Soulja Boy Disrespected by LeBron

This is the ultimate laugh your ass off scenario. During the week I was pretty upset with Gilbert Arenas for calling out the Cavs saying that he wanted to face them in the playoffs. It wasn’t just Gilbert who called out Cleveland — his teammate DeShawn Stevenson joined in the party calling LeBron overrated. LeBron pretty much laughed it off saying, “With DeShawn Stevenson, it’s kind of funny. It’s almost like Jay-Z [responding to a negative comment] made by Soulja Boy. It doesn’t make sense to respond.” Apparently the word made its way around to rapper Soulja Boy, and he wasn’t too happy to hear the quote:

“Someone from Interscope Records called me and sent me the quote,” Way said. “I looked and didn’t really think much about it. LeBron said something like he was Jay-Z and DeShawn [Stevenson] is Soulja Boy. I took that as [disrespectful].”

Of course you should take it as disrespectful — LeBron was dissing you both. He was using you as his figure for comparison — he called you a one-hit wonder — a hack who can’t hold a candle to the real deal. Kinda reminds me of Roy getting “Munsoned” in Kingpin. In the end, we must have sympathy for poor Soulja Boy’s plight — after all, he did nothing to get himself in the middle of this but make a cheesy song. And looks like the Wizards are already eating their words down 1-0. Smart move fellas, smart move.

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  • SpinMax

    It’s nice to bring some attention to the Eastern conference…but the league (which is fixed IMHO) is NOT going
    to let LeBron lose in the 1st round. Hell look at the 1st game. 37 free throws to 17…and it was a close game.
    LeBron could slap a shooter in the face, he’s not getting called. When you hit more FGs at a better % and also
    more 3 pointers…and LOSE…you know what’s up. F the NBA

  • Andrew

    Nobody’s going to remember Soulja Boy in 10 years, just like they won’t remember DeShawn.

  • http://nba.com david o

    Relax, soulja boy is only 17 years old, don’t be so hard on the kid. It was mean for Lebron to compare the two ( Even though that is the truth). It was probably even more retarded that Stevenson would call Lebron over-rated. now thats a laughing my ass off statement.

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  • mz.scorpio9217

    Yu did respond lebron yu idiot lol smh & he was laughin then but um WHO GOT A RING.? DESHAWN hahahaha I love stevenson(: & fuk jay z ol instigating azz h jump in every damn body business lol he did the same thing wit chris brown & rihanna camel face havin azz -_- lebron is overrated stop comparing him to kobe & jordan he will never be that great player but not THAT great lol