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Monday, June 25, 2018


Jameis Winston was disciplined in high school for laughing at coach for crying

Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston has a long list of discipline issues over the past few years at Florida State that many of us know about, ranging from the sexual assault accusation to stealing crab legs at a grocery store. But one story to add to the list comes from his high school days, and it’s one I hadn’t heard about it til now.

Winston was interviewed by Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh as part of a feature on ESPN called “Draft Academy.” The “academy” was designed to help prepare Winston for some of the meetings/interviews he would have with NFL teams. One thing Harbaugh asked Winston about was his disciplinary issues beginning in high school. Winston responded by sharing a story many of us have never before heard.

“I was disciplined for one game against John Carroll for laughing at my coach because he cried,” Winston admitted. “[The coach] felt that I disrespected him.”

Oddly enough, there is no record online of Winston being disciplined for a high school game for laughing at his coach. However, there is a 2011 AL.com article that says Winston was benched for a game against John Carroll during his junior season for arriving late.

Winston was a late arrival with some other teammates before the John Carroll game last fall and was benched. His head coach’s rules also applied to the elite quarterback. He only punted that night.

To make matters even more embarrassing, three college coaches, including one who’d flown out from Stanford in California, attended the game and didn’t get to see him play.

Is that the same game as the one to which Winston was referring? If so, it means his coach covered for him about the real reason for the discipline. If not, then that means he screwed up a few times during high school.

This seems to be another bad sign about Winston’s character. He is an excellent football player and extremely sharp cookie, but his character (not leadership) definitely is lacking. This story along with this video of him with Jimbo Fisher also shows hints of a lack of respect for his coaches. That’s definitely something he needs to work on.

Joe Haden on Johnny Manziel: ‘I could tell there’s something different with him’

Johnny Manziel

Joe Haden believes he has seen a change in teammate Johnny Manziel following the quarterback’s 10-week stay in rehab.

Haden counts Manziel as one of his closest friends on the Cleveland Browns and went to bat for the QB last season. After an anonymous player ridiculed Manziel’s rookie season, Haden came to the former Heisman Trophy winner’s defense by saying he definitely is not a joke.

In comments to the media Tuesday, Haden continued to support Manziel.

“He’s one of my good friends,” Haden said of Manziel via Mary Kay Cabot of the Northeast Ohio Media Group. “We talk about real life things. I could just tell he’s motivated. When I talked to him, I could tell there’s something different with him.”

Haden said it was nice to have Manziel back and also expressed belief that his teammate has what it takes to succeed in the league.

“He has the ability,” said Haden. “He just can’t do all of those things (off the field). He shows flashes like when we were in training camp, some of the things he does, some people just can’t do. One thing he has now is he’s motivated. He really knows he has a second chance. He has an opportunity and he’s just ready to get after it. Just focus more. And (he) just knows he has to be in here a lot more often if he wants to be a professional quarterback in the league. He’s told me he realizes that and I’m happy for him.”

Perhaps the best sign that Manziel is taking things seriously is that he told Haden he was just leaving the team facility Monday three hours after the team finished workouts on the first day of practice.

Based on the minimal effort Manziel reportedly put in last season, this upcoming year is almost like him repeating his rookie season. He has a lot of ground to make up for slacking last year, so spending plenty of extra hours in the facility needs to become a regular thing for him. At least this is a good start.

Tom Brady won’t give RG3 advice until after he retires

Tom Brady upsetTom Brady may have a “nice guy” persona to the public, but that doesn’t mean he’s a sweetheart when it comes to his opponents. In fact, Brady is so competitive that he declined to give advice to a fellow QB until after his playing career is over.

Last year the Patriots and Redskins held joint practices during training camp, so Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III thought he would take advantage of the opportunity by reaching out to Brady. However, he says Brady was not about to share any secrets.

From an NFL.com story by Jeff Darlington:

Funny enough, Griffin says despite a nice relationship with Brady over the years, the Patriots quarterback declined to provide his Redskins counterpart with any advice or in-practice tips, politely citing “a competitive landscape” when Griffin would inquire. So Brady didn’t directly help Griffin. But indirectly … Well, that’s a whole different story.

Griffin went on to say that he learned some things just by watching the way the Patriots practiced and organized themselves. Of course, watching and doing are two completely different things; the Pats won the Super Bowl while the ‘Skins limped to a 4-12 season.

And how’s this quote from Brady to Griffin on why he wouldn’t give him too much advice.

Not until my career is done, Rob.”

It’s little things like this that make Brady as successful as he is. Or maybe it’s just that Brady is not down with the cause.

Helmet smack to SI Wire

Gregg Popovich broke Coach of the Year news to Mike Budenholzer

Mike Budenholzer

Mike Budenholzer was named NBA Coach of the Year Tuesday, and he learned of the news in a wonderful way.

The Atlanta Hawks organization reached out to Bud’s former mentor Gregg Popovich and asked the San Antonio Spurs coach if he wanted to call his former pupil to inform him of the good news. Pop did and made the call to his former employee.

Prior to becoming the Hawks’ head coach last season, Budenholzer spent 19 seasons in the Spurs organization. He started off as a video coordinator and worked his way up to lead assistant under Pop.

He was very grateful towards Pop when accepting the award.

“This award has a permanent spot on his desk in San Antonio,” Budenholzer said of Popovich via the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “He shares it every couple of years and lets us take a picture with it. I might be able to sneak back into his office and put it back down.

“I was very, very fortunate to be so close to a coach who has done so much for our league, done so much for so many coaches and shared so much with me. I can’t even begin to articulate how thankful I am and all the things I’ve learned. The thing that Pop did for me, and did for a lot of coaches, is he let me coach. It seems really simple. That is part of the beauty of being around Pop. Sometimes the things that are most successful are very simple.”

Bud led the Hawks to a 60-22 regular season, which was the best record in franchise history. The team went 17-0 in January and won 35 of 38 games at one point during the season. The squad improved 22 games from the previous season, which was Bud’s first on the job.

Photo: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Morris twins charged with felony aggravated assault

Morris twins Suns

The Morris twins have been charged with felony aggravated assault stemming from a Jan. 24 incident at a recreation center in Phoenix, Ariz.

ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne reports that Marcus and Markieff were formally charged on Tuesday. The Phoenix Suns forwards have been accused of assaulting a 36-year-old man after they left a basketball game with three other men.

The alleged victim, Erik Hood, claims he saw the Morris brothers enter the gym with three other men, former USC safety Gerald Bowman, Julius Kane and Christopher Melendez. Hood told police he was a mentor to Markieff and Marcus when they were in high school and helped their family financially.

The attack is said to have occurred after Hood sent a text message to the twins’ mother, Thomasine Morris, letting her know he would “always be there” for her. Hood says someone who saw the message drew the conclusion that he and Thomasine were having sexual relations with one another, which angered the Morris brothers.

Phoenix police say several witnesses were interviewed before the Morris brothers were charged.

“Because the offense occurred at a basketball tournament with over 100 in attendance, including many youth under the age of 18, the Phoenix Police detective assigned to this investigation was tasked with tracking down and interviewing all who may have been witness to the assault, including out-of-state attendees,” the department said in a statement. “After weeks of interviews and information-gathering, the detective was able to present a cognitive investigation to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for review.”

The Suns signed Markieff to a $32 million extension last summer and Marcus to a $20 million extension at the same time. Both brothers have displayed their fair share of aggressive behavior on the court. Earlier this season, Marcus was seen exploding on Suns coach Jeff Hornacek during a team huddle. Last month, Markieff was ejected for this hard foul on Goran Dragic.

Packers to retire Brett Favre’s jersey on Thanksgiving against Bears

Packers-waiting-to-retire-Brett-Favre-jerseyThe time has finally come for the Green Bay Packers to make up with Brett Favre and honor him in one of the best ways possible.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Packers are scheduled to host the Chicago Bears on Thanksgiving and will place Favre’s jersey on the facade that evening. The team will officially retire Favre’s number and induct him into the team’s Hall of Fame on July 18.

The Thanksgiving Day game will be the featured game at night on NBC, after the Lions and Cowboys play their traditional games during the day.

Favre’s return to Lambeau Field has been a long time coming. There was talk about the potential of it happening last year but there was some reticence because of a fear that he would be booed. Then Favre announced in February that he would return this season.

Woman files lawsuit claiming Gary Payton assaulted her

Gary Payton

A woman who says she was Gary Payton’s date at an awards event in Seattle in January is now suing the former Seattle SuperSonics star over claims of assault.

The woman, Trishtan Williams, says she was Payton’s date to the Jan. event and has hired attorney Gloria Allred for the suit. In her lawsuit, which was obtained by TMZ, Williams accuses Payton of assaulting her three times: once at a bar, again in a car, and lastly once inside a hotel room.

Payton’s agent Aaron Goodwin says the case is a cash grab by Williams, who he claims has changed her story multiple times and has no signs of “physical evidence to substantiate these claims.”

“Unfortunately, with the climate of claims against athletes for monetary gains, Mr. Payton is just another victim and will fight this frivolous lawsuit,” Goodwin said to TMZ.

Bryan Price apologizes for rant, stands by his flawed message

Bryan Price Reds

Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price on Tuesday apologized for his explosive rant, but he made it clear that he is only sorry for the language he used.

“In my pre-game conversation with reporters yesterday, I used wholly inappropriate language to describe the media coverage of our team,” Price said in a statement that the Reds tweeted. “While I stand by the content of my message, I am sorry for the choice of words.”

During the outburst, which included an unprecedented amount of F-bombs, Price unloaded on the media for sharing too much information publicly. That’s right, the first-year manager believes reporters who are covering the Reds are supposed to keep injury information to themselves in order to assist the team.

“I don’t think you guys need to know everything,” he said. “And I certainly don’t think you need to see something and tweet it out there and make it a f—ing world event. How the f— do we benefit from them knowing we don’t have Devin Mesoraco? How do we benefit from that? They benefit from it. I just want to know how we benefit from these f—ing people know we don’t have a player here. Can you answer that? How is that good for the Reds?”

Price is clearly under the impression that beat writers work for the team, which is not the case for most of them. A reporter’s job is to gather as much information as possible and deliver it to the public, and that includes injury information. In no way are they obligated to somehow assist the Reds by withholding info.

Price already proved this year that he is easily irritated when he got upset about this slide from Jason Heyward, and we didn’t even think it was that bad. His rant against the media was just plain idiotic.

Warren Sapp prostitutes say Sapp tackled them (Video)

Details continue to emerge from the night Warren Sapp was arrested following his encounter with two prostitutes at the Super Bowl in February, and a new video shows the side of the story that the escorts shared with police.

On Monday, a video was released that showed Sapp speaking with police after his Feb. 2 arrest for solicitation and assault. TMZ released another video on Tuesday, this one showing the prostitutes, Britney Osbourne and Quying Boyd, telling police that Sapp attacked them.

While pointing to a bruise on her arm, Osbourne claimed Sapp kept “tussling and tussling” with the two women while they tried to leave the hotel room. Boyd explained that Sapp became furious and assaulted the two ladies.

“He said, ‘I didn’t pay money for this bulls–t. I don’t do this anyway and you guys are playing me,'” Boyd told police. “He was mad.

“He grabbed me, he grabbed her, he tackled us together. That’s why my leg hurts and I have like rug marks (on my arm).”

Boyd says Osbourne was trying to calm Sapp down while she put her clothes back on and he kept physically pushing both women toward the door. When they told him to show some respect, he supposedly kept yelling “f— respect.”

Later, the video showed Boyd and Osbourne talking to each other about the incident.

“You have a big-ass bruise on your hand, he slammed your head into the floor,” one said to the other. “This sh– just, like, was crazy. He fell on top of us. What makes him think he can just touch people like that? He’s a big football player.”

Sapp claims there was a problem with the services he was receiving based on what he paid. He says he paid $600 but only received service from one escort, who demanded a “tip” from him if he wanted more. Previous reports indicated there was a dispute over money and a woman spit in Sapp’s face before the alleged assault occurred.

No matter how you cut it, the details don’t sound good for the former NFL Network analyst.

Warren Sapp mug shot

Erin Andrews makes awkward comment that was not about Jarret Stoll

As you have likely heard, Los Angeles Kings forward Jarret Stoll was arrested over the weekend for trying to bring cocaine and ecstasy into a pool party at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. His girlfriend, FOX Sports sideline reporter Erin Andrews, has yet to weigh in on the matter. Did she take a swipe at Stoll during her “Dancing With the Stars” duties on Monday night?

We really, really, really doubt it, but some people are viewing it that way. Andrews interviewed 14-year-old actress Willow Shields after her performance and asked her if she had ever busted out any crazy moves like that on spring break. Spring break in this situation would be more like “school vacation,” but you get the point.

“I literally sit at home and watch movies all week,” Shields said. “So there’s no dancing involved in my spring break ever, so, that was a little different for me.”

Andrews was impressed.

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” she replied. “I feel like some other people should learn from you.”

TMZ and others have speculated that Andrews was taking a shot at Stoll for his party-boy antics, but there’s no way that was the case. She was simply referring to the fact that people do dumb stuff on spring break, even though it was weird for her to say it to a 14-year-old.

We have no way of knowing what Andrews’ thoughts are on the arrest or if she still feels the same way about Stoll that she told everyone she felt last year, but she wouldn’t try to embarrass him like that on TV — we don’t think.


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