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Saturday, June 25, 2016


Brian Wilson and Tim Lincecum at the White House Looking Sharp

Something about the San Francisco Giants visiting the White House makes me nervous. More specifically, something about two guys like Brian Wilson and Tim Lincecum visiting the White House is concerning. However, the pictures from the Giants’ visit appear to indicate that the two goobers pulled it off. Check out this great shot, courtesy of

Before you go judging Wilson’s pinstripe suit, keep in mind this was the guy who wore this to the ESPYs and this to an interview with George Lopez.  Compared to those wardrobe choices, the Beard was dressed like an altar boy.  As for Linecum, at this point there is no news of his making a marijuana reference or taking an emergency run to In-N-Out Burger.  For a bunch of guys that are collectively softer than a sneaker full of s***, it sounds like the Giants behaved themselves well in front of the president.

Pictures: Jonathan Toews’ Girlfriend Gabrielle Velasquez is Insanely Hot

I’m starting to get the feeling Jonathan Toews has the best everything. Two years ago, the Blackhawks captain had the best hockey team in the NHL.  This past season, he had by far the most intense “history will be made” commercial promoting the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  Now, it has come to the public’s attention that Toews could possibly have the hottest girlfriend in hockey.

More than half a year has passed since we added to Steve’s smokin’ hot sports girlfriends, but Gabrielle Velasquez has forced our hand.  If you believe in the higher powers shutting a door and opening a window, you can use Velasquez to fill the void left by Rory McIlroy’s girlfriend Holly Sweeney saying goodbye.  A Barstool Sports reader sent in some pictures of Velasquez after she and Toews were spotted enjoying a Cubs game over the weekend. We quickly decided they must be shared with the world.  Check out these pictures of Jonathan Toews girlfriend Gabrielle Velasquez, courtesy of Barstool:


John Beck Turned Away by Security Guard at Redskins Park

Multiple reports have said the Washington Redskins are prepared to go with John Beck as their starting quarterback for the upcoming season. Yes, Beck is the same guy who was drafted in the second round by the Dolphins and released shortly thereafter.

If you’re not too familiar with him, don’t worry — you’re not alone.

According to The Washington Post, Beck showed up to Redskins Park to be the first player at the facility once the lockout ended and was turned away. But that’s not the best part. Beck was not only turned away because players can’t report until Tuesday, but also because the security guard didn’t know who he was.

“I’m OK with that,” Beck said of not being recognized. “I haven’t done anything yet.”

We’ve heard of Tim Lincecum being turned away by security guards but that was from opposing teams and because he looks 12 years old. Beck plays for the Redskins where the city absolutely loves their football team. That just shows how unknown he is. It doesn’t mean he can’t become the team’s starting quarterback, it just shows us he has a long way to go.

Thanks to Andrew Siciliano for the tip

UCLA, UNLV Offer Scholarship to 14-Year-Old Stephen Zimmerman

Stephen Zimmerman is a 14-year-old from Las Vegas who has yet to enter high school. That still hasn’t prevented two major programs from offering him a scholarship.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, UCLA and UNLV have already offered him an oral scholarship while Arizona, Duke, Kansas, and Indiana are also interested. Even Roy Williams and Josh Pastner were in the stands to watch Zimmerman play in a recent tournament.

Remember, this kid is only 14 years old.

So what’s so special about Zimmerman? He’s already 6’10” and still growing. He can play inside and outside, and he’s trying to emulate Dirk Nowitzki. “I try to play like Nowitzki because I’m a center and I can shoot the ball. He’s just a really great player,” Zimmerman told the paper. They say Zimmerman could be the top recruit in the class of 2015.

We mocked USC coach Lane Kiffin last year when he offered 13-year-old quarterback David Sills. We cautioned Auburn when they followed suit in February. Even though Zimmerman is just as young as Sills, the difference is with basketball you can generally tell if a youngster is going to be good whereas in football it’s extremely difficult to project growth and development of someone that young.

Zimmerman turns 15 in September and will enroll at Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas. Hopefully his commitment to the Bruins will come sooner rather than later.

Randy Couture Challenges Steven Seagal to Fight

You might recall in May when Lyoto Machida knocked Randy Couture out with a straight up Karate Kid-style kick. That was the second time recently that a fighter used a front leg kick to the face to score a knockout, and actor Steven Seagal took credit for both of them. Since he was the victim of one of the kicks, Randy Couture joked that he wants to fight Seagal. Check out this video about a minute in:

I so would pay to see Couture vs. Seagal in the octagon, that would be badass. It certainly would have more intrigue than Belfort vs. Akiyama at UFC 133. What do you think, could Seagal take him? Can he walk the walk? I doubt it.

Fist pound to Bloody Elbow for the video

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Justin Verlander Gives Don Kelly the ‘Hot Foot’, Sets Shoe on Fire (Video)

It takes a variety of pranks to make the baseball prank world go ’round.  There are those that are designed simply to screw with your psyche and those that are meant embarrass the heck out of you.  Then, there are those that are meant to force you to change your cell phone number.  And finally, there are some pranks that are just plain dangerous and should only be attempted by professionals.

As Big League Stew pointed out, Justin Verlander is apparently one of those professionals.  Verlander gave a new meaning to the term “flamethrower” on Sunday with his dugout prank during a game against the Twins. Check out the video of Justin Verlander’s hot foot prank on Don Kelly, courtesy of

Personally, I think I’d rather have a pie in the face.

Ed Reed Calls Hines Ward a ‘Dirty Player’

You know the old expression “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone”? The NFL lockout has reportedly ended before training camp has even begun, but that expression has fully applied to the world of sports over the past few months. Fans have been yearning for anything NFL-related like free agency and OTAs. More importantly, the lockout has robbed us of a whole mess of trash talk.

Sure, we have gotten the occasional cry-baby spazfest from guys like James Harrison, but there has been little talk to help fire us up for some real game action.  Last week, Ed Reed let a few more sparks fly within the Ravens-Steelers rivalry with his thoughts on Hines Ward.

“I love Hines as a player and I told him that,” Reed told the Baltimore Sun at his football camp. “But I told him also for a long time, ‘You’re a dirty player because I know how you play.’”

The history between Reed and Ward goes back a long time, as you probably know.  Reed is one of the game’s hardest hitters and probably doesn’t like the fact that Ward has dropped him with a block.  What Ed calls a “cheap shot,” some of us call being embarrassed that a receiver put you down.  As a receiver who isn’t afraid to throw a block, Ward is a dying breed.  Considering he is a respected veteran in the league and plays the game at full-speed, I doubt the officials will make anything of Reed saying he’s a dirty player.  Bottom line: football’s back.

Chest bump to Pro Football Talk

Manchester City’s Mario Balotelli Benched After Showboating Shot Goes Wrong

Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli tried to show up the LA Galaxy during their friendly Sunday, but he ended up looking like a turd. Check out the video:

EPL Talk says Balotelli was yanked and received an earful from his coach. As well he should. I know these Premier League players have little respect for MLS teams, but they don’t have to make it so obvious. Nice try, chump.

Brockton Rox Set World Record by Selling Two $80 Hot Dogs

The Brockton Rox of the independent Cam-Am League celebrated National Hot Dog Day Saturday by unveiling the world’s most expensive hot dog. The Massachusetts team sold two of the $80 “K-O Dogs” to set a new Guinness World Record. Here’s a look at the K-O Dog:

So what goes into an $80 hot dog? Here’s the description:

“The half-pound all beef foot long hot dog is deep fried and rolled in truffle oil, then coated with porcini dust, sprinkled with white truffle shavings, and topped with dollops of creme fraiche, caviar and fresh roe. The dog is served in a blini roll.”

Sounds delicious, right?

The previous most expensive hot dog is The Foot Long Haute Dog which sells for $69 at Serendipity 3 in New York City. Looks like they’ll just have to find a way to top the K-O Dog. Maybe they can follow in the footsteps of the Home Run Derby and add some real gold to it — that certainly would boost its value.

Photo Credit: Enterprise News

Kevin Durant Explains Meaning Behind Each of His ‘Business Tattoos’

Many fans were shocked last week when it was revealed Kevin Durant has a chest and stomach full of tattoos. Fans who thought he was a clean-cut, ink-free guy felt misled. No surprise, that was part of Durant’s intent. Here’s another look at the picture that captured everyone’s attention:

The Basketball Jones described Durant’s ink as “business tattoos” designed to maintain the Thunder star’s squeaky-clean image. Darnell Mayberry of The Oklahoman confirms that’s exactly the case.

Mayberry reports that Durant was hesistant to share his ink with the world. Mayberry wrote “Durant confirmed the deliberate placement of his designs following a practice in early May when the Thunder was in a Western Conference semifinals series with Memphis.”

He also explains what each one of Durant’s tattoos mean:


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