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Friday, September 22, 2017


Junior Jadeveon Clowney to be honored at senior day

Jadeveon ClowneySteve Spurrier provided pretty concrete proof that Jadeveon Clowney will leave for the NFL draft after the season.

The South Carolina coach said on Sunday that he expects Clowney and defensive tackle Kelcy Quarles to “go out with the seniors” and be recognized on senior day, the Post & Courier reports.

South Carolina hosts Clemson Saturday and will honor their seniors, who will be playing their final home game for the school. Only four scholarship seniors will be honored, but Clowney and Quarles are expected to say their goodbyes then, too.

Spurrier’s statement should hardly come as a surprise. Clowney has been hyped up since last season — and since high school, truthfully — and there has been talk since last year that he would be the top overall pick in the draft. Some in the media even suggested that he should sit out the season to protect himself since he didn’t have anything to prove.

It was actually somewhat of a shaky season for Clowney, who faced questions about his desire and conditioning early on. He’ll likely be a top-five pick in the draft regardless.

H/T College Football 24/7

Josh Sitton: Lions defense full of scumbags, Jim Schwartz is a d—

Josh Sitton PackersGreeen Bay Packers offensive lineman Josh Sitton has added some spice to his team’s Thanksgiving Day game with the Detroit Lions.

During a radio interview on 1250 WSSP Tuesday, Sitton called the Lions defensive lineman a bunch of “dirtbags” and “scumbags,” and he called Jim Schwartz a d—.

Sitton’s comments came when he was asked whether he thought the Lions would take a penalty in exchange for putting a hard hit on quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who likely won’t be playing in the game anyway as he recovers from a broken collarbone.

“Absolutely,” Sitton said. “I don’t think there’s any question about that. They go after quarterbacks. Their entire defense takes cheap shots all the time, that’s what they do, that’s who they are. They’re a bunch of dirtbags, or scumbags. I mean, that’s how they play.”

Sitton has been with the Packers since 2008, so it’s easy to see what motivated his response. Two years ago, Ndamukong Suh stomped Evan Dietrich-Smith on Thanksgiving.

Sitton said he believes the attitude of the defense starts from the top with Schwartz.

“It starts with their frickin’ coach,” he said. “Starts with the head coach. Schwartz, he’s a (expletive), too, I wouldn’t want to play for him. … Starts with him, their D-coordinator and their D-line coach. They’re all just scumbags, and so are the D-line.”

This sort of honesty is nothing new for Sitton. You may recall after the “Fail Mary” game between the Packers and Seahawks last year, Sitton ripped Pete Carroll and Golden Tate and said they were full of crap.

You can hear his interview below:


Week 13 fantasy pickups include Benny Cunningham, Nate Burleson, Montee Ball

nate-burlesonFor most of you, Week 13 is the final week of the regular season in fantasy football. That means if you are on the playoff bubble and need to win this week, this is the most crucial week of the season. Bench the wrong guy and it could very well be “see ya next year.” Leave the wrong guy on waivers and you might be kicking yourself until next August. Hopefully, we can help. Here are your Week 13 fantasy pickups.

Benny Cunningham, RB, Rams: Zac Stacy left Sunday’s win over the Bears with a concussion. Prior to his departure, he was completely shredding Chicago’s porous run defense. Cunningham took over after Stacy went out and did the same, racking up 109 yards and scoring a touchdown on 13 carries. Against the Niners this week, it will not be that simple. Still, Stacy owners have no choice. If you’re in the playoff hunt, Stacy has probably helped get you there. With his status still up in the air, Cunningham needs to be added.

Nate Burleson, WR, Lions: Burleson was out a bit longer than expected while recovering from a broken arm, but the extra rest appears to have served him well. With Calvin Johnson facing the usual double-teams against the Bucs, Burleson worked the middle of the field and racked up seven catches for 77 yards and a touchdown. Burleson is a particularly solid add in PPR leagues, as he has caught at least six passes in every game he has played this year. Matthew Stafford trusts Burleson, and he should continue to benefit from Megatron getting all of the attention.


Washington Nationals want taxpayers to buy them a $300 million retractable roof

Washington Nationals Park

The Washington Nationals want to put a retractable roof over Nationals Park, and they want taxpayers to pay for it.

NBC Washington reports that the Nats have met with city officials, including the mayor, to propose the addition to the stadium. The team has presented photos of the proposed roof as well as estimates of the costs to Mayor Vincent Gray’s office, according to NBC Washington.

The area’s taxpayers already paid $700 million to build the park in 2006, so it’s no surprise that the mayor’s office seems reluctant to pay for a stadium.

Washington Post reporter Adam Kilgore says Mayor Gray was shocked by the team’s proposal and said “no.”

The Nationals’ presentation to the city may have been motivated by generosity the mayor has shown to other teams. The office approved $50 million for jumbotron improvements in the Verizon Center, and the mayor has proposed spending hundreds of millions on a soccer stadium.

Kilgore also says a source told him the proposed roof was “ugly.”

Someone simulated what a roof might look like over Nationals Park and came up with this:


Jameis Winston’s Twitter account hacked with whiskey tweet

Jameis Winston has been completely inactive on Twitter since August 5, but that changed on Tuesday when a bizarre retweet was shared by his account.

Winston’s @Jaboowins Twitter account retweeted a message about wanting to get “whiskey wasted” which you can see below:

Jameis Winston Twitter

That tweet made no sense, so it’s no surprise that Florida State later said the Seminoles quarterback was hacked:

Jimbo Fisher doesn’t allow his players to tweet during the season, so it wouldn’t have made sense for Winston to break the policy with a retweet like that. Well, not unless he really wants to get whiskey wasted.

Image via @kmattio
H/T College Spun

Jim Irsay: Indianapolis Colts’ play lately is ‘alarming’

Jim IrsayJim Irsay has been known to go on random Twitter rants from time to time, and the Indianapolis Colts owner had an episode on Tuesday where he expressed concern about his team, which got hammered 40-11 by the Arizona Cardinals and is now 7-4.

Here’s what Irsay wrote on Twitter in a series of tweets where he said the team needs to get their head out of their butts:


Katherine Webb ‘nervous’ about Iron Bowl game between Alabama and her alma mater

Katherine-Webb-AJ-McCarronFor those of you who are keeping track at home, it would appear that Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron and his girlfriend Katherine Webb are still together. There have been a number of rumors floating around about college football’s favorite couple breaking up over the past few months, but Webb has still been attending McCarron’s games with his mom and awaiting victory smooches.

During an interview with USA Today earlier this week, Webb spoke about the upcoming Iron Bowl game between No. 1 Alabama and No. 4 Auburn. Believe it or not, the Auburn alum has never been to an Iron Bowl game.

“This is the first actual game, Iron Bowl, that I will be attending,” Webb said. “I don’t know what to expect and I’m really nervous. I  didn’t get to go to the Iron Bowl whenever I was in school because I ended up having to sell my student ticket because I was running low on cash.”

Oh, how the times have changed. Webb has become pretty famous since Brent Musburger introduced her to the world last year during the BCS National Championship Game, so I’m sure she has plenty of extra cash laying around. Webb said McCarron is worried about opposing fans potentially being cruel to her, but she’s just concerned about the outcome of the game.

“Honestly, I don’t know what to expect,” Webb explained. “AJ just in his protective nature, we talked about it (Wednesday) night. And he was like, ‘I’m concerned. I don’t know what the fans are gonna do.’ And I’m like, ‘It’s OK. I’ll be sweet, genuine and nice like I always am if anything were to happen.’

“I’m not nervous about the fans. Of course I want to see AJ have that fourth championship ring, so I really want them to do well. That’s what I’m nervous about. I’m not nervous about his talent or abilities as a player. Of course, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about the outcome.”

This year, the outcome of the Iron Bowl could ultimately determine which team gets to play for a national championship. Our advice? Never bet against Nick Saban.

Joe Flacco rips Ravens for using wildcat offense

Joe-Flacco-Top-Five-QuarterbackThe Baltimore Ravens signed Joe Flacco to a six-year, $120 million contract this past offseason. When you give a quarterback that type of money, it typically means you want the ball in his hands as much possible. That was not the case on Sunday, as the Ravens ran 12 plays from the wildcat formation in a win over the New York Jets.

Flacco, who lined up at wide receiver on one play and didn’t even bother running off the line of scrimmage when the ball was snapped, said after the game that running the wildcat was “good and fun for a little bit, but that’s it.” On Tuesday, he made it clear that he never wants to see the formation again.

“I don’t care how we use it in the game — successful or not successful, after a big play, not after a big play. I don’t care where it’s used, I’m just not a huge fan of it,” Flacco told reporters, per Jeff Zrebiec of The Baltimore Sun. “I’m the quarterback. I want to be behind the line of scrimmage, I want to be taking the snaps. That’s really the only thing. I don’t necessarily take it personally either in terms of our offense trying to get better. I just think it makes us look like not an NFL team.”

Flacco added that the coaching staff knows how he feels about the wildcat and that he doesn’t expect the Ravens to use it much going forward.

“I don’t look at it as a slap in the face to me,” he said. “It is what it is. I want as many chances as I can get behind the line of scrimmage. I just don’t like that stuff in general.

“I’m not doing a single thing (when we run the wildcat). I’m not blocking, I’m not doing anything.”

All winners want the ball. You can understand why Flacco would dislike the wildcat, but did he have to go public with his disgust? His comments seem like they would have been better off made behind closed doors, rather than showing up John Harbaugh and the team’s coaches in public.

H/T Rotoworld

Thunder half-court shot winner Cameron Rodriguez may not get to keep $20,000

Cameron-Rodriguez-half-court-shotLast week, an Oklahoma City Thunder fan named Cameron Rodriguez drained a half-court shot during halftime of a win over the Denver Nuggets and won $20,000. Remarkably, he is one of five Thunder fans to drain the same shot for the same amount of money this calendar year. However, Rodriguez may not be able to keep the cash.

Rodriguez, 23, is a basketball player at Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas. National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) rules clearly state that a student athlete cannot use their sports ability for financial gain while still in college. According to SFGate.com, Rodriguez and his school are asking the NAIA for a rules exception that would allow him to use the money toward tuition.

“I didn’t really think about it at first because I was way too excited,” Rodriguez told SFGate.com. “After things settled down, I realized we might have an issue because I was receiving a large amount of money.”

John Leavens, the executive director of the NAIA eligibility center, praised Rodriguez for contacting the right people immediately and said cases like this typically take one or two weeks to resolve.

“It would certainly hurt his cause if he had tried to circumvent the rules,” Leavens said. “The fact that he connected with the right officials to make sure that he understood the proper application of the rule is something that we expect, and we’re glad to see.”

Hopefully Rodriguez gets to keep the money — especially if he is not on a full scholarship. A half-court shot is difficult for anyone to make, hence why we see reactions like this when people find a way to sink them. The fact that he plays basketball should not prevent him from keeping the $20,000.

Joe Theismann switched to Monday Night Raw during Redskins’ loss to 49ers

Joe_TheismannJoe Theismann is a Washington Redskins legend. The former quarterback was named NFL MVP in 1982 and went on the win the Super Bowl that same season. Like many, many others, Theismann had to have been disgusted by the performance Robert Griffin III and company rolled out against the San Francisco 49ers on Monday night.

In fact, we’d even venture to say Theismann couldn’t bring himself to watch. How do we know that? For starters, he was clearly watching WWE’s “Monday Night Raw” at some point during Washington’s embarrassing loss.

Could he have simply been flipping back and forth during commercial breaks? I suppose, but I highly doubt it. It was either watch guys get kicked in the nuts for real or watch it happen under Vince McMahon’s watch. Theismann made the right decision.

H/T DC Sports Bog

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