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Thursday, August 25, 2016


Video: Marshall WR Aaron Dobson Makes One-Handed Backhand Catch

Marshall beat East Carolina 34-27 Saturday to become bowl eligible at 6-6. They were down at halftime but tied things up and then won it in overtime. But it’s not the success of the Thundering Herd that matters; it’s the one-handed catch made by receiver Aaron Dobson in the second quarter that is stealing all the attention.

Dobson is a junior who has 10 touchdowns on the season. None could be prettier than this one:

He finished with 4 catches for 110 yards — the latter of which was a season-high. I don’t know if he’ll get a sniff in the pros, but that catch was enough to warrant our attention. Wow.

Helmet smack to Outside the Boxscore

Patrick Eaves Suffers Broken Jaw After Taking Puck to the Head (Video)

Unfortunately, Saturday marked the second time in only a few weeks that an NHL player has taken a puck to the face. Unlike the incident with Danielle Paille a little while back, the play that involved Detroit winger Patrick Eaves was accompanied by more brutal results.  Eaves is reportedly going to miss six to eight weeks after undergoing surgery to repair his broken jaw.  Check out this nasty video of Eaves taking a puck to the side of the head:


Chargers Kicker Nick Novak Takes a Pee on the Sidelines (Picture)

Sometimes when you gotta go, you gotta go. We have had the discussion about athletes going to the bathroom during a game a couple times over the past few months here at LBS, but those were incidents that took place in private. A Mets player nearly missed an at-bat once when he was in the can and Rafael Nadal upset his opponent by taking a bathroom break in the middle of a match. Perhaps both of those guys should take a page out of Chargers kicker Nick Novak’s book and just do their business out in the open. Check out this picture of Nick Novak peeing during Sunday’s game against the Broncos like it ain’t no thing:

Gotta love the assist from the trainer with the towel on that play.  He came up clutch when the team needed him most, and for that we salute him.  In a tight game like the one between the Chargers and Broncos — one that Tebow of course prevailed in — you don’t have time to go to the locker room and certainly can’t be attempting a game-winning kick with urine in your bladder.  Sometimes there’s just no choice in life but to go. Maybe the Chargers should invest in some tents like Auburn to mask it.

Video at, H/T Jimmy Traina.

Stevie Johnson Mocks Plaxico Burress by Pretending to Shoot Himself (Picture)

Just before the two minute warning in the first half of their game with the Jets, Buffalo Bills receiver Stevie Johnson scored on a short five-yard slant. It was particularly impressive since he was covered by Jets’ star cornerback Darrelle Revis. After the score, Johnson decided to celebrate with a little dance and pretended his hands were guns. Then, he pretended to shoot himself in the thigh — a shameless mocking of Plaxico Burress’ self-inflicted gunshot wound.  You can see a video of the play over at, but here is a screenshot from the celebration:

Getting creative with touchdown celebrations like this one earlier in the season, but Johnson took it a little too far on Sunday.  It would be tough for the NFL to fine Johnson for something like that given all the celebrations we’ve seen over the years, but I’ve seen Roger Goodell issue fines for much less.

NFL Picks Against the Spread Week 12 – Doc Brown Special

Doc Brown’s been having a rough time on his picks. We’re down to around .500 on picks against the spread, but with some strong picking the rest of the way, there’s plenty of time to put things together. The Thanksgiving games did not treat the Doc kindly, but we’re expecting a turnaround Sunday and Monday.

Here are Doc Brown’s NFL picks for Week 12, along with analysis below.

(ATS = Against the Spread, SU = Straight Up)


Video: Massive Brawl Breaks Out in Finland Hockey Game

I have no idea what caused this brawl, but Puck Daddy informs us that the teams involved (HIFK, Pelicans) set a league record by amassing 465 penalty minutes. If you watch the video (particularly after the 1:17 mark), you’ll know why. These teams straight up got their Charlestown Chiefs on. It was awesome. Watch:


Video: Bobby Petrino Cusses at Les Miles After Late Field Goal

Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino apparently was unhappy with LSU coach Les Miles for kicking a field goal late in the Tigers’ romp over the Razorbacks Friday. LSU was already up 38-17 when they decided to tack on three points to make it 41-17. The CBS cameras then flashed to a ticked off Petrino who tossed a few choice cuss words Les Miles’ way:

If Petrino indeed was upset with Miles for running up the score, it would be pretty hypocritical. 70-7, 59-7, 55-7, 61-10, and 69-14 were all scores Petrino won by as head coach at Louisville. The dude practically invented the concept of running up the score. I really hope that wasn’t his issue.

No surprise, he was in a pretty foul mood for the postgame handshake too:


Tim Tebow Says He Has Never Heard of Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx

Is it really possible for someone who plays professional sports to never have heard of the Sports Illustrated cover jinx?  Is it possible for Tim Tebow to tell a lie?  The answer to both of those questions cannot be no.  Either there is an NFL quarterback who knows absolutely nothing about the SI jinx, or Tebow is lying.  How dare you think it could be the latter.

Tebow will be on on the cover of this week’s issue of Sports Illustrated for the seventh time in his life.  Considering he has made a career out of appearing on the cover and has never suffered any type of significant injury, it makes sense that he would ignore the voodoo talk.  Strangely enough, however, Tebow has heard of the Madden cover curse.

“What is that?” Tebow said according to the North County Times when asked if he was concerned about being on the magazine’s cover. “Well, I haven’t heard that. I heard of the Madden Jinx. Well I hope it doesn’t happen. I didn’t even know I was on that.”

Perhaps some extra Tebowing will be in order for the entire Broncos team to protect themselves against the hex.  For what it’s worth, the Madden curse is the one to believe in if superstition is your thing.  Sports Illustrated is a weekly publication that has claimed very few in the grand scheme of things, whereas the Madden cover has made victims out of Peyton Hillis, Troy Polamalu, and possibly Drew Brees (if he was playing hurt last year) all since 2009.  My prediction: Jesus will prevail.

Chest bump to The Post Game for passing the story along.

UCLA Forward Travis Wear Injures Foot While Snorkeling

Things are not looking up for the UCLA men’s basketball team. Their last two losses — in fairness — came against ranked opponents, but a 1-4 start is not exactly what the Bruins were hoping for to kick off the 2011-2012 season. To make matters worse, they became the latest victim of the weird injury bug on Thursday when leading scorer Travis Wear hurt his foot.

According to the L.A. Times, the sophomore forward was snorkeling in Hawaii when he cut his foot and needed five stitches.  Apparently the Maui Invitational did not include a presentation about the dangers of coral and how deceptively sharp it can be.  Of course you’re going to snorkel when you score a free trip to Hawaii, but at least know some basic guidelines before you embark.

Wear missed practice on Saturday and is scheduled to be reevaluated on Monday.  Athletes really need to start paying more attention when they’re around sharp things.  With important games on the line, we can’t have guys slicing their hands open with scissors and injuring their hands trying to clean a blender.  Didn’t these guys learn anything about safety when they were growing up?

Hope Solo Says Dancing With the Stars Showed Her in Poor Light, Told Her She Had ‘Too Much Muscle’

Unlike many other professional athletes before her, Hope Solo did not enjoy her time on Dancing With the Stars. She may try to sugarcoat it so that she doesn’t sound too bitter, but anyone can see by Hope’s recollections and reflections that it was not exactly a high point in her life.  As she explained to Anderson Cooper on his show, Anderson, on Tuesday, most of Solo’s frustrations stem from the way in which the show’s producers portrayed her.

“I was very naive going into it,” she explained. “It is very much reality television I think from day one they casted our characters. And we would be rehearsing for seven hours a day. Maks and I were great friends and we had an endearing relationship. The 45 minutes in the whole seven hours that were the most frustrating where I am curing and kicking walls is what America got to see.”

From the start, Solo was upset with the gossip magazines for creating a problem between her and dance partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy that she insists never existed.  She feels as though the angry and frustrated Hope Solo became good television, and that’s why that’s all the audience was shown.  Not only that, but the judges were critical of her from the start.

“I was told I had too much muscle and I was too intense and wasn’t dainty,” Solo said.

PICTURES: Hope Solo naked in The Body issue

Needless to say, appearing on DWTS appears to be a “live and learn” type experience for the U.S. women’s goalie.  With the World Cup qualifiers around the corner, it’s safe to say she’s ready to put reality TV behind her and focus on those who appreciate her intensity and muscle.  Here is the full interview between Hope and Anderson Cooper, courtesy of


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