If the Sixers Miss the Playoffs by a Game

We’ll know exactly who to blame. Devin Harris will now be known to basketball fans for something other than getting schooled on the playground by a guy wearing a v-neck sweater.

All I have to say is wow. This really shouldn’t be too surprising anymore considering how good players are getting at half-court shots, but doing it in shoot-around is so much different from connecting in the last second of a game. Wow. Oh yeah, and Philly doesn’t exactly have a strangle-hold on a playoff birth right now, either.

(via Ballhype)

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  • Gene

    What a shot under extreme duress. Sometimes it is better not to have any time to think about it.

    By the way, LB, are you happy with the non-call on the defender prior to the shot? I know how you feel about “letting them play”.