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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Paul Pierce ejected for clotheslining George Hill (Video)

Paul Pierce was either really frustrated during the third quarter of Monday’s Brooklyn Nets-Indiana Pacers game, or he was trying to make a tribute to ’80s basketball, because he committed a pretty dirty play that led to his ejection.

George Hill was running in transition after getting a steal with his Pacers up 66-47. Pierce wasn’t about to let Hill get an easy layup or dunk to finish the play, so the veteran clotheslined him. Pierce was charged with a flagrant 2 foul, which calls for an automatic ejection. I’m surprised he didn’t bounce Hill off the turnbuckle first.

Pierce’s night to that point might explain his actions; he was 0-for-7 and finished with zero points in 15 minutes. Yikes. And then of course he acted innocent and wondered why he was ejected. C’mon, man.

Paul Pierce George Hill

Video via The Point Forward

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