Dirk Gets Teeth Stuck in His Elbow Following Collision with Carl Landry

The Mavericks saw their five-game winning streak come to an end at home on Friday night. Even though they were playing a tough team in the Rockets, you figure they still should have won the game. That is until you realize they played most of the contest without star Dirk Nowitzki. Dirk left the game in the second quarter after colliding with Carl Landry on a drive to the hoop. The injuries were a lot worse than how bad the play actually looked. Landry had three teeth knocked out of his mouth, a few of which wound up embedded in Dirk’s skin.

Dirk wound up going to the locker room for X-rays and to have his elbow stitched up. Landry was taken to the hospital ostensibly to have some dental work done. Let’s just hope this collision doesn’t derail either player considering Landry was having a career year and Nowitzki was having one of his best years as well.

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  • http://latexmask.wordpress.com/ Alexander

    what a brutal collision, i really hope Nowitzky aswell as Landry get well very soon!

  • Gene

    Let’s hope both players come back and play as well as they were before the collision.

    I wonder how bad it would have been if Landry were not wearing a mouth guard., and to think that basketball used to be a non-contact sport.

  • SpinMax

    tooth stuck in arm? jebus. we scraped up a snowshovel of bloody snow from the ice tonight.