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Saturday, December 3, 2016


Gisele reportedly pregnant with second child with Tom Brady

Gisele is two months pregnant with her second child with husband Tom Brady, several Brazilian news outlets are reporting. The model apparently is in her home country Brazil where she’s supposedly told people about her pregnancy.

From the Boston Herald:

But sources told and Fabio Lage, who writes the “House of Models” column for, that Bundchen has told people about the pregnancy, including Givenchy guru Ricardo Tisci, who dressed the supermodel mommy for the Met Costume Gala in NYC on May 7.

Brady has a son with ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan in addition to his child with Bundchen, so this would be his third. You figure with the size of the mansion in Brentwood, Ca. they were planning to have more than three people living there, and that looks like the case. No word from Brady’s hair on the matter.

Andrew Bynum wants to be Laker but is open to playing anywhere

The future of the Lakers is in question now that the team lost to the Thunder in the Western Conference semifinals. The Lakers have Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Metta World Peace, Steve Blake, and Josh McRoberts all signed for next season. They have team options on three players including center Andrew Bynum, who would be owed $16.4 million. Several changes are expected to be made for the team this offseason, and the future of Bynum is uncertain.

Asked after his team’s season-ending Game 5 loss to Oklahoma City if he expects to sign a long-term contract, Bynum answered ambivalently.

“I’m not sure,” Bynum said, “it really doesn’t matter to me. I’ll play anywhere. I think for the most part I had a pretty decent season and OK postseason. This last game was probably the worst game I played in the playoffs. The focus is next year and coming back stronger and adding things to your game,” he told TNT’s Craig Sager.

When Sager followed up and asked if Bynum would want to remain with the Lakers, with whom he’s spent his entire career, Bynum showed more loyalty.

“I definitely want to stay. You kind of asked an open-ended question. Obviously things are going to be different come next year, but I’m going to be ready.”

That’s probably not the answer Lakers fans wanted to hear. The team will almost assuredly pick up his option for next season, but whether he remains on the roster is another question. I think he will be. The only player he’s been involved in trade talks for is Dwight Howard, and I think Howard will be back with Orlando or dealt to the Nets. But when it comes time for free agency, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bynum left, especially if Kobe’s still around. Not only does he seem like the type of player who would want to be the star of a team, but recall this incredible quote he provided a few months ago.

Below is a video of Bynum’s comments to Sager (via Eye on Basketball):


Kevin Garnett rips Sixers fans as ‘fair-weather’

Kevin Garnett was feeling pretty saucy after the Celtics’ 16-point win in Game 5 over the 76ers, so he decided to pump up his fan base while taking a swipe at Philly’s. When asked to compare the two fan bases after Boston’s win, Garnett jabbed Sixers fans.

“Not even close. You got fans (in Boston) and then you got fair-weather fans (in Philly). Take it how you want,” Garnett said.

“This crowd sparks you. It doesn’t take much here,” he said of the Boston fans. “Speaking about this crowd, it’s like plugging in. You’re enthused from 48 minutes on from the tip. I can’t see the difference from minute-to-minute. I feel like every minute I look up I see my family, I see people yelling, I see the drunk fat guy. I can’t decipher one from the other. This crowd is ridiculous. I love it.”

Garnett is no stranger to letting loose in postgame comments, so this shouldn’t surprise us. He’s motivated by slights and enemies, so maybe he’s trying to rile up Philly fans before Game 6 on Wednesday night. We know Sixers fans will certainly have it out for him. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get any batteries thrown at him.

Below is video of Garnett’s comments via Ben Rohrbach of WEEI:


Reds fan Caleb Lloyd catches back-to-back home runs (Video)

Caleb Lloyd got to live the fan’s dream at a baseball game not once … but twice on Monday night. Lloyd, a Reds fan who plays soccer at Thomas More College, caught back-to-back home runs during the Reds-Braves series opener.

The first ball was a homer from pitcher Mike Leake in the fourth that made it a 2-1 lead for Cincinnati. Zack Cozart followed with a home run, making it back-to-back homers for the Reds, and back-to-back home run balls for Lloyd.

“The first one I actually barehanded, ” Lloyd said after the game. “It hit my hand and I didn’t expect to actually catch it. I caught it, and then it bounced off the palm of my hand and I reached out and grabbed it. It hurt really bad, so I’m like, ‘I’m not doing it again.’ But the second one bounced behind me and then it bounced into my lap. My buddy’s like, ‘You caught a second one!’ I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is crazy.'”

Lloyd told reporters he wasn’t even planning to attend the game until his friend called and invited him that day. He gave the second home run ball to his friend and returned the first to Leake because it was the pitcher’s first career home run.

There’s actually more to the story: The Reds went back-to-back-to-back that inning, but Lloyd didn’t catch Drew Stubbs’ blast. Stubbs also homered in the first, so he went back-to-back in the game.

The only thing that ranks on a similar level for improbability was this Orioles fan catching three foul balls in the same game. As someone who’s never caught a home run or foul ball at a ballgame, I can say I’m truly envious.

CBS LA shows wrong Kings mascot (Video)

At first it was NBC LA botching the Kings’ logo, then it was FOX’s Liz Habib butchering some highlights, and now it’s CBS’ turn to screw up something LA Kings-related.

CBS rolled some Kings mascot footage before showing Kings-Coyotes highlights from Game 4, but they used the Sacramento Kings mascot.

Disappointingly, the blunder gives CBS LA into repeat offender status.

H/T Marcus Vanderberg

Metta World Peace gets controversial flagrant foul for shove (Video)

Metta World Peace received a controversial flagrant foul at the end of the first half of Game 5 between the Lakers and Thunder on Monday night. Metta went for the block on Thabo Sefolosha with his right arm, but with his left he shoved the Thunder guard. After hearing that he was called for a flagrant, he exploded on the ref and yelled in his face “That is bull___!” netting him a technical foul for berating a ref.

GIF of Metta cussing is below:


London uses GPS transmitters to trick IOC over traffic congestion

With the Olympics fast approaching, longstanding concerns over London’s ability to handle the influx of traffic gridlock still aren’t dying down.

But, according to the Daily Mail, the city’s Olympic organizers were able to overcome the congestion hurdle during the bid review process by tricking International Olympic Committee delegates.

London officials created the illusion that traffic would not be an issue by equipping the delegates’ cars with GPS transmitters that would initiate green lights whenever their convoy approached intersections.

“We had to demonstrate that we were competent, that we knew what we were doing and that our plans for London would work,” Sir Keith Mills, deputy chairman of London’s Olympic committee, said.

But! Transport experts believe that there will actually be less traffic during the Games compared to an ordinary summer. Reasons being that they anticipate congestion fears will cause more regular visitors to keep clear of the city than the number of tourists coming in for the Olympics.

So it looks like London organizers should have just deferred to the experts rather than, um, well, cheating.

Note: This post also appeared on Yardbarker’s Medal Detector
Photo credit: Andrew Weber-US PRESSWIRE

OKC company pulls Seattle-taunting Thunder shirt after receiving death threats

An Oklahoma City apparel company says it has pulled a Thunder T-shirt from its website after receiving death threats from angry SuperSonics fans.

The insensitive shirt (seen above) features the Seattle Supersonics logo and says “OKC Thunder” on the front. The back taunts Thunder fans with a mean-spirited message: “Thank you Seattle – Okc.”

The shirt apparently has been around for a few years but didn’t receive much attention until it was mentioned on Twitter by New York Times NBA writer Howard Beck and then highly publicized by Yahoo! NBA blog Ball Don’t Lie.

The shirt’s maker, Warpaint Clothing Co., says it began receiving hate mail on Monday and initially laughed about rubbing it in for Sonics fans. They expressed a more conciliatory tone several hours later:

They also reportedly announced they were removing the shirt from their site because of death threats, but that tweet has been deleted. A different version of the shirt seems to be available on the site.

I’m glad the company received some backlash and decided to pull the shirt. Tasteful taunting is fair game when your team beats another city’s, but mocking fans for their owner selling to another who moved the team out of the city is overboard.

Giancarlo Stanton’s grand slam broke the Marlins’ LF stadium scoreboard (Pictures)

Giancarlo Stanton is only 22 years old, but he already has accounted for four career grand slams and one broken scoreboard. The slugging outfielder, who is recognized as one of baseball’s most powerful hitters, bashed a grand slam off Jamie Moyer on Monday that sailed beyond the left field foul pole and broke the scoreboard at Marlins Park. The homer was Stanton’s ninth of the season and gave him 28 RBIs on the year. Its estimated length was 438 feet.

It didn’t take long for the team to fix the board; less than a half hour later it was all patched up:


Adam Morrison has hair below his shoulder, long goatee now (Picture)

Adam Morrison showed up for a workout with the Nets on Monday sporting an interesting look. And by interesting, we mean he likely had to remove a trench coat before changing into his basketball clothes.

The former Gonzaga star and third overall pick by the Charlotte Bobcats hasn’t played in the NBA since spending the 2008-2009 season with the Lakers. Morrison has been playing in Europe since then and parted ways with his Turkish team Besiktas in April. He and 20 other players were working out at a Nets free agent mini-camp.

Best part of all, a picture from the Nets PR Twitter account shows Morrison was playing with a headband too.


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