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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Reporter Bobby Ramos laughed at by LeBron James for terrible question (Video)

Some clown by the name of Bobby Ramos became a major hit after Game 3 of the NBA Finals on Tuesday, but it was for all the wrong reasons.

Bobby Ramos reporterRamos, who somehow got approved by the league to cover the game, asked some of the dumbest questions you could imagine to the Miami Heat guys after the game. Check that, what he asked of Erik Spoelstra wasn’t even a question.

But let’s start with what he did to LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

Ramos was approved to ask a question to James and Wade, who were at the podium answering questions together like usual. Ramos appeared to sort of puff his chest out, knowing that this was his opportunity to show everyone how hot his sports takes are or how bold he was for being (in his mind) the only reporter in there with the sack to ask the tough questions.

And what did he hammer LeBron and Wade with? “Is your problem your lackluster offense, or is it your lackluster defense?”

Keep in mind that it took Bobby a solid 10-15 seconds to spit out what could have been a very simple question.

LeBron’s reaction was just priceless.

GIF: LeBron and Dwyane Wade's reaction to that question ... on Twitpic

The guy had a smirk on his face and you could totally tell he wanted to bust open laughing. He probably thought, just like the rest of us, that Ramos’ presentation was comical. The guy was so serious with the way he was asking the question. And the balls on this guy to tell LeBron and Dwyane Wade that they have lackluster offense and defense. Seriously. The balls on this guy. You know that’s exactly what LeBron was thinking, which is why he started laughing and eventually deferred to Wade, who answered the question without answering the question.

Now what’s great is that even before the question to James and Wade, it was head coach Erik Spoelstra who got the Ramos treatment. Check out this video, where instead of asking a question, Ramos gives his made-for-sports-talk-radio opinion straight to Spo’s face:

Spo answered about the only way one could in that situation, saying, “clearly.”

You know all three members of the Heat were thinking the exact same thing the rest of us were: who let this guy in the building?

It’s a real shame for Bobby that on the biggest night of his career, his website was maxed out in traffic and couldn’t load. Too bad, because I really was interested in reading more of his great sports opinions.

H/T CJ Zero

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