Clipper Fans Hold LeBron James Parade

Almost two weeks ago, we told you about the parade some Clippers fans were planning to hold in an effort to recruit free agent LeBron James. As planned, things went down prior to Game 5 between the Lakers and Suns in the Western Conference Finals Thursday evening. In case you were wondering how it went, here is some video of the Clippers LeBron James parade:

Although I admire Clipper Fan Darrell for organizing the entire event and getting plenty of press coverage for the march (the AP did a story on the parade and you can see the TV cameras filming), I have to say it was pretty embarrassing that only about 75 fans showed up. Not that I would expect anyone like LeBron James to be influenced by a fan parade, but hearing that only 75 fans showed up for a supposed “recruitment parade” would serve as further confirmation that the Clippers are nothing more than LA’s secondary team. The Clippers would be an excellent fit for LeBron from a basketball standpoint, but there’s no chance in heck that he would ever sign with them.

Video Credit: YouTube user DJTRNX2

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  • Kevin/Indianapolis

    Excellent turnout for the rally. Every single fan they have attended. Someone should have brought cupcakes and cookies.

  • johnny jihadist

    screw the AP for failing to mention that radio LEGEND big ben maller was among the 75 people in attendance