Shaunie O’Neal: Skanks in Miami Reason for Divorce from Shaq

Shaunie O’Neal filed for divorce from Shaq back in November, shortly after rumors emerged that Shaq was messing around with Gilbert Arenas’ fiance. Just this week reports said Shaq and Shaunie reached a divorce settlement so there’s no doubt now that the two are done. We can never be certain regarding the reason for divorce, but we do know it has to do with Shaq fooling around with other women. Take what Shaunie told Essence Magazine for example:

Miami is a great city. It just wasn’t a great city for our marriage. I know they say L.A. has its groupies, but Miami has a different mentality. Even going to the games, the whole environment is so different. Girls are practically sitting in their bra and panties in the arena. When you’re trying to keep your husband, that’s a lot to take. It was a whole new lifestyle I wasn’t ready for. Apparently we didn’t have a strong enough foundation for Shaq to withstand that type of temptation,

From what I remember about Kobe’s comments to the police in Eagle, Colorado, Shaq’s been paying off chicks since his LA days. Yeah, that would render Shaunie’s comments pretty inaccurate, but who am I to talk? After all, Shaq blamed Kobe for his marriage problems before telling Kobe to taste his tuchus. Shaunie may be complaining about the Miami crowds but at least they were drawing fans when Shaq on the team. Guarantee you Micky Arison wishes they had those days back.

Shaq’s Soon-To-Be Ex-Wife Blames Miami for Divorce [Miami New Times]
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  • CF98

    She’s full of crap she left her husband to be with Shaq and knew of his cheating for years now he’s near the end of his career and she popped off enough kids to be set for life.

    She’s hardly innocent in any of this.

  • jimmy

    Don’t blame a city for your shabby marriage Shaunie! Reliable sources all say Shaunie was married when she started pursuing Shaq. All in the club in LA playing “hoochie” while her infant son and her 1st husband was at home. She was also still married to her 1st husband when she became pregnant with she and Shaq’s 1st child. Now if that wasn’t aggressive (at 24 years old), I don’t know what is!

    The bottom line is that Shaunie ushered in the masterplan. Trap a ball player to marry you by having baby after baby until he breaks down. When the player gets a vasectomy and you realize you can no longer “sweeten the pot” with adding more kids, then you bounce. Plus child and spousal support is a bigger number while the baller still has his $20 mil a year salary. She couldn’t afford to wait until he retired. I’m sure she has already set her sights on the next man. Poor them.

  • reformer666

    @Jimmy…this same exact post by you was in the washington Post but with a different alias. Hmmmm.

  • jimmy

    And while I’m on….how prophetic was my post in March???

    ….she’s all “boo’d up with a 23 yr old man” now. Wow. And the news about her 1st marriage just hit the fan. Well…what’s done in the dark will come out in the light. What a living soap opera…too bad those kids have to be the ultimate victims.