Tim Duncan and his son, who was wearing Punisher shirt, look identical


Watching Tim Duncan celebrate with his kids on Father’s Day after winning his fifth NBA title was one of the best parts of the San Antonio Spurs finishing off the Miami Heat on Sunday night. Duncan, who went through a divorce with his ex-wife last year, brought his son Draven with him to his postgame press conference. Can you say twins?

Little Draven looks exactly like his old man. He has the same mannerisms and all and was basically a mirror image of Duncan during his chat with reporters. And you know that Punisher knee brace that Duncan wears during games? Draven had the same design on his T-shirt.


That looked like one proud little boy, and rightfully so. His dad is one of the greatest NBA players of all time.

Photo via @cjzero

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  • awfulorv

    What a great father, and basketball player. He’s from Wake Forest, they must have decency classes at that school. Never met anyone from there who isn’t a fine human being.

  • Rose Thompson

    Clearly Tim Duncan truly deserved this 5th championship trophy and recognition for his consistent excellent play.My congratulations to him and the entire Spurs organization for a fantastic Finals series.Absolutely love you guys!

  • Rose Thompson

    Greg Popovich you are an awesome coach and superb human being.