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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Raptors New 3-D Court Logo is Pretty Sweet (Video)

Some people are saying the Raptors new baseline court logo makes them dizzy, but personally I think it’s awesome.  Over the weekend we got a look at the new technology, which apparently is already popular in sports venues across Europe.  The Raptors have painted their team name across the base line in a way that it looks 3-D from the angle of the camera for the viewers watching at home.  Up close it just looks like a weirdly slanted logo, but when you watch the games on TV it looks like its completely standing up.  Check out this video that Ball Don’t Lie shared with us that showcases it:

Pretty sweet if you ask me.  The 3-D logo is already creating quite a bit of buzz, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see other teams doing it in the near future.  As far as the negatives are concerned: the Raptors ranked 19th in the NBA in attendance last season. The last thing they need to do is give their fans another reason to want to watch from home.

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