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Monday, June 25, 2018

Shaq Responds to Kobe: I Don’t Need to Work Out

Last month, Kobe Bryant reportedly told an Italian radio station that he didn’t like Shaq’s poor practice habits when they were teammates on the Lakers. “I like players who workout. I use to do that 6/7 hours per day. I cannot stand players who practice for 30 minutes,” Kobe reportedly said of Shaq.

In a recent interview with Off the Dribble, Shaq responded to Kobe’s comments.

“No. I don’t need to work out. My numbers speak for itself. My three finals M.V.P.’s speaks for itself.”

With that response, Shaq shows us two of his major character flaws. One, he didn’t see the importance of practicing and constantly improving. Two, he can’t take constructive criticism.

Kobe Bryant, despite being one of the top players in the league, worked with Hakeem Olajuwon to improve his game. So did LeBron. Shaq would have told you how much better he was than Hakeem, instead of realizing that maybe he could learn a few things from the former Rockets great.

It’s sad that Shaq is so stubborn and that he has to get so defensive. Of course, that’s nothing new.

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