Tommy John Likely for Strasburg

For Washington Nationals fans, the news cannot get much worse regarding Stephen Strasburg.  About a month ago we pondered whether or not Nationals fans should be concerned about Strasburg’s shoulder.  We came to the conclusion that there was no need to panic just yet.  After watching the 22-year-old suffer an elbow injury that is likely going to require Tommy John surgery, Nats fans can feel free to freak out.

According to MLB.com, Strasburg has a significant tear in his ulnar collateral ligament.  It was originally thought that he had a flexor strain before he underwent an arthrogram that revealed the bad news.  So what does this all mean for Washington and the future of its young phenom?

Remember the old Kerry Wood?  Tommy John surgery.  How about Erik Bedard and his abbreviated stretch of dominance?  Tommy John surgery.  Carl Pavano?  Tommy John.  B.J. Ryan?  Tommy John.

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Haircut Hazing Extends to College

Haircut hazing has officially reached epidemic status.  Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention as closely in past years or maybe it wasn’t as well-documented, but I don’t ever remember more rookies — and now freshmen — with bad haircuts leading up to the regular season.  The Patriots gave their rookies slightly embarrassing haircuts.  They were then outdone by Tim Tebow’s Friar Tuck haircut, the Jaguars more vulgar cuts, and the Raiders shaving one entire side of a rookie’s head and face.

According to Sportress of Blogitude, this is a first for the Minnesota Golden Gophers.  Is a coach yelling at them in the above photo, or are they just that humiliated?  Maybe they’re feeling the pressure of being leaned on to revive a program that ranked 113th out of 120 in sacks allowed and last in rushing in the Big Ten last season.  In any event, freshmen all over the country should now beware: haricut hazing has reached the collegiate level.  Here’s a look at all the rookie and freshman haircut hazing pictures we’ve featured to this point:

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Bryce Harper’s Kind of a Tool

Bryce Harper’s athletic ability is obviously through the roof.  Anyone who has as much buzz surrounding them as he does at such a young age must have something going for them.  However, if his ejection video and Stephen Strasburg’s comments toward him are any indication, he’s not the most likable prospect in baseball right now.

Now that D.C. Sports Bog has provided us with a couple of Bryce Harper mohawk pictures, I just think he’s a complete tool.  Am I judging him prematurely before knowing much about him at all?  Yeah, probably.  But that’s what most people do.  It’s certainly what I do.  Lose the attitude — definitely lose the fohawk — and I just might reconsider.

Photo Credit: D.C. Sports Bog

Valiant Effort, Cowlishaw

Tim Cowlishaw is officially backtracking after he Tweeted with absolute certainty that Darrelle Revis and the New York Jets would announce a new deal on or around Wednesday.  Huge surprise, right?  Maybe Cowlishaw really did have a trusted source that told him the deal was a lock, but it was your typical “if I’m right I’ll have bragging rights and if I’m wrong it will blow over in no time” type of situation.

Naturally, Revis remains unsigned and absent from the cast of Hard Knocks.  If nothing else, I’m going to give Cowlishaw some respect for manning up and admitting he’s wrong.  After all, it’s just as easy to pull a Paul Pierce and claim your Twitter account was hacked.  Here are some chunks from Cowlishaws kinda-sorta apology about the Tweet on his Dallas Morning News blog:

The words “I think” would have gone a long way towards expressing my feelings although on Sunday I felt them very strongly and wasn’t worried about being wrong. This deal, I truly believed, was almost done.

And I certainly didn’t do it to stir things up, to make life miserable for Jets beat writers or to call attention to myself. My position as a columnist at The Dallas Morning News and on ESPN’s Around the Horn has given me more attention than I will ever need.

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Pete Carroll: What a Snake

Pete Carroll may have left recruiting violations and a graduate student girlfriend behind when he left USC to coach the Seahawks, but he brought his sense of humor with him.  The best pranks on 250-pound men are those that frighten them.  Carroll did a great job of that when he planted a fake snake in a cooler at the Seahawk’s facility and set up a secret camera to film some of his players screaming like girls when they came across it.  Check out the Pete Carroll fake snake prank video, courtesy of Deadspin:

Making grown men look like pansies on camera…classic.

Pete Carroll: Master Pranksmith [Deadspin]
Video Credit: Pete Carroll on YouTube

Dwyane Wade Goes Undercover for Gatorade and Dick’s as Gordon the Nerd

If it looks like Dwyane Wade and sounds like Dwyane Wade then it has to be Dwyane Wade, right? Of course, unless you don’t recognize him. D-Wade went undercover to sell Gatorade at a Dick’s Sporting Goods store that appeared to be in the Chicago area. Guess most of the customers weren’t NBA fans because they seemed to be pretty clueless. Check out this video of Dwyane Wade undercover via SI Hot Clicks:

Either they edited out the parts where Wade was recognized or those customers don’t know their superstars for supposed sports fans. Pretty funny video.

Sports Video of the Day [SI Hot Clicks]
Video Credit: YouTube user whatsg

UFC’s Arianny Celeste Posing in Playboy

Whenever there’s a hot girl involved in the world of sports, the inevitable question always arises: will she pose in Playboy Magazine? Unfortunately for sports fans Jennie Finch was a no, but luckily athletes like Amanda Beard and Ashley Harkleroad have posed recently. And we must confess, this was our absolute favorite.

Good news for UFC fans (especially 16-year-old boys according to Ariel Helwani), Dana White confirmed to MMA Fighting reporter Helwani that ring girl Arianny Celeste will pose in Playboy in November. Celeste had hinted she was posing in the magazine with a recent tweet and White confirmed the news. Just so you know what to look forward to, here are some pics of ring girl Arianny Celeste.


Dana White Talks UFC 118, Arianny Celeste Posing in November’s Playboy [MMA Fighting]