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Thursday, February 23, 2017


Romeo Crennel had no idea why Jamaal Charles only got five carries

In seven words, Romeo Crennel explained why the Kansas City Chiefs are so bad this year.

Asked after Sunday’s 26-16 loss to the Oakland Raiders why stud running back Jamaal Charles only got five carries, the Chiefs head coach seemed perplexed.

“Now, that I’m not exactly sure, either,” Crennel said, per Associated Press writer Dave Skretta.

Yeah, Romeo, that’s a question you might want to have answered DURING the actual game. To not have a clue about it after the game speaks to the problems of the Chiefs.

He later defended the lack of carries for Charles during Monday’s press conference.

“I don’t keep track of the count (of plays for Charles),” Crennel said, per FOX Sports Kansas City. “I stand on the sideline and see the rotation and see who goes in and who goes out. Jamaal definitely got the most touches of any running back in the game. Granted, it wasn’t 33 (like against New Orleans), but it was the most of anyone. It was the most — that’s running and passing.

“If you look back to when he ran the ball 33 times, we were gaining some yards, so sure you’re going to keep running. We had success so we could keep running the ball.

“Look, it’s really simple sometimes. If it’s working, you keep calling it. If it isn’t, you try something else. That’s what we’re doing. (Sunday), we weren’t running well so we tried something else.”

It’s not even like the game was a blowout early and the Chiefs felt they had to abandon the run; it was a one-score game the first 30 minutes. I don’t even think Crennel makes a good point. How can five carries be enough for you to determine that it’s not working? Charles ran for 233 yards a month ago, and now you give up on him after five carries? Five carries for their biggest playmaker? Yeah, you deserve to lose at home to the Raiders and to be 1-6.

Matt Cassel seemed to sum up the Chiefs’ season the best.

“I haven’t been part of a season, either, where this much has gone wrong.”


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Former Redskins CB Fred Smoot: Jim Haslett is pig-headed, killing the team

As good as the Washington Redskins have been on offense this season, they have been equally bad defensively. Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris have provided a major spark, but the Redskins are allowing over 28 points and 400 yards of total offense per game — statistics that put them in the bottom five in the NFL.

When discussing Washington’s 27-12 loss to the Steelers on 106.7 The Fan’s postgame show Sunday, former Redskins cornerback Fred Smoot ripped defensive coordinator Jim Haslett.

“Jim is, I think, an average coordinator right now,” Smoot said according to D.C. Sports Bog. “He might not have the players he wants. But I also think he’s so pig-headed right now, he’s gonna continue to run his style of defense, even though it’s killing the team.

If you were expecting a “no disrespect” after that, Smoot didn’t offer it.

“I’m embarrassed for them,” Smoot said. “Because I used to wear those colors. I wore that on my helmet. I represent that to this day. And I know the one thing we always prided ourselves on was going out there and playing defense the best we could. We might not have been the greatest defense, but we played with our heart on our sleeve, and we went out there and laid it on the line.”

Smoot also called out the Redskins receiving corps for dropping balls and wasn’t buying the excuse that weather was a factor. His criticism may seem harsh, but Fred was a defensive back in the NFL so he certainly knows of what he speaks. Haslett has blamed players in the past for not fitting in with Washington’s defensive scheme, but there is obviously a bigger issue this season. The Redskins are making plays on offense, but they aren’t stopping anyone. That won’t win you many games in the NFL.

Will Muschamp is certifiably insane (Video)

Remind me to never get on the bad side of Will Muschamp.

The Florida coach went absolutely berserk on tight end Clay Burton during the team’s 17-9 loss to Georgia on Saturday.

There’s Muschamp, just absolutely raging on Burton. Nostrils all flaring. Throat veins throbbing. Chin all protruding. That cannot be healthy.

I have no idea what could make Muschamp so upset with his player, but I do know he better chill out unless he wants to be the next college football coach to suffer a seizure or heart attack. What a psychopath.


Snoop’s son Cordell Broadus has received interest from Florida State

Just in case you thought UCLA was only courting Cordell Broadus because of his famous father, think again.

Back in June, we passed along a story saying UCLA had offered a scholarship to Broadus, who was a sophomore-to-be at the time. UCLA coach Jim Mora said at the time he had no idea Broadus was the son of famous rapper/entertainer Snoop Dogg when he offered him the scholarship. Whether you believe that or not is up to you, but what’s not debatable is whether other top programs see the talent in Broadus.

Max Preps’ Sean Ceglinsky had an excellent feature on the 6’2″ wide receiver/defensive back last week, and in his article he notes that Broadus has received interest from other big schools. Ceglinsky says Broadus was recently offered a scholarship by Duke, and that the youngster has heard from Florida State.

Broadus’ coach at Diamond Bar High (Calif.) raved about the wide receiver/DB’s work ethic to Ceglinsky. Broadus says he got his work ethic from his father.

Broadus added to his strong season with a big game in his school’s 35-21 loss to West Covina on Friday. He had 4 catches for 109 yards and two touchdowns, giving him 30 catches, 431 yards, and six touchdowns on the season (per Max Preps).

Here’s a video Ceglinsky put together of Broadus, including an interview with him:


Jeff Van Gundy wants to brand floppers with ‘F’ on jersey

Jeff Van Gundy is an opinionated guy, and he hates flopping. When you start talking about flopping with him, you’re going to get some strong thoughts.

The former NBA coach and current ABC/ESPN commentator was talking about the NBA’s new anti-flopping rule with Mike Breen during Friday’s Heat-Hornets preseason game. Players will be subjected to fines for flopping, and they could even be suspended if they are caught flopping too frequently.

“I was reading something the other day that said they didn’t think anybody would be suspended this year. Me? I think some of these guys will be suspended after one game because they flop so often,” said Van Gundy.

“Reggie Evans, if he plays 20 minutes in a game, he can’t help himself — he’s going to get the warning and the six in one game!

“And I don’t understand why [the NBA won’t make the flop violations public]. Why not call these guys out? That’s a flop, and he’s a flopper. I think they should, and I think they should put the flopping “F” on their uniform too.”

Classic Van Gundy. Who else (besides his brother) would suggest branding violators scarlet letter-style? Some players like Dirk Nowitzki think the new rules are crap, but Van Gundy likes it. Hey, if fines don’t work, maybe public shaming will be the only way to rid flopping from the game.

Big thanks to @CJZero for the story/video

Photo credit: Greg M. Cooper-US PRESSWIRE

Antonio Cromartie: Reggie Bush is a punk

Unfortunately for us, the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets are not likely to play each other again until next season. Over the past week or so the trash talk the two teams have traded has turned into a complete sideshow. That continued after Miami’s dominating 30-9 win on Sunday when Antonio Cromartie had some choice words for Reggie Bush.

Bush broke a 19-yard run in the first quarter and got into it with Cromartie ater the play. Cromartie head-butted Bush and was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.

“I didn’t lose my composure, I was just telling him that he’s a punk,” Cromartie told reporters after the game according to “That’s exactly what he is.

“I didn’t head-butt him. I pushed him first and then I head-butted him.”

Oh, well in that case…

After hearing that Bush also accused the Jets of laying down and giving up once they dug themselves into a hole, I’m sure Cromartie would think he’s even more of a punk. Antonio’s comments concluded a week in which people were called names and threats were flying all over the place. Roger Goodell is probably breathing a sigh of relief knowing the two teams won’t meet again this year unless a highly unlikely postseason matchup should arise. Everyone’s jaw muscles could use the rest.

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Matt Ryan’s family members reportedly hid their Falcons colors in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Eagles fans have a reputation for being pretty ruthless, and Matt Ryan’s family was prepared for that when they infiltrated Lincoln Financial Field to watch the Atlanta Falcons dominate the Eagles on Sunday. According to CBS Philly, Ryan had about 60 family members on hand to watch him throw for over 250 yards and three touchdowns. You just may not have known it by looking at them.

The Ryans, McGlincheys and Lougherys all concealed their Atlanta black-and-red colors, and their No. 2 jerseys. They know the way Philadelphia fans can be. But you couldn’t help but hear them Sunday each time Matt completed a pass and had the Falcons up, 14-0.

With 60 people in attendance, Ryan’s family basically had their own cheering section. Eagles fans would have had to be completely oblivious and/or inebriated to not know what was going on. While we would not rule that out, it’s probably safe to assume their identity was not completely concealed.

Eagles fans obviously aren’t the only ones who would make you think about hiding your identity, but considering they have been known to harrass the families of their own players you can never be too sure. We also saw the creative way in which they heckled Rex Ryan last season, so a little precaution from the Ryan family was probably a wise decision.

Helmet knock to Pro Football Talk

Asante Samuel says Andy Reid ignored him after the game (Video)

Asante Samuel and Andy Reid have never had the best relationship, and there’s no reason to believe facing each other on Sunday would have repaired it. When you take into consideration the fact that Samuel took a shot at Reid on his Twitter account a little over a week ago, it is not surprising to hear that Reid snubbed him following the Falcons’ 30-17 win over the Eagles on Sunday.

Apparently Samuel was appalled by it.

“I thought every coach was supposed to have a first class mentality, you know what I mean?” Samuel told reporters after the game. “I don’t think that was first class. I don’t know why. I was like, ‘Hey coach what’s up man I got nothin’ but love for you.'”

At that point, Samuel turned and walked away to show how his former coach completely ignored him.

“Dannng Big Red,” he continued. “What I did? So I just hit him on the belly a little bit. That big belly.”

Samuel snubbed Philly reporters earlier in the week when he refused to do a conference call with them, so perhaps Reid was just returning the favor. Or maybe Andy was upset that his team fell to 3-4, he doesn’t know who his quarterback will be next week and his job is in jeopardy. That can make any grown man cranky.

H/T The 700 Level

Rob Gronkowski says TD dance was tribute to ‘that little nutcracker dude that’s guarding the house’

Rob Gronkowski is a crowd pleaser. If that means adapting his touchdown celebration in a way that he believes will allow the fans in London to relate to it, so be it. After scoring his first touchdown against the Rams on Sunday, Gronk attempted to pay tribute to the Welsh Guards who watch over Buckingham Palace. The thought was there. The execution and ensuing explanation? Not so much.

“That little nutcracker dude that’s guarding the house,” Gronkowski said when asked about the celebration according to the Boston Herald. “I like how he just sits there and stays still. It’s pretty cool.”

At least it made sense in Gronk’s head, because Tom Brady had a different take.

“I don’t know what the hell he was doing,” Brady said.

What’s not to get? He was imitating that little nutcracker dude. It was the perfect way to cap off a week in which he also ignited a London audience with this epic microphone spike. It’s comments like these that help us understand why the Patriots have Gronk under a gag order.

GIF via @cjzero

Richard Sherman brags about shutting Calvin Johnson down

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman seemed to have no shortage of confidence all week heading into his matchup with Calvin Johnson and the Detroit Lions. Megatron is probably the most difficult receiver in the game to cover, but Sherman indicated he was up for the task when he changed his Twitter name to something that suited the occasion.

The Lions may have come out victorious, but that didn’t stop Sherman from pointing out that he did his job after the game.

“You see his numbers, they speak for themselves,” Sherman said according to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “He was a non-factor.”

For what it’s worth, Sherman did shut Johnson down. Calvin had only three catches for 46 yards on eight targets, so it doesn’t get much better than that for the Seahawks corner. However, Detroit came out on top. Johnson was also supposedly hampered by a sore knee, so that could have been a factor.

It made sense when Sherman gloated after Seattle played the Patriots because his team came away with the win. In a situation like Sunday, it’s better to ignore questions about personal accomplishments when you failed to pick up a W. The Lions climbed to 3-4 and the Seahawks fell to 4-4. At the end of the day, nothing else matters.

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