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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Rip Hamilton and Nate Robinson trade funny insulting pictures

Rip Hamilton and Nate Robinson have plenty of time on their hands now that neither one is playing, so the two spent some time Sunday trading funny yet offensive and insulting pictures of each other over Instagram.

It all started when Robinson, who is recovering from surgery to repair a torn ACL, posted this photo of his ex-teammate looking like ET:

Rip Hamilton ET

“I miss my big bro @ripcity3232 I wonder what he is doing on this beautiful Sunday ? Get at me rip city lol & #holdat lol classic pix” was his caption.

Rip responded with a picture of him putting Robinson in a headlock, but that was just mild. After that one is when things really got insulting.

Rip Hamilton Nate Robinson

“@naterobinson we suppose to be going at @stickity13. I see u want to go at me again. Ok it’s on. #ShootsFired #Holdat.”

And with Rip saying “it’s on,” it really was on.

Rip then posted a picture of Nate Robinson as Kimbo Slice:

Nate Robinson Kimbo Slice

“I’m coming for u Nate-Bo-Slice ..,.lol. Had to post this again,” was the caption.

Nate saw Rip’s Kimbo Slice jab and went back to the ET card:

Rip Hamilton ET phone home

S/O to my bro @ripcity3232 for phoning home #holdat I see u big bro lol

Rip responded with the “Star Wars” card on Nate:

Nate Robinson Star Wars

“Stars Wars Return (State of Nate addition) staring @naterobinson . Nate -Walk is faster than ever. #GoNAteWalkGo #MustSee”

I have to say, Nate does look pretty cute there as Wicket.

This was Nate’s retort:

Rip Hamilton martian

Then Rip came back with possibly the biggest blast of all when he posted a pic of Robinson as some sort of ape man:

Nate Robinson ape man

No Filter ………The Real @naterobinson. #WithOutTheMakeUp #WhenTheClubLightsComeOn #7am #BeforeAllTheClothsAndTheJewery #GoodMorning

Ouch! That was harsh.

After taking that gut punch, Nate left off with a pic of Rip as Chapelle Show character Tyrone Biggum:

Rip Hamilton Tyrone Biggums

“This how @ripcity3232 takes a #selfie lol #holdat.”

And I thought it was funny the last time these two went through this whole charade a year ago. Wow, that was nothing compared to this!

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