Tony Parker texting George Hill advice on how to beat Miami Heat

Tony-Parker-George-Hill-SpursAnyone who is familiar with the NBA would tell you the Spurs would rather play the Pacers than the Heat in the NBA Finals. Miami may have looked shaky at times during the postseason, but LeBron James is still leading the way. After seeing what LeBron did during Game 5 on Thursday night, you would have to be crazy to think your chances are better against him than someone else.

It certainly sounds like Tony Parker is hoping to avoid King James, otherwise I doubt he would be texting his buddy George Hill advice on how to beat the Heat. On Thursday, Parker told Rachel Nichols he has been giving the Pacers guard pointers.

Hill and Parker were teammates together in San Antonio for three seasons from 2008-2011, where Hill served as a backup to Parker and Manu Ginobili.

“I watched (all of Indiana’s Game 2 win over Miami),” Parker told NBA.com’s Jeff Caplan last week. “We’ve been texting the whole playoffs. I always follow George. He’s like my little brother, so I always text him.”

It should be noted that the Spurs lost both game against the Heat that Parker played in this season, but I’m sure the veteran guard has been providing valuable advice. Hill scored 18 or more points in each of Games 2-4, but he managed only one point on Thursday night during Indiana’s Game 5 loss. With the way LeBron is locked in, he and his teammates will need all the advice they can get to avoid elimination in Game 6.

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    well pacers could have bet the heat in all games if the referee’s start calling fouls on the Miami heat players instead of letting them getting away because in game 5 when james or wade block that shot one of them hit the pacers in the face and then put his hands on his back and gave him a little push to help him fall. so really the heat isn’t a really a good team when they got dirty players who think they can just get away with anything. by the way I don’t care if you are a heat fan if u don’t like what I got to say then get over it it is my opinion and I watch the games and I see what goes on but don’t leave me any comments if u got a problem because I don’t want to hear it because I don’t need no drama but the spurs can beat Miami heat if people start giving them some credit because they are playing a lot better than the heat and the heat cant keep on winning with just three guys hogging the ball.