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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Omer Asik airballs free throw; Kevin McHale has great reaction (Video)

Omer-Asik-free-throwLike many other big men across the NBA, Omer Asik is not a good free throw shooter. The Houston Rockets center has hit just 60% of his free throws this season, which is an improvement upon his career mark of 54%. I’m pretty sure the worst free throw of Asik’s career came on Tuesday night against the Brooklyn Nets.

At least I’m hoping that was the worst. Asik, who scored 12 points and grabbed an eye-popping 23 rebounds in the 105-96 loss, shot a free throw in the second quarter that came up about a foot short of the rim. Rockets coach Kevin McHale had the only reaction you can really have to a shot like that.

“Wow,” McHale said.

Wow indeed. Yes, that Appalachian State player still takes the cake for worst free throw attempt we have ever seen. That doesn’t mean Asik should be any less embarrassed.

Video via @cjzero

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