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Thursday, May 26, 2016


Minnesota Vikings DE Ray Edwards Wins Boxing Debut, Practiced Abstinence

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards made his boxing debut Friday night in Minnesota, defeating former kickboxer T.J. Gibson by unanimous decision. The 6-foot-5, 258 pound monster was much larger than the 5’9″ 222 pound Gibson and put his size to use. Yes, you’re eyes didn’t mislead you, he beat up on someone 36 pounds lighter and seven inches shorter than him.

Interestingly enough, to defeat his puny opponent (compared to his standards), Edwards practiced abstinence during his training regimen. By practicing abstinence, the Minnesota Viking was obeying the infamous boxing theory that sex affects fluidity in the ring.

“I’ve looked up to guys like Bernard Hopkins, Roy Jones, Floyd Mayweather, guys who are the greatest to do it – they said they didn’t do it,” Edwards said, referring to his abstinence.

In this situation you must feel sorry for his poor girlfriend, or wife, who’s been deprived during his last two-months of training.

I’m happy for any NFL player who attempts something different during this NFL lockout. Especially, guys like Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski and Edwards who are tackling the grueling sport of boxing. However, I’m not a fan of Chad Ochocinco’s publicity stunts ranging from attempting to play soccer for an MLS team and idiotically trying to ride a bull.

Actually, forget it. These athletes need to get back to playing football. I’m past the point of annoyed with the NFL lockout. The next question is will Edwards decide to make this fight happen.

Photo Credit: Jeff Wheeler/Star Tribune

Oscar De La Hoya Enters Drug Rehab for Substance Abuse

Former boxer and current promoter Oscar De La Hoya has reportedly entered drug rehab to address a substance abuse problem. TMZ issued the report and had very few details, noting only that he had entered a facility in California. Our guess is someone working at the rehab facility leaked the information which would be an extreme violation of privacy laws, but would confirm the story’s accuracy.

The report that De La Hoya has entered rehab for a drug problem is extremely shocking. Known as the Golden Boy, Oscar has always had an extremely squeaky-clean image both inside and outside the ring. He’s been highly successful in his business ventures since ending his fighting career with his only misstep coming when pictures of him in drag emerged, though his people claimed they were fake.

If Oscar is indeed in rehab for a drug problem, that would confirm there’s much more about him the public did not know. And maybe that’s to what Bob Arum was referring when he hammered Oscar with disparaging comments in February.

LBS has reached out to Golden Boy Promotions for comment on the report.

UPDATE: Going through De La Hoya’s twitter feed, he’s had some curious yet pensive tweets recently that could be indicative of a struggle he’s endured.

On May 12th, he wrote in successive tweets
It’s impossible to hide the truth.eventually your sins will be exposed.
We are alive.that’s all we can ask for.
Stop feeling sorry for your self and start feeling alive for those around you.
Honesty with yourself makes life guilty free.
It’s never to late to stop hating everything around you.

UPDATE II: De La Hoya has confirmed he entered rehab, telling TMZ in a statement


Frankie Rodriguez Happy to ‘Shut Up’ Yankees Fans with Save

Mets closer Frankie Rodriguez is known as a hot head who isn’t afraid to show his emotion on the hill. He likes to celebrate wildly after saves, and he took particular joy in closing out the Yankees in the opener of a three-game series Friday night.

“You’ve got 50,000 people. Probably, you’ve got 35,000 screaming and booing you at the same time. So to make them quiet, make them ‘shut up’ at the end of the game is quite nice,” K-Rod said, according to Ian Begley.

Frankie has been lights out this season, converting 15 straight saves without allowing a run in his last 18 innings. Not only is he shutting up Yankees fans, but he’s also on pace to finish over 55 games which would trigger his $17.5 million vesting option for next season, so he’s understandably happy. Maybe he also takes joy in shutting up Yankees fans because of his past beef with one of their pitchers. Or maybe it’s much simpler than that — there are two kinds of baseball fans, ones who support the Yankees and everyone else. Perhaps K-rod falls into the latter category.

Keep doing what you’re doing Frankie. If not to keep Mets fans sane, then to keep your family out of danger.

Photo Credit: Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Canucks Fan Who Flashed Ben Eager Embarrasses True Female Fans

The female Canucks fan who flashed Sharks winger Ben Eager by pressing her Sedins against the penalty box glass Wednesday night has created quite the buzz on the internet. Hundreds of thousands of people rushed to the ebays to get a glimpse of the fan’s goodies which were shown on CBC’s live Hockey Night in Canada telecast. Unsurprisingly, the display of nudity was met with very little resistance given that most hockey fans are males who love breasts. In fact, the CBS head of media relations said “We received a small (very small) number of emails about it.”

But just because most of the hockey fan base is male and enjoyed the free show, it doesn’t mean there weren’t some offended parties.

Katie Maximick of Canucks Hockey Blog wrote Friday:


Jack Elliot’s Contract Purchased by Yankees from Chunichi Dragons

The New York Yankees have decided to purchase the contract of long-time first baseman Jack Elliot, giving them another bat to boost their offense. Elliot played 14 seasons with the Yankees, six of them at the All-Star level. After Elliot’s production began to slide the past few seasons, the team decided to sell him to the Chunichi Dragons of the Japanese League during the offseason.

Elliot initially clashed with his teammates and the culture in Japan, but after making an attitude adjustment and learning their ways, he began to get into a groove. During one stretch this month, Elliot homered in seven straight games, threatening the Japanese record set by his manager. He hit over .330 in 76 games with the Dragons while clubbing 22 home runs, becoming a fan favorite for the team.


Golfer Lee Westwood May Close Twitter Account Because of Fan Abuse

In honor of “Twitter Issues Surrounding Englishmen Day”, I bring attention to Lee Westwood’s consideration to close his social media account. Apparently, the PGA Golfer doesn’t appreciate the written abuse from “idiots” on Twitter.

”It’s social media, not social slagging. It seems to have turned into that for some people,” Lee Westwood said. Westwood, and his Ryder Cup teammates who also tweet, have been upset with the negative thoughts fans have expressed towards the golfers.

Northern Ireland golfer Graeme McDowell believes some of the criticism from followers is evil. ”People open an account and all they want to do is abuse celebrities and sportsmen to try to get a response,” McDowell said. ”You try not to encourage them, and generally I just block them, but if you want to stay on it you’re going to have to accept some absolute trash that people talk.”

If Westwood does decide to close his account, it would mark the second time in less than a month we’ve seen an athlete succumb to the public abuse. There are many sports fans who envy the money and fame that professional athletes receive. The jealousy just leads to written, and sometimes verbal, abuse from supporters towards athletes in spite of their success. We don’t condone abuse by fans of players, however, it’s hard to have sympathy for these professional golfers who are complaining.

Cry me a freaking river, just ignore the haters, it’s not that hard. As a golfer, if you’d liked to give us insight on your daily grind, continue to tweet and wear a thick skin. You can’t let little things like these bother you as a professional. Besides, for every one jackass, there are ten people who truly care and appreciate what you have to share.

Brandi Chastain on FIFA Women’s World Cup: U.S., Germany, Brazil the Contenders

LBS spoke with U.S. soccer player Brandi Chastain this week, the woman who delivered the winning penalty kick to beat China in the ’99 Women’s World Cup. Brandi is representing the Capital One cup which rewards the top athletic schools in men’s and women’s Division I college athletics. The trophy will be handed out at the ESPY’s in July, and they’ll be awarding a $200,000 post graduate scholarship to the winning schools. Stanford and Auburn are the current leaders, and though she’s a Santa Clara girl, Brandi thinks Stanford will probably win it. On the men’s side, she wasn’t as sure but she felt the College World Series outcome would have a major say in what happens. You can visit the Capital One Cup on Facebook and Twitter to cheer on your school.

As for our interview, we talked about the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup which begins next month in Germany.

LBS: The U.S. Women’s World Cup team was recently picked and they’ve had struggles recently losing to Mexico and England. Do you think they’re lacking something? Do they just need more practice time together?

Chastain: There are so many variables that go into being a successful team. There’s also other factors that go into being a winning a World Cup team. I think the games against Mexico and England were eye-openers for the U.S. team, and it’s also relevant to say this tournament is going to be full of jockeying and tactical choices. Those things are really going to come into play more than ever before.


Bart Scott: It’s a Joke if Jets Don’t Win Super Bowl

On a normal day, I would have an extremely tough time associating the name “Bart Scott” with the word “sensible.”  The Jets loudmouth linebacker usually makes headlines for charades like his “can’t wait!” postgame interview or for threatening to end Wes Welker’s career.  The only man wearing Green with a more freely-moving jaw is Rex Ryan, and Scott almost acknowledged that on Friday.

The only thing sadder than the Jets coach once again guaranteeing a Super Bowl victory is the Jets coach comparing himself to Babe Ruth calling his shot.  Rex has done a lot of talking since he took over the reins in New York, but his team has yet to move beyond the AFC Championship.  Since we’re not playing horseshoes, close doesn’t count.  Scott apparently realizes all the guarantees are setting the Jets up for embarrassment.

“I think it’s about time we get it done and see this thing through because, after a while, people are going to start looking at it as a joke,” Scott told ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio via Pro Football Talk.

At least we’re not the only ones who think so, right?  Most would argue that Ryan’s guarantees have already become a joke, but it’s refreshing to hear a player acknowledge that there are consequences for making empty promises.  We all know you never make an empty gesture to a Funkhouser.

Scott Brooks Made Right Decision to Leave in Bench Players During Fourth Quarter

Though Oklahoma City won Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals in Dallas Thursday night, you would have figured they’d been blown out based on the scrutiny they faced afterwards. Thunder coach Scott Brooks decided to keep four of his five starters on the bench for the bulk of the fourth quarter, leaving Kevin Durant as the only regular on the floor. Though Dirk Nowitzki went to work on Nick Collison (who was later subbed out for Serge Ibaka) in the fourth quarter, the plan worked well — the Thunder outscored the Mavs by five and won the game 106-100.

James Harden was on the money with 23 points on 6-for-9 shooting to go along with seven rebounds and four assists, and Collison and Daequan Cook combined to go 5-for-5. The real story was that Eric Maynor scored 13 points in 20 minutes while subbing for Russell Westbrook, which created a controversy after the game.

Westbrook has been heavily criticized throughout the playoffs for his questionable shot selection and because of his inability to help Kevin Durant get the ball at times. Though I feel like the Thunder is much better team with Westbrook than without him (see the Game 7 closeout triple double against Memphis), his attitude and performance has been questionable. There are times when Russell should use his quickness and ability to get to the basket to try and score, and other times when he should try to set up his teammates. Sometimes he doesn’t try to run offensive sets and that is a problem. At the same time, there are few point guards who are as quick and effective in transition, so it’s a tricky situation to monitor.


Wayne Rooney, Manchester United Players Face Possible Twitter Restrictions

One of the best strikers in the world, Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney, viciously threatened a fan via Twitter recently. Rooney told the Manchester United fan that he’ll, “put [the fan] asleep within 10 seconds.”

Rooney was responding to a Liverpool fan who wrote to him, “Rooney ya fat whore ill smash ya head in with a pitchin wedge an bury ya with a ballast fork ya fat ugly lil nonse.” Unfortunately Rooney didn’t ignore the tweet and had that harsh response.

Rooney’s irrational doings are causing a stir within the Man U organization. Manager Alex Ferguson couldn’t believe the idiocy behind Rooney’s comments and Twitter as a whole.


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