Steve Kerr reportedly wants to hire Luke Walton as assistant coach

Luke WaltonLuke Walton could be leaving his chair as a Lakers analyst to join the sidelines of one of their rivals.

Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Steve Kerr is talking with Walton about hiring him as an assistant coach.

Kerr was hired by the Golden State Warriors as their new head coach about six weeks ago and is looking to assemble his staff. He’s already hired Alvin Gentry from the Clippers to be one of his assistants.

Walton played college ball at Arizona and spent nearly his entire career with the Lakers. He was with the Lakers from 2003-2012 and the Cavs in 2012-2013. He served as a Lakers analyst for Time Warner Cable last season.

Walton was regarded as a smart player who had a high basketball IQ. Phil Jackson even wanted to speak with him about a potential coaching position after taking over as Knicks president.

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