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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Eli Manning Tells Teammates Losing Super Bowl Hurts, Just Ask Peyton

Everyone is calling it a rematch, but for most of the players that is not the case. The Giants and Patriots of 2011 are much different from the ones of 2007. It is a rematch between cities and fan bases, but not entire teams. For that reason, younger players will be leaning on veterans like Tom Brady and Eli Manning for advice on how to approach the biggest game of their lives. According to the NY Post, Manning’s message to his teammates was simple: losing a game like this will stick with you.  Don’t believe him? Just ask older brother Peyton Manning.

“I’ve never lost a Super Bowl,” Eli told his teammates last week. “I was with my brother (Peyton) when he lost one (Super Bowl XLIV to Drew Brees and the Saints), and three months after that, that’s all he could talk about. We don’t want that feeling.”

Only a handful of players on the New England side experienced the ultimate loss in Super Bowl 42, but if those five tell you it doesn’t still bother them they’re lying.  Losing a Super Bowl is bad enough, let alone falling four points short of a perfect season.

As for how Peyton feels about being used as the losing example, I’m sure he welcomes it.  We all know that pick-six he threw against New Orleans still haunts him, but at least he already had a ring before that.  My guess is he’s happy to help his little brother anyway he can.

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Would You Eat Blue Pizza to Show Support for the Giants? (Picture)

During the days and weeks leading up to a Super Bowl, people have strange ways of showing allegiances to their teams.  Restaurant and bar owners are no different.  We already know about one New York bar owner who has decided to nix the sale of Sam Adams beer on Super Bowl Sunday, since the Sam Adams brewing company is based in Boston.  Now, we have Long Island pizzerias serving up blue pizza.

“People eat blue candy, drink blue soda,” Phil Donofrio, of Joe’s Pizza and Pasta on Union Avenue, said according to Newsday. “What’s the difference with blue pizza?”

For starters, this would be a brilliant way for a restaurant to get away with using their moldy bread and cheese.  Ever seen blueish-green mold on a loaf of bread or a block of cheese?  I’m not saying these places would ever try something like that and Donofrio said they give people a heads up before they get a blue pie, but I wouldn’t want to take the risk.  I’m confident enough in my fanhood to stick with the standard colors on a pizza the week before the Super Bowl.

Photo Credit: Ed Betz

Surfer Bethany Hamilton Has a Crush on Tim Tebow

Is there a more eligible and sought-after bachelor in the world right now than Tim Tebow? We know the fans love him for what he brings on the field, but Tebow has become an extremely hot commodity off the field as well. I guess the choir boy lifestyle will do that for you. After all, if you can’t bring Tim Tebow home to meet your parents then whom could you bring?

At the site of the Pro Bowl in Hawaii just before the weekend, we were introduced to the latest lovely lady who is crushing on Teebs. Surfer Bethany Hamilton, a 21-year-old who is known for continuing to surf after a shark took her entire left arm, was disappointed when she learned Tebow would not be attending the Pro Bowl.

“I’m hoping someone here can help me get in touch with him,” she said according to

There was no follow-up so we aren’t sure if her request was granted, but the odds are certainly stacked against Hamilton.  We learned near Christmas time that Lindsay Vonn is not opposed to dating Tebow, but nothing has come of that.  Katy Perry has not been shy about how highly she thinks of Timmy and Kim Kardashian reportedly took a run at him as well.  Better take a number, Bethany.

Chad Ochocinco Gets Ride to Dinner from Twitter Follower Driving a Honda Civic

While many of his Patriots teammates are laying low preparing for the Super Bowl, Chad Ochocinco was having some fun on Twitter Saturday night.

Ochocinco got a few responses as you could imagine. One person was too far away, but another fan named Brett who goes by the Twitter name “wickedpissa” was just five minutes away and picked him up.


White Sox GM Kenny Williams Booed at Sox Fest Fan Event

49ers wide receiver Kyle Williams isn’t the only family member hearing it from fans recently. His father, White Sox GM Kenny Williams, was booed by fans at the team’s “Sox Fest” event Friday. The boos were a response to the team’s disappointing 79-83 season last year, but Williams says he doesn’t mind them.

“I was booed in 2004 and 2007 and we went to the playoffs the next year, so bring it on. Hopefully we’ll be three for three,” Williams said in an interview with Comcast SportsNet. “The guys on stage were trying to determine a percentage, and the consensus was 10 percent. I thought it was more like 20.”

Williams contrasts this year’s experience with last year’s, when he says he was cheered after walking into a local restaurant because fans approve of the team’s offseason moves. We saw how that turned out.

Though Williams is optimistic about the upcoming season, White Sox fans should be concerned. The team traded Carlos Quentin and Sergio Santos, and failed to re-sign Mark Buehrle. They still have plenty of talent, but they’ll need guys like Adam Dunn, Alex Rios, Gordon Beckham, and Jake Peavy to play at the All-Star level they’re capable of in order to have a successful year.

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Metta World Peace Still Signing Autographs as Ron Artest

When we posted our story last week about Metta World Peace saying he got bored on defense because he was too good, we took a lot of crap for calling him by his former name, Ron Artest. Turns out our decision wasn’t too disrespectful — Metta isn’t even at the point where he’s signing autographs by his new name.

Metta’s personal assistant arrived at the team’s practice facility recently to pick up autographed basketballs but realized they said “Ron Artest” on them. Metta explained that his new signature isn’t ready yet.

“I don’t like the signature yet,” World Peace later explained. “It’s not how I want it yet. I’m trying to figure out how to sign it.”

My vote goes for a fancy M and the peace sign. That’s fast, simple, and sweet. How can Ron Ron complain about that?

Carlos Boozer’s Son Chants ‘Let’s Go Heat’ During Game (Video)

Carlos Boozer appeared to have his family in attendance for Sunday’s clash with the Heat, but it doesn’t look like he had their full support. One of his sons chanted along with the Miami crowd “Let’s go Heat” during the latter part of the game. Looks like Boozer has something other than his questionable defense to work on.

Video via Ben Golliver

Cam Newton Wearing Some Colorful Shoes at the Pro Bowl (Pictures)

Nobody really takes the Pro Bowl too seriously, so Cam Newton’s shoes for the week are pretty appropriate. They look pretty similar to the dish of rainbow sherbet I had for dessert last night.

Now if you tune into the Pro Bowl Sunday expecting to see Cam wearing those tropical kicks, you’ll likely be left disappointed. Below (on the right) is a picture of the more traditional looking shoes he’s set to wear:


LeBron James Rides His Bike to Heat-Bulls Game (Picture)

The ABC crew said during Sunday’s telecast of the Heat-Bulls game that LeBron James rode his bike to American Airlines Arena for the game. In case you didn’t believe the story, a man named Jack Balayla captured the evidence and shared it on Twitter. Apparently LeBron, who lives close to the arena, decided to ride his bike to the game because there was traffic from a marathon. His strong play during led ABC’s announcers to joke that he should ride his bike to all games.

H/T Ethan J. Skolnick

Alabama Fans Now Wearing ‘Bama Teabagged the Tigers’ Shirts (Picture)

Alabama fans can be shameless, and wearing and making this t-shirt is the latest example. A tipster sent Deadspin a photo of that shirt and said folks in the parking lot at the Senior Bowl in Mobile (Ala.) were selling them for $5 apiece. The shirts are a reference to the incident at a Krystal restaurant in New Orleans after the National Championship Game where a passed out LSU fan was teabagged/sexually assaulted by an Alabama fan. I guess the only positive takeaway is that Bama fans aren’t poisoning trees.

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