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Sunday, August 30, 2015


Fox Sports Regional Sports Report: Russia

Remember back in the day when FOX decided to scrap its National Sports Report in favor of a regional approach? Well, they came up with a series of oustanding commercials to promote their regional target. And now, I am bringing them back to you. I present the second in a series of five: Fox Sports Regional Sports Report Russia.

I love these too much. The best part is when they play the KO slap in slow-mo.


Monday: India

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Rickey Henderson says Check Larry Brown out

Recently at MLB Fanhouse:

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Fox Sports Regional Sports Report: India

Remember back in the day when FOX decided to scrap its National Sports Report in favor of a regional approach? Well, they came up with a series of oustanding commercials to promote their regional target. And now, I am bringing them back to you. I present the first in a series of five: Fox Sports Regional Sports Report India

I would hate to be that guy. Highly amusing.

Check out the entire series:

Tuesday: Russia
Wednesday: South Africa
Thursday: Turkey

Friday: China

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My Crappy NCAA Tournament Picks: Day 4

Yes, my brackets have more red than your gf on her. — nevermind.

Pac-10 and SEC Dominate: Remember what I said about the tournament games being so close on Saturday? I used that information to explain that the conferences were evenly matched, concluding there was no true way to compare the major ones. But that was until USC defeated Texas! Now, I will proudly parade around saying that the Pac-10 is supreme for sending 3 teams to the Sweet 16. The SEC has put in 3 teams as well (after Vandy knocked off Wassou in double OT). Guess what? The almighty ACC and Big Ten have just one team apiece! But what does it mean if Ohio St. and North Carolina reach the Final Four? Or win it? Hmm, hard to judge.

Rooting for the Rival: Yes, college basketball is different from football. In college football, teams that win all or most of their games have a successful year. In college basketball, a team can win over 20 games without it mattering (so long as it’s not four straight or more to end the year). Therefore, in football season I almost always want my rival (USC) to lose, because each loss spoils their season. But in basketball, there are some situations (non-conference games and tourney time) when I want them to win. I’d much rather see USC beat up on Arkansas and Texas so it looks better for the Pac-10. Just as long as they don’t do anything spectacular like reach the Elite 8 or Final Four, because that would steal away UCLA’s thunder (kinda like when the Bruins start a football season off 6-0 or something) or Wooden forbid — knock UCLA out of the tournament (but that would have to be in the final this year). So congrats to the Trojans for embarrassing Texas.

Wisconsin Goes Down, No Surprise: If they had better teams in their path, I guarantee more people would’ve picked the Badgers to lose earlier. Even with the perceived “easy draw,” Wisconsin still managed to become the first highly seeded team to be knocked out of the tournament. Congrats on the stellar regular season boys — enjoy watching the rest of the games from your couch (or dorms).

Quote of the Day (via Awful Announcing): “I think that thing had a vibrating effect”- Jim Spanarkel

Here are what my crappy NCAA picks look like after the first two rounds of play





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Joey Porter and Bengals All-Pro Levi Jones Rumble in Vegas

The Big Lead came up with a huge find — apparently 6’5″ 305lb OL Levi Jones of the Bengals and 6’3″ 250lb LB Joey Porter of the Dolphins got into a rumble in Las Vegas. Norm Clarke of Vegas Confidential explains:

A fist fight between two NFL players broke out in the Palms casino on Sunday night, sources said. Joey Porter, an All-Pro linebacker who recently left the Pittsburgh Steelers to join the Miami Dolphins, brawled with Cincinnati Bengals offensive lineman Levi Jones, at about 6 p.m. at a blackjack table in the casino.Jones, who suffered scratches, told Las Vegas police he would be filing charges against Porter. Sources said there has been bad blood between the two.

Of course we all know how the whole thing started — Porter’s pit bull attacked Levi for no reason.

UPDATE: Porter has been cited for misdemeanor battery which apparently means a police officer saw him hit Jones.

Buckeyes Luckeyed Out

Yes, I’ve already told you that I thought Ohio St. totally lucked out in their win over Xavier. All it took was one made free throw by Justin Cage and Ohio St. would’ve gone home (ensuring that no Big Ten teams made it out of the 2nd round). But check out this football move by Greg Oden that wasn’t called an intentional or flagrant foul:


Oden even admitted he was going for a hard foul

“I just look at that foul as, they’re going to call bull crap fouls,” Oden said. “I might as well get one that’s hard.” 

I guess none of this matters — especially when they’re in the Final Four and Xavier (and the rest of the country is at home watching it).

Chest Bump: Brian Cook at NCAA Basketball FanHouse for the video, and Michael David Smith for the quote also at FanHouse

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Kevin Durant Regrets Not Playing Harder Against USC

Woa! Slow down their Randy Moss. Listen to what Texas superstar Kevin Durant said after Texas’ loss to USC in the 2nd round of the tournament on Sunday. Mind you, the stud scored 30 points. Click here for the sound.

Yes, Kevin Durant said:

Like Coach [Barnes] said, it left a sour taste in my mouth for me ending the season like this.  I kind of regret not playing as hard as I could today and throughout the whole season.  But like Coach [Barnes] said we did some good things this year but it’s always tough to lose like this.

While Durant was more explicit answering questions about his future, he left a lot of ambiguity with the aforementioned comment.

Was he really serious in saying he wasn’t trying his hardest against USC and during the season?  Was he really coasting?  Is he capable of dedicating himself to the game more?


Did he completely misspeak?  Did he mean he wishes he could have done more to help Texas win against USC and during the regular season?  Did he mean he regrets that the team couldn’t have gone farther in the tournament?

To think, against Texas Tech he could’ve gone 50 and 30.


I May Be Switching Jobs (and Dating)

OK, so in the post below, I said I might be putting the Behemoth on Craig’s List. Naturally, in order to link to Craig’s List, I had to visit the site. Well, a visit to the site led me to the wanted section, and I have to say, I may be leaving you all. Dry your eyes to see why:

Adult Industry Entertainment Journalist

Editorial Associate — Full-time position Leading publisher of news and information for the adult entertainment industry is seeking a jack of all trades to play a key support role on our editorial team. This is an entry-level position with unlimited opportunity for advancement. Perfect for an ambitious college grad.

 – Must be comfortable working within the adult business.

Any takers?


I also think I found a date:

Cute Fattie Seeks Friends! – 23

First and foremost… I’m chunky, fat, big boned… no matter how you slice it I am full figured. So if you have a problem with bigger girls.. I’m not the woman for you.

And if it doesn’t work out for the two of us, maybe Chris Kaman will be interested.

Craig’s List — far too underrated.

Chest Bump: Mr. Irrelevant for the Kaman photo

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Moving the Behemoth

I just spent the last two hours trying to relocate this monstrous TV set. The beastly creature has a 35 inch screen and would win a seesaw battle with Andre The Giant. The set was born sometime during the early-90s back when hi-definition referred to a setting on your audio cassette player. Unfortunately it had seen better days meaning the picture began to resemble the underground hiding for the Ninja Turtles. As of last night, the poor thing would no longer turn on. I am debating whether or not I will put it on Craig’s List. I am also debating whether or not I will let the prospective purchasers know about the aforementioned issues. Surely anyone who has moved recently can relate to my pain. For more pictures, continue reading —->


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