Jonathan Stewart Funds Free Football Camp Out of Pocket

Jonathan Stewart teams up with DeAngelo Williams on the Carolina Panthers to form one of the most potent running back tandems in the NFL. Stewart came into the League with a foot injury and has battled achilles injuries each of the past two seasons. The heel problems that resulted in an offseason surgery this year didn’t prevent Stewart from scoring 10 touchdowns in each of his first two seasons, and surpassing the 1,000 yard mark this past year. Although Stewart has burst onto the scene as a running back to watch in the NFL, it’s his work off of the field that is making the biggest impression.

As Pro Football Talk pointed out over the weekend, Stewart held a football camp for about 180 kids ages 7-14 in his hometown of Lacey, Washington. Best part of all is that Stewart made the camp free for the kids and covered all expenses out of pocket. According to The Oregonian, the camp participants came from the local YMCA, Boys and Girls Club and the New Life Baptist Church that Stewart attended. Additionally, Stewart apparently found camp sponsors on his own and paid his fellow NFL buddies to make appearances, all out of pocket.

So what possessed Stewart to run the free camp? He explained to The Oregonian, “For me, why make somebody pay to get better at something or to be inspired. That’s what this is all about. I’m not in it to make any money, especially in my hometown.” It’s not often we hear great stories like this so it’s on us to make sure these wonderful efforts are recognized. As if you didn’t already have enough reasons to draft Stewie for your fantasy football team this year, now you have another.

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CFL Fans Can Drink

It takes one man to casually catch a baseball in his beer cup and then chug the beer. It takes a group effort to make a massive chain out of empty beer cups and keep it together.  Apparently such a group effort is something that CFL fans won’t shy away from, as they recently constructed a stack of empty beer cups at a Winnipeg-Montreal game that had to have been 20 feet long. Check out the video of CFL fans stacking beer cups, courtesy of SI Hot Clicks:

I don’t know whats more impressive; the amount of beer they went through or the effort it took to hold this thing together. It takes some serious focus to keep something like this from falling apart and it looks like they had everyone on board. I’m hoping this isn’t a testament to the lack of excitement a CFL game brings, but either way bravo to them.

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Video Credit: YouTube user Stegallfan

Ochocinco Arrested…Or Not

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco was (possibly) involved in a scrum early Monday morning in New York which is, of course, well-documented on his Twitter account. Initially, it looked as though Ochocinco was going to find himself in trouble after getting into a fight with a bouncer at a Manhattan night club. Here’s his first Tweet when the incident began:

Man this some bull s***, @therealbebe left me outside the club, they won’t let me in without my I.D. the bouncer talkin bout JETS JETS JETS

Shortly thereafter it appeared that the reality TV star had been arrested and was in the back of a police car:

Damn I just got in a fight with the bouncer, them damn boxing sessions got me on point, at least the police let me keep tweetin n the car?

That’s about the point you’d be thinking, “uh oh,” if you’re a Bengals fan or if you’re Commissioner Roger Goodell. However, it turns out the police agreed the bouncer was the aggressor and arrested him for assaulting Chad. It looks like Ochocinco made a few new friends in the process. He also took a moment to reassure the commish that he need not worry:

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Chris Fowler, Alexi Lalas Fist Bump Fail

Earlier we told you about Chris Fowler’s closing comments from the World Cup in South Africa that has creationists outraged. When Fowler and analyst Alexi Lalas were closing things out, they wanted to celebrate in style. Lalas offered his fist to his fellow analysts but Fowler was caught unexpectedly. The result was this hilarious fist bump fail:

No sweat Chris — we’ve all been there before. Plus, you were busy trying to talk too. Even Phil Jackson feels your pain, so I wouldn’t worry about it at all.

Video Credit: YouTube user emantx10

‘Jimmy Jump’ Flattened for Going After World Cup Trophy

Earlier this week, we told you about a guy who rushed the field at a World Cup game and was ushered off without being physically abused. That’s probably because he wasn’t trying to touch the ultimate prize – the tournament trophy. I have no idea what Jaume Marquet Cot’s intentions were this time, but he’s become famous for acting like an idiot at high-profile sporting events.  Sports by Brooks has discovered that he’s the same guy who some know as “Jimmy Jump” — a nickname that stems from his antics at sporting events in the past.  You might remember when he went after Roger Federer during the 2009 French Open and tried draping a flag over him.  Check out the video of Jaume Marquet Cot trying to steal or put a hat on the World Cup trophy:

What a moron this guy is.  How are they even letting him buy tickets to these events?  I know it would be extremely difficult to enforce, but you’d think that since he’s done this time after time they’d find a way to keep him out.  He’s a clown and a menace to society.  If I was at a game and saw him there…I’d probably do nothing.  But I’d certainly hope someone else did.

Video: Dumbass Tries Swiping World Cup Trophy [SPORTS by BROOKS]
Video Credit: YouTube user stylerchris78

Love That Dirty Water?

The Boston area fell victim to some serious flash floods on Sunday, as you can see above and below. It put a damper on the 5th annual Futures at Fenway games — where minor leaguers get a chance to showcase their talents — and resulted in Game 2 of the doubleheader being called off.  Here’s a video of the Fenway Park flash flood, courtesy of the Bostonist:

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Chris Fowler Angers Creationists with World Cup Closing Statement

On Sunday, ESPN completed its lengthy coverage of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. After Spain beat the Netherlands 1-0, ESPN sent things to their on-site location for a wrap-up from host Chris Fowler and analysts Alexi Lalas and Steve McNamanan. Fowler did an excellent job the entire six weeks in South Africa but his final minutes on TV could yield the most controversy. Here’s what Fowler said in his closing statement from South Africa:

“As for the African experience, we’ve all come away changed and moved by our months here in South Africa. Will this World Cup solve all of this country’s problems? Certainly not. But if you listen to the locals here, it has certainly gone a long way creating unity and harmony that this nation with a troubled past has never seen. We invite you to experience it some day. You will not come away from this country without being moved and inspired and changed if you open your heart to it because after all, as human beings, if you go back far enough to our roots, we are all Africans.”

It’s not that I disagree with what Fowler said, it’s that he touched on a highly sensitive subject for Americans. There are many people who believe in creationism rather than evolution, and Fowler may have alienated the former. He could have spoken glowingly about South Africa the way he did and left that final line out. Maybe I’m just seeing things through a sensitive perspective. After all, if this tweet from ESPN PR man Bill Hofheimer is any indication, ESPN had no problem with the remark: “ESPN’s chris fowler, as usual, very eloquent in his closing remarks, thanking entire crew, #RSA South Africa and encapsulating the last 4 wks.” Eloquent, yes. Controversial too.