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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Mayhem Miller arrested after naked church romp

Former UFC fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller was arrested on Monday after having what appears to be a breakdown.

The MMA fighter and host of MTV’s “Bully Beatdown” allegedly trashed Mission Hills Church in Mission Viejo, Calif., according to TMZ. Police say Miller sprayed the church with a fire extinguisher and scattered the place with CDs, books, and broken pictures.

When police arrived, they reportedly found Miller awake and coherent, but he was naked on a couch on the second floor. He was taken into custody for alleged burglary and is undergoing medical evaluation.

Miller was cut from the UFC in May after a backstage incident following a loss to C.B. Dollaway at UFC 146. Miller, who is unafraid of controversy and infamously sparked a brawl at Strikeforce: Nashville in 2010, and was arrested on first-degree burglary charges in 2005 (he was acquitted).

He had a bizarre Twitter exchange with Dana White on Saturday that may have led to his further depression:


Vincent Jackson: Josh Freeman is among the top five quarterbacks in the NFL

Vincent Jackson is excited to be playing in Tampa Bay, which is lovely because I’m sure the fans are happy to have him. Jackson signed a five-year contract worth slightly over $55 million over the offseason, so it is hardly surprising that he has only positive things to say as he begins his new journey with the Buccaneers. That being said, there’s a very fine line between being enthusiastic and delusional. V-Jack may have crossed it with his recent comments about Josh Freeman.

“We were a little more flashy as far as the names go (in San Diego), but I think we’re just as talented here all the way across the board,” Jackson said Monday according to the Tampa Bay Times. “We have tight ends, running backs and obviously, Josh Freeman, and he’s a quarterback I think should be mentioned among the top five in the league.”

That would mean Freeman’s name is somewhere in the mix with Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers — wait, why am I even entertaining this argument? Freeman has surprised many people with his ability to manage games in Tampa and lead fourth-quarter comebacks, but he has a very, very long way to go before we even begin mentioning him in that discussion.

If Jackson can find a way to stay healthy, he will certainly give Freeman a credible deep threat and do a great deal to help him improve. But with or without V-Jack, the fourth-year quarterback is nowhere near the top five in the NFL.

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Four members of DR Congo Olympic team go missing after Games in London

The London Olympics came to an end with the Closing Ceremony on Sunday night, but not all members of the Olympic teams are accounted for. According to the Guardian, four members of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Olympic delegation have been missing in London since the weekend.

Among the missing are Cedric Mandembo, a judoka who lost his match in the 100kg category in 49 seconds, and his coach Ibula Masengo, Congo boxing trainer Blaise Bekwa and national technical director of athletics Guy Nkita. The Congolese Olympic Committee says Mandembo disappeared on Sunday evening and has not been answering his cell phone. All four members of the team reportedly left their luggage in the Olympic Village.

Seven Cameroonian athletes including five boxers, a swimmer and a soccer player also went missing during the Olympics. It is believed they are attempting to stay in London for economic reasons, but no details about the four members of the Congolese delegation have been released at this time. While police have been notified about the missing Cameroonians, they technically have until November — when their visas expire — to vacate the country.

As the missing athletes and this unauthorized batch of condoms have reminded us over the past week or so, no Olympic Games are ever totally lacking controversy.

Company offers Usain Bolt unlimited McNuggets in exchange for his time

Since he is widely considered to be the fastest man on earth, it’s easy to understand why Usain Bolt is such an appealing figure for endorsement deals. Instead of using the Road Runner cartoon to advertise how fast your company is capable of doing something, why not use a six-time Olympic gold medalist who can run 100 meters in under 10 seconds? A startup company based in the United Kingdom is trying to do just that.

Shutl Ltd. is an online corporation that specializes in speedy delivery for online orders. They allow shoppers to choose to receive their orders either within 90 minutes of placing them or by selecting a one-hour delivery window on the day of their choice. As Black Sports Online pointed out, Shutl recently wrote Bolt the following letter.


Jets working on Wildcat with Tim Tebow, attempting to keep it a big secret

The fact that the Jets are working on incoporating Tim Tebow into their offense in the form of some sort of Wildcat package is not a secret. We have known that pretty much since the day they signed him. Now that the start of the regular season is just a few weeks away, Rex Ryan and company have gone into stealth mode with it. According to Manish Mehta of the NY Daily News, the media has been forbidden from relaying specifics to the public about the Wildcat packages the Jets worked on in practice Monday during a closed session.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” running back Joe McKnight said when Mehta asked him how the Wildcat is coming along.. “Wildcat? I don’t know nothing about the Wildcat.”

Mark Sanchez gave a similar response, telling reporters that they would have to ask offensive coordinator Tony Sparano about it and described the new approach as “pretty intense stuff.” Tim Tebow essentially said the same.

“Similar to anything we do, we don’t want to talk about our schemes, our plays, our reads,” Tebow explained. “Probably as little as you have to… (Sparano is) just a smart coach. He just wants it to be something that we know, we understand… I don’t know if it’s secrecy. We’re going out there, running our offense and our plays. It’s just part of the offense to us

“Playing for Coach (Urban) Meyer, he’s definitely someone that keeps it close to the vest. That’s the most I’ve ever been around. Here, it’s just trying to execute.”

Obviously, it’s more than just trying to execute. The Jets don’t want the rest of the NFL to know how they plan to use Tebow. We’ve heard plenty of speculation about the Wildcat, red zone situations and even special teams. You can’t blame them for being secretive about it, but they certainly are creating a lot of hype and heightened expectations around Gang Green country. If the plan they have in place doesn’t work right from the start, Jets fans are going to become restless very, very quickly.

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Denard Robinson: I’m pretty sure I can beat Usain Bolt in the 40-yard dash

Another day, another football player who thinks he is faster than Usain Bolt. With the Olympics having just ended, Bolt’s speed has been a popular topic of discussion among athletes in non-Olympic sports. Everyone wants to be the fastest guy on the team. But being faster than the fastest man in the world would give you serious bragging rights. Even if it’s only in the 40-yard dash, Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson thinks he could take Bolt down.

“I’ve watched him run, and I’m pretty sure I can beat him in a 40-yard dash,” Robinson said Sunday according to Fox Sports Detroit. “I’d get a better start, and I could take him. At 60 yards, I’d be in trouble, and at 100 meters, he’d be gone, but I could get him in a 40.”

That sounds quite similar to what a certain NFL running back recently had to say about being faster than Usain. Michigan backup quarterback Devin Gardner is the one who raised the subject, calling Robinson the “fastest man in the world.” We all know what Denard is capable of with his legs. He didn’t cut Little Debbie snacks out of his diet for no reason. He has a chance to finish the upcoming season as the career leader in rushing yards for an NCAA quarterback.

With all these predictions floating around, Bolt may have no choice but to run the 40-yard dash at some point over the next four years. Everyone seems to agree that he could beat them in the 100-meters, but football players feel confident about the 40 since it is what they train for. The Jamaican gold medalist could put all the speculation to rest by dusting either Johnson or Robinson in the event.

Stephen Strasburg will reportedly not pitch in the postseason

As the Nationals continue to roll through the regular season and charge toward the playoffs, there is one rather large dark cloud hanging over the organization. Stephen Strasburg is on an innings cap. The right-hander has been nothing short of dominant throughout most of his 133 innings this season, but all signs point to Washington GM Mike Rizzo sticking to the plan and limiting Strasburg to somewhere between 160 and 180 innings.

According to the blog All Nats All the Time, Strasburg is expected to miss two or three regular season starts and be shut down before the postseason.

Strasburg, who is on an innings limit after having Tommy John surgery in late 2010, more than likely will pitch no more than 180 innings this season. There was talk of Strasburg pitching 160 innings this year, but the source said those amount of innings are not set in stone.

The same source went so far as to say Strasburg will not pitch in the postseason once he is shut down.

That is a frightening thought for Nationals fans. We know how important pitching is in the postseason and we know how important Strasburg has been to their pitching staff. The 24-year-old already made it clear that the coaches are going to have to pry the ball from his fingers if they want to shut it down, but it sounds like they intend to do just that. John Smoltz recommended an interesting approach that Strasburg could take to extend his season, but at this point it doesn’t like like he intends to take that advice.

Could this simply be a smokescreen for the rest of the NL? It’s possible, but it doesn’t sound like it. The Nationals came into the season with a plan, and it is starting to look like they will stick to it. It will be interesting to see if pressure from the media and fans alters their approach late in September.

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Rajai Davis robs a home run with one of the best catches of the year (Video)

Anytime a player robs a home run, it qualifies as a spectacular play. The home run-robbing stab is one of the most exciting plays in baseball. By somehow climbing a 10-foot wall in Toronto on Sunday, Blue Jays outfielder Rajai Davis took the feat to new heights.

Casey McGehee hit what appeared to be a certain homer for the Yankees in the seventh inning, but Davis timed his jump perfectly and was able to climb the wall and pull the ball back into the park. You could say that Rajai channeled his inner Mike Trout, since it’s a feat Trout has perfected with catches like this one and this one, but the height of the wall is what really makes this catch impressive. Definite top play of the season candidate.

Karlos Dansby: Cutting Chad Johnson will be an even bigger distraction

Chad Johnson’s career in Miami has ended before it really even started. In the wake of his arrest for domestic violence and allegedly head-butting his new wife Evelyn Lozada over the weekend, the Dolphins have officially cut Johnson.While it is the first time Johnson has been in trouble with the law, the Dolphins were reportedly not willing to deal with any extra baggage he might bring along and felt no reason to hear the full story before giving him his release. Linebacker Karlos Dansby wishes they had.

“It’s going to be a bigger distraction because we let him go,” Dansby said during an appearance on 640 Sports in Ft. Lauderdale according to Pro Football Talk.  “He didn’t get that third strike. That’s just me personally. … We’ve been through worse. We’ve seen worse.

“That’s not Chad. If anybody knows Chad, that’s not Chad. The man don’t drink, the man don’t smoke. He may clown around but when it comes to football, he’s all about football. That’s his life. For him to be in this situation, that’s unfortunate. And it’s out of character.”

Whether he deserved another chance or not, it’s officially time for the artist formerly known as Ochocinco to start looking for a career in porn. Johnson was already on thin ice with the Dolphins organization for saying ridiculous things to reporters and talking too much during HBO’s “Hard Knocks.” Head coach Joe Philbin’s patience was wearing thin with him, so the arrest was likely the final nail in the coffin. Second and third chances are typically not reserved for players who have a history of being a distraction.

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Usain Bolt keeps relay baton as souvenir after successfully fighting officials

Usain Bolt had another outstanding Summer Games. He won gold in the 100, 200, and 4×100 relay, and the man just wanted a souvenir to take home to Jamaica. Unfortunately, some Olympics officials were standing in his way.

Bolt had just run the final leg of the 4×100 relay at a blistering pace to help Jamaica set a world record in the event on Saturday. But instead of handing the “stick” to an official, he kept it:

Two officials reportedly caught up with Bolt and demanded he hand over the baton, threatening to disqualify Jamaica if he didn’t. Bolt reportedly had an animated discussion with the officials and handed over the baton, leading to boos from the crowd.

The officials must have heard the boos because they relented and decided to let Bolt keep the souvenir.


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