to back days to finish in 10 days or less.