Ray Allen Wore Green Nail Polish on Toes

This is the type of story that you have to see to believe. After all, I’m the person that still can’t get used to the idea of 250 pound tough guys in the NFL getting pedicures. I’m sure Ray Allen will just tell us that his kids were messing around with him (assuming he as any), but that’s still crossing a line to me. Here’s a picture of Ray Allen wearing green nail polish on his toes prior to Game 4 via NBA.com and The Big Lead:

Ordinarily I’d say that a guy who sets a Finals record with eight three-pointers made in a game can do whatever the heck he wants, but this takes Jesus down a tiny notch in my book.

Ray Allen Painted His Toes Green [The Big Lead]
Photo Credit: NBA.com

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  • chris

    Is this really news-worthy in the eyes of the publisher? You’ve never seen a guy with painted nails? You need to get out more, and try and put aside your close-mindedness and I suspect, homophobia. I had already written you off when I saw how confused and oblivious you are, but the comment about “taking jesus down a notch” explains it all – You’re utterly brainwashed and stuck in the tiny little box that you’ve created for yourself. I’m a 29 year old straight male, and I’ve been painting my toenails since I was about 13. Chicks dig it, and I got a phone number from a hottie down by my pool 2 days ago because she liked my toenail polish – and that’s not the first time it’s happened. Do you think that confident, eccentric guys like us actually give a crap what people like you think? Go ahead and think we’re gay. Go ahead and think we’re leprechauns. I can’t take either one of those suggestions seriously, nor can I take someone who has these opinions seriously.