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Thursday, August 25, 2016


Video: Milan Lucic Fights Paul Gaustad in First Two Minutes of Bruins-Sabres Game

Two weekends ago, Bruins forward Milan Lucic was on a breakaway when the puck got away from him and he collided with Sabres goalie Ryan Miller, who had left the crease. Miller ended up with a concussion and called Lucic a piece of s*** after the game. The NHL did not suspend nor fine Lucic, feeling that his collision with Miller was unavoidable rather than intentional. The Sabres were upset with the ruling and felt the league wasn’t doing enough to protect the goalies.

The teams met again Wednesday night, and in the first 90 seconds, Lucic and Sabres center Paul Gaustad agreed to throw down. Lucic dropped Gaustad in a matter of a few stiff right hands. Observe:

There is a saying in basketball called “ball don’t lie.” The saying means that the outcome on the court indicates who was ultimately right or wrong in a dispute. In this case, the same principle applies. Fight don’t lie, Buffalo.

Wild Signs 51-Year-Old Print Shop Owner Paul Deutsch as Emergency Goalie

The Minnesota Wild signed a 51-year-old print shop owner to serve as the team’s emergency goalie Wednesday.

Paul Deutsch runs a screen printing and embroidery store in Richfield (Minn.), and he is a good friend of assistant Mike Ramsey. Deutsch has practiced with the team several times over the past few years when one of the goalies needed a day off. The Wild signed him as their emergency goalie Wednesday because they had limited options.

Starter Niklas Backstrom will miss the game because of personal reasons, so backup Josh Harding will be in net. The Wild summoned Matt Hackett from the minors, but he had to fly from Houston to Minneapolis for the game. Unsure of when Hackett would arrive, the team signed Deutsch to a contract because they were not allowed to sign an emergency goalie with professional experience.

Not only is it impressive that Deutsch was signed as a 51-year-old, but it’s even more impressive to learn that he didn’t even start playing goalie until his thirties. The aged athlete is now in the same class as the 52-year-old boxer, the 49-year-old college swimmer, and the 61-year-old college football player.

H/T Clay Travis

Joe Paterno’s Wife Reportedly Kicked Out of Campus Swimming Pool (Update)

How sensitive is the Jerry Sandusky investigation on the Penn State campus right now? So bad that Joe Paterno’s wife, Sue Paterno, reportedly was kicked out of a school swimming pool Wednesday.

The Patriot-News‘ Sara Ganim says no reason was given when Sue Paterno was asked to leave the facility. Ganim adds that Mrs. Paterno used Penn State facilities to swim and exercise everyday, but was told Wednesday morning that she could no longer use the facilities.

The development makes sense given that her husband was fired as the school’s football coach. However, her son is still a coach on the team. We’re not sure why she’s not allowed to use the pool anymore, but we take this as a positive sign to show that Penn State is finally taking the sexual abuse investigation and alleged coverup seriously.

UPDATE: The Patriot-News says the sides are working on a deal for the Paterno family to use campus facilities.

Relax, DeAngelo Hall is Not on Suicide Watch, He’s Still Swagged Out

DeAngelo Hall is not backing down from his postgame rant Sunday where he said he’d cut himself if he were the Redskins’ front office. Hall allowed Dez Bryant to make a catch in overtime that setup Dallas’ winning field goal. The Skins CB says he holds himself to a high standard because he is one of the team’s captains. But rest assured, he isn’t letting the play keep him down.

“People think I’m on suicide watch. I’m perfectly fine. Still swagged out. Still feel like I’m one of the best in the game. I just made that statement because there’s a couple plays this season – I haven’t had a lot of chances to make plays, and when the chance presents itself, I want to make it, and to not make it is definitely kind of frustrating for us.”

Phew, well now that I know DeAngelo is still swagged out, that’s one less item on my list of concerns. I was getting worried for a moment. People give DeAngelo a lot of crap for having a big mouth, but at least he takes responsibility when he screws up. That’s a start. Now the important thing is for him to start preventing big plays from happening. He’s supposed to be an elite cornerback and he needs to play like it.

Luke Fickell on Urban Meyer Reports: There Is a Game on Saturday and My Ass Will be There

Several reports over the last few days have said Urban Meyer has agreed to become the next head coach at Ohio State. Sports by Brooks reported last week that Meyer planned to retain current head coach Luke Fickell on his staff in Columbus. Fickell was asked about the coaching reports at his Wednesday press conference, but he was in no mood to discuss them.

“It’s not about that and I’m going to have enough respect for this football game to make sure it’s about this football game. I don’t think this is the time or the place. This is the most-historic rivalry in college football and sports in general. We’re going to talk about the football game, we’re going to stress the football game, that’s the most-important thing. I don’t care what the situation is. That’s the way we’ve talked in our offices, that’s the focus we’ve got and that’s what we’re going to continue to move forward with.”

Fickell was asked point-blank if he’s been told that any decision has been made.

“I’ve been told there’s a game at noon on Saturday, and my ass will be there.”

All these spin games are ridiculous. If Urb is going to be the next coach, what’s the harm in announcing it? They don’t want to distract the coaches and players before the Michigan game? Too late for that. I don’t know how focused the Buckeyes will be for the rivalry game, but that was such a money quote by Fickell we had to post it.

Brandon Jacobs: Giants Fans Kick You When You’re Down

Brandon Jacobs is still unhappy with New York. Despite the fact that he is currently the Giants’ starting running back with Ahmad Bradshaw on the shelf, he has still found things to complain about. This time, he decided to give the coaches a break and turn his bitching toward Giants fans. After the G-Men fell to the Michael Vick-less Eagles on Sunday night, their fans gave them the reaction they deserved: a bunch of booing. Jacobs let it be known that he didn’t appreciate it and reiterated his stance on Wednesday.

“I don’t take nothing back what I said about our fans,” Jacobs said during a WFAN interview according to the NY Daily News. “It seems like we are playing at home and we’re out there by ourselves as well.

“Giants fans are going to be Giants fans,” he continued. “They’re great when you’re up and — it’s like this everywhere else as well — but they kick you when you’re down. Right now I don’t think we’re down. I want them to cheer for us. I want our stadium to be super loud when the opposite offense is out on the field.”

The smartest thing a player can say when fans boo their team after an awful performance is, “We deserved it. I’d boo us too after the way we played.”  Most guys do say stuff like that, but Jacobs isn’t most guys.  This is a running back who falls forward for two yards every time he touches the ball, yet thinks he should be a feature back in the NFL.  If Giants fans are booing the team in general, they’re probably booing Brandon louder.  When you lose to a divisional opponent that has been terrible all year and is without its starting quarterback, you deserve all the boos you get.

Helmet bash to Pro Football Talk for passing along the story.

Curt Menefee: Chemistry the Key to FOX NFL Sunday’s Pregame Show Success

LBS had the pleasure of speaking with Curt Menefee, the host of the FOX NFL Sunday pregame show, recently. We talked about what makes the pregame show so successful, and what makes football shows work. He also gave us a behind-the-scenes look at the show and its hosts. Our conversation follows.

LBS: When you were hired for the pregame show to replace James Brown, what were your thoughts then and what are your thoughts now?

Menefee: Being 100% honest, I never looked at it that I was hired to replace James Brown. I was hired to be Curt Menefee. There’s always an opening somewhere, and I was hired to be me, not to replace someone. So that was my approach from day one — to try and fit in with the unit that was there, and to be the perfect teammate to make the team successful.

Going into it, obviously with James Brown having been there before, and knowing JB, I talked to him and he was helpful giving me some insight with what they were looking for. There was a relationship that helped me along, but I never looked at it that I was replacing him. I viewed it that I was hired for a great gig and that I had to do what I needed to do.

LBS: The pregame show has had a lot of success over the years. In your eyes, what goes into making a successful pregame show?


NFL Picks Against the Spread Week 12 – Del’s Selections

Another week, another victory for Del. After an 8-4-2 week against the spread and another successful 2-1 in the top-3, it’s safe to say Del is rolling. As it stands, we’re only five games below .500 against the spread on the season. With another couple weeks of coming out on top, Del could very well be above the 50-percent range with successful selections. As you’ll see, Del is currently a dominant 19-11-3 in top-3 selections all year, meaning if you have been betting the locks your wallet is feeling pretty heavy. Here are Del’s Week 12 NFL Picks with more to come as the week progresses. As usual, remember to check back later in the week for Doc Brown’s picks.

(ATS = Against the Spread, SU = Straight Up)


Jeff Green: I Was Overshadowed by Durant and Westbrook, I Can Really Play

If and when the NBA settles their obnoxious labor dispute, Jeff Green has some business to take care of.  Green was one of the main pieces in the surprising Kendrick Perkins deal the Celtics put together last season.  Boston gave up a talented young player but hoped bringing one in would help ease the worries of Celtics fans.  Green contributed some quality minutes off the bench, but was not exactly what you would call a difference-maker.  When play resumes, he hopes to change that.

“Yeah, man, you know a lot of people don’t know what I can really do,” Green told the Boston Herald on Wednesday. “In Oklahoma, I was kind of overshadowed by Kevin (Durant) and the way Russell (Westbrook) picked up, but, excuse my language, I can really (expletive) play. I can really play this game, man.”

When you have one guy who is capable of doing this and another who thinks he’s the best player on the floor, it is certainly easy to be overshadowed.  With the Celtics roster aging rapidly and the Big Three entering the final year(s) of their careers, Boston needs Green to step up and be more than just a role player — assuming they resign him as a restricted free agent.

“I had some good meetings with (coach) Doc (Rivers) before the lockout, and I’ve been talking to (Paul Pierce) and Ray (Allen),” Green said. “Next year they’re really going to allow me to play, and I think that’s what I need. I need to go out there and just play. Sometimes I think too much, but I just need to go out there and play the game. I’ve got great confidence in myself, but things were a little difficult last year.”

If he’s using Durant and Westbrook as an excuse in Oklahoma City, he should use Pierce, Garnett, and Allen as motivation in Boston.  Their leadership and experience can only help a player like Green, and they won’t be around much longer.  The former Hoya has a great opportunity and great situation in Boston.  Now, he just has to cash in.

Chest bump to I Am a GM for the story.

Colts Punter Pat McAfee Donates Hair to Cancer Patients (Video)

A lot of athletes get made fun of for having long hair. Just ask Tom Brady. It’s something we simply enjoy ripping on people for and can make them an easy target at times — especially when they get dragged down by it.  That makes it easy to forget that some of them are doing it for a great cause, like Colts punter Pat McAfee.  According to the Indianapolis Star, McAfee recently chopped off the long locks that he had been growing since 2009 and donated them to aid cancer patients.

“Woooo…donated the hair baby,” McAfee wrote on his Twitter account Tuesday.

He donated approximately 12 inches of his hair to Locks of Love, which is a nonprofit organization that makes hairpieces for children who are undergoing cancer treatment and can’t afford them.  Here is a video of McAfee getting his hair chopped off for charity, courtesy of WTHR in Indianapolis:


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