Tyler Hansbrough was ready to fight until he realized it was Metta World Peace (Video)

Oh this video is just precious right here. Tyler Hansbrough, now with the Toronto Raptors (!!!), drove the lane and was fouled hard by the New York Knicks during a preseason game on Monday night. He was pretty ticked about someone hanging all over him from behind and looked like he was ready to go. But after turning around, Hansbrough realized it was Metta World Peace who was behind him, and he quickly backed down.

“Oh my bad,” Hansbrough quickly said after realizing it was Metta.

Man, you ever seen someone reconsider a fight quicker than that? That was too great. I mean the look on Hansbrough’s face was just priceless. Look at this:

Tyler Hansbrough Metta World Peace

To top it all off, Metta gave Hansbrough the equivalent of a pat on the head after the game by tweeting these messages:

Hey Hansbrough, so you telling me you didn’t do s— and you punked out? Pretty much:

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  • KHuang

    I didn’t see Hansbrough as being intimidated or even mad about the foul.

    I think he was just surprised at MWP being so close to his face when Hansbrough turned around.

    Tyler Hansbrough is a tough guy, mentally and physically. He’s not going to play any softer just because MWP tried to do some harmless intimidation to distract Hansbrough from playing his aggressive physical game.

  • Shawn P

    Hansbrough is a physical player, but you could see that fear in his eyes when he realized it Ron Artest not MWP looking at him for a brief moment.

  • http://www.bluetradesys.com John Trevor Colvin

    That Tyler wasn’t looking to start a fight doesn’t mean he was intimidated. He plays hard, and focuses his aggression for the good of his team. If those two tangled, they’d both get hurt. They were wise to avoid it and play ball.