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Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Dwyane Wade wears green tie and matching finger wrap (Picture)

Dwyane Wade is developing a bit of a Digger Phelphs-like habit. The Heat guard has been showing up to postgame press conferences throughout the postseason wearing ties and a matching finger wrap. We first noticed it when he did it last week when wearing the pink pants. After Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals on Monday, Wade wore green.

If this is the work of his fashion stylist, she needs to be fired. Ugh.

Pic via CJ Fogler

Barry Bonds wants to coach with Giants, says villain persona was an act

Barry Bonds came off as a selfish player during his career, but he says he wants to help players now that he’s retired. Bonds also shockingly says that his villainous behavior was just an act.

The former slugger was in the Bay Area for a charity event and stopped by AT&T Park on Monday. After hanging out in the clubhouse, he spoke to reporters and expressed a desire to coach.

Bonds told reporters he’d be willing to coach players at all levels. He said he’s spoken with the Giants about his interest.

“My expertise is baseball. That’s the only role I can have,” Bonds said, per the San Jose Mercury News.

Nothing is imminent, but that’s what Bonds would like. If the news surprises you, recall that in 2008 he said he saw himself as a college coach teaching young players. While that isn’t too shocking, his insistence that his off-putting behavior throughout his career was just an act is surprising.

“I created that guy out there for entertainment only. Whether you hated me or liked me, you were there. And I only wanted you there,” Bonds said. “I just wanted you to see the show. That was it. All I ever wanted was for people to have a good time and enjoy it.”

I’ve always said that some players do better when they feel like the world is against them, and it was clear Bonds was one of those guys. But for him to brush off all his antics as an act is a joke. If it were just an act, then his own teammates wouldn’t have wanted opposing pitchers to have him hit. Nice try, Barry.

Photo Credit: Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE

Jonathan Lucroy hurt by suitcase, needed X-rays, out 4-6 weeks

We’ve covered nearly a hundred weird injuries here at LBS, but some are so strange they still manage to shock us. What happened to Jonathan Lucroy certainly qualifies in that category.

According to, the Brewers catcher hurt his right hand when a suitcase fell on it. Lucroy apparently was reaching for a lost sock under his hotel room bed Sunday night when his wife shifted a suitcase that fell on his hand.

Lucroy showed up to Dodger Stadium planning to play on Monday, but he couldn’t swing the bat like usual and was set to undergo X-rays.

“I didn’t want to say anything because I don’t like not playing,” he said on Monday, per Brewers Beat. “I want to play. But I went down and took some swings and it didn’t feel good, so I had to spill it.”

Poor guy. Sometimes you just have to let those hard-to-reach socks go.

UPDATE: The X-rays revealed a fracture on his right hand and he’s out 4-6 weeks. That must have been one heavy suitcase.

Photo credit: Benny Sieu-US PRESSWIRE

Manu Ginobili and James Harden both flop on same play (Video)

Manu Ginobili already has a reputation for being a well known flopper. James Harden is an emerging flop artist. So when the two collided in the fourth quarter of Game 1 between the Spurs and Thunder on Sunday night, they both went down as if a grenade had gone off in the area.

Ginobili got the foul call, so I guess his veteran reputation helped in the situation. He also was the best player in the game, going for 26 points on 9-14 shooting. It’s pretty obvious he’s what the Spurs were missing when they lost to the Grizzlies in the first round last year.

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Misty May-Treanor campaigning to get back on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Misty May-Treanor‘s time on “Dancing with the Stars” was brief. But not because she was voted out. Four years ago, a ruptured Achilles forced the beach volleyball star to withdraw from the competition after just three weeks (at least she lasted longer than Kim Kardashian).

But with the producers of the popular ABC celebrity ballroom dance show putting together an all-star cast of former competitors for the upcoming season this fall, May-Treanor is asking her fans to help her have a chance at redemption.

The two-time Olympic gold medalist used her Facebook page on Monday to lobby fans for their votes to get her back on the ballroom floor. She listed four reasons why she once again wants to vie for the mirror-ball trophy:

1. I would love to finish what I wasn’t able to when I was on the show the last time
2. I wasn’t voted off
3. I would love for my husband to see me dance and compete
4. I want to perform for my fans!

May-Treanor, 34, competed in the show’s seventh season in 2008 after winning her second-consecutive Olympic gold with partner Kerri Walsh in Beijing but had to drop out after rupturing her left Achilles during rehearsal. Model Brooke Burke went on to win the competition that season. Fellow Olympian Maurice Greene placed fifth.

May-Treanor, along with Walsh, is favored to win her third-straight Olympic gold medal in London this summer. But does she have the resume to warrant an appearance on an all-star version of DWTS? She did place in the top five each time she was scored, but her brief stint probably doesn’t help her popularity among the show’s general fans (because, let’s face it, popularity matters more than actual talent).

That ABC structured the ballot in categories (athletes, actors, models, etc.) suggests that only a few people will come from each. It’s also still unclear if the ballot is the sole determinant for who comprises the cast. But if only one or two athletes will be invited to compete, we all know Warren Sapp could use the work more.

Note: This post also appeared on Yardbarker’s Medal Detector.

Photo credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Dwyane Wade’s fashion stylist wants him to know what it’s like to be a woman

The postgame press conferences during the NBA playoffs have turned into somewhat of a fashion show. Once players get done competing on the court, they compete for attention with their clothes.

You have youngins’ like Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant making waves for embracing the nerdy style, and cats like Nick Young trying to wear the most outlandish outfits possible. Even Dwyane Wade got in the mix by wearing some head-turning pink pants last week.

Wade, like many other NBA players, has a fashion stylist who picks out his outfits, and she says her goal is for him to know what it’s like to be a woman.

“They know what women have to go through on a regular basis,” Calyann Barnett told the Palm Beach Post. “We spend all this time getting pretty, and you know, most guys don’t even notice.

“This is evil stylist talk – making guys understand what it’s like to be a woman,” she says of the players getting dressed up for the five minutes they’ll spend at a postgame podium.

Wade says he likes the way the NBA has evolved into a fashion show.

“Guys are really focusing on how they look, how they present themselves,” Wade says. “Everyone has their own little ways of doing it. I think it’s cool that people are getting into it and looking at athletes more.”

Yeah, it has become a second sport of sorts, but remember that it all starts with winning. If you’re playing like a stud and winning, you can get away with wearing outrageous outfits. If you play poorly and are losing, your crazy clothes make you look like you’re focusing on the wrong thing.

Shaq dances with a cardboard cutout of a female Charles Barkley (Video)

We knew there was a reason Shaq was added to the outstanding TNT “Inside the NBA” pregame/postgame show, and it’s not because of his superior basketball analysis and insight. Oh no, it’s specifically for the comedic value he adds and goofy stunts he does, like the one seen above.

How can you watch Shaq pull out a cutout of Weight Watchers Charles Barkley in drag and dance with it for nearly a full minute while singing to “Scatman” and not laugh? It’s impossible. Hilarious stuff.

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Patrick Willis backs Alex Smith in the wins-stats debate

Alex Smith started a mini-firestorm when he cited Cam Newton as an example of why passing yards don’t matter too much as a stat. Newton’s teammate Jon Beason, a linebacker with the Panthers, supported his quarterback by challenging Smith’s credentials.

Not to be outdone, 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis chimed in via Twitter late Friday night:

It’s a sweet gesture from Willis, but like I said when Beason made his statement, neither passing stats nor wins is the proper way to evaluate a quarterback. Without the dominant Willis-led defense, Smith’s win-loss record wouldn’t be very good. Give Cam Newton the 49ers’ defense, and he would have won double-digit games.

H/T Pro Football Talk

Jessica Dorrell’s football job is now being advertised by Arkansas

Interested in the on-campus recruiting position Jessica Dorrell once held with the Arkansas football program? Well today’s you’re lucky day. Arkansas Sports 360 points out that Dorrell’s former job with the Razorbacks was posted online by the school on Friday:

According to Arkansas Sports 360, there have been some changes to the job description:

Changes in the job posting include more specific language about the need for prior NFL or Division I football experience, plus a desire the employee have a “working knowledge of recruiting software.”

Duties have also been adjusted for the position. There are three fewer listed. No longer listed as parts of the job: working as a football liaison with academics and oversight of the football camp website.

I just wonder if Benjamin Wilkerson and Tiffany Fields are going to have the desire to reapply. Outside of the sexual shenanigans, it is a pretty good job.

Metta World Peace mixes up Labor Day and Memorial Day

Metta World Peace isn’t exactly the sharpest Buddhist in the monastery. The Lakers forward tweeted everyone best wishes on Memorial Day Monday by saying “Happy labor day … enjoy it.” Unfortunately, there was only one problem considering May 28 was Memorial Day, and Labor isn’t until September. Guess he was just eager to stop wearing white.

Via Ball Don’t Lie

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