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Monday, April 23, 2018

Stan Van Gundy reportedly may resign as Magic coach following season

The Orlando Magic are still trying to make moves the team thinks would entice Dwight Howard to commit long term. The Magic is reportedly considering giving coach Stan Van Gundy the boot after this season and replacing him with a coach that Howard better approves of. But according to Hoops World, Van Gundy might not give the team that option and could cut ties the Magic himself.

A growing number of people within the organization believe that Van Gundy will quit after the season, mainly because he doesn’t want to go through the Howard circus again next season. Sources close to the situation say that Van Gundy was ready for the organization to move Howard at the trade deadline so that the franchise could move on and once again focus on winning games. He’s not interested in going through that drama again next season.

If the Orlando coaching position is left vacant, whatever way that happens, ESPN’s Marc Stein reports that the Magic would target recently departed Blazers coach Nate McMillan to fill the role. The assumption is that Howard would be behind McMillan given their time together on Team USA.

The Magic currently sit in the East’s third spot. Even still, that this team is reportedly considering coaching changes with a 32-20 record just shows how hell-bent it is on doing all it can to become the Orlando Dwight Howards. And for what? For a player whom a lot people believe still wouldn’t stick around past next season. Stan Van could probably easily get a job elsewhere in the league next season, and it displays how much of a mess things are in the franchise if he actually is willing contribute to his own demise by falling on a sword.

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