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Thursday, June 21, 2018


‘Be Like Mike’ Gatorade commercial making a comeback


Children of the ’90s rejoice! Gatorade is bringing back a digitally remastered version of its classic “Be Like Mike” commercial featuring Michael Jordan. The spot, which first aired in 1991, will be shown during this NBA All-Star weekend to highlight the company’s 50th anniversary.

But wait, there’s more. Jordan’s favorite Gatorade flavor, Citrus Cooler, is also hitting shelves at the end of March with a retro label.

GatoradeOriginalGlassBottleThe flavor was never actually discontinued, but you’d have better odds of winning the Powerball than actually finding it. Now if Gatorade really wants to do the right thing, they’ll put it in a glass bottle.

You can watch the updated version of the commercial here, complete with Craig Ehlo getting his hopes and dreams crushed by one of many game-winning shots by His Airness:

By the way, if you’ve never heard the fascinating story of how the “Be Like Mike” campaign came to be, do yourself a favor and read up here.

Bryce Harper pays tribute to Jerry Tarkanian


The basketball world lost a colorful personality on Wednesday when Jerry Tarkanian passed away at the age of 84. Tarkanian coached at Fresno State and had a brief stint with the Spurs, but he’s most well known for his time at UNLV, the school he took to the Final Four four times and led to a national title in 1990. Bryce Harper, who was born in Las Vegas, was among those to salute the Hall of Famer.

The Nationals outfielder visited the Thomas & Mack Center, home of the UNLV basketball team, wearing a jacket with the last names of the starting five from the championship team along with Tarkanian’s famous “the Shark” nickname.

“Legends Never Die” Nobody will ever be better than Tark the “Shark” Thank you for everything you have done for UNLV and the Las Vegas area..You truly are a Legend! #THESHARK #NeverForget ” Harper wrote on Instagram along with posting the above photo.

Jerry Tarkanian’s impact on Las Vegas won’t soon be forgotten and it’s nice to see one of the city’s more famous natives appreciating and celebrating Tarkanian’s life and legacy.

Photo via: Instagram/bryceharper3407

Riley Cooper gets Black History Month in 2015 Eagles calendar

riley cooper

The Philadelphia Eagles don’t handle the publishing of their yearly calendar, but they may ask for a little more oversight after this year’s flap. That’s because Riley Cooper is displayed for the month of February, which also happens to be Black History Month.

You may remember that Cooper was infamously Riley Cooper videocaught dropping an N-bomb at a Kenny Chesney concert back in the summer of 2013. Cooper apologized and was later fined an undisclosed amount by the team. He inked a five-year contract extension worth $25 million after catching a career-best eight touchdown passes the ensuing season.

The Eagles released a statement Thursday evening saying they aren’t responsible for the calendar’s publication.

“We do not oversee the production of the annual team calendar. We do not provide any input about the players who are featured or where those pictures appear in the calendar. The NFL licenses the production of that calendar to a third party and we do not have an opportunity to review the material,” the team said in a statement via Deadspin.

The team can deny it all they want, but that doesn’t mean we have to believe their explanation. Hey, remember when another notorious racist did some charity specifically in Black History Month? Now tell me that wasn’t a coincidence.

Sports Jeopardy! host Dan Patrick gives LBS a behind-the-scenes look at the show (Video)

A few weeks ago LBS took a field trip to the Sony Pictures Studios lot (we were fearful of a North Korea attack but we survived) for a behind-the-scenes look at “Sports Jeopardy!” that culminated in an interview with show host Dan Patrick. DP and LB are becoming pretty tight these days, what with our trip to Connecticut for an interview last year at his radio show, and now this “Sports Jeopardy!” interview/tour.

Sports Jeopardy! started in September and is recorded at the same sound stage as regular Jeopardy! hosted by Alex Trebek. The set looks similar but it has a sports bar theme instead of the normal Jeopardy! theme. The set strongly resembles the atmosphere seen on “The Dan Patrick Show,” giving it a very comfortable and cool feel.

After watching an episode of the show from the “owner’s box” in the audience, we headed backstage for an interview with DP. (Of course I got nearly all the questions correct and am angling for a spot on the show as a contestant). As you’ll notice in the video, we tried to create a lighting effect to make Dan come off as “The Godfather.”

In the interview, we touch on subjects such as how the show came about; how many questions Dan knows the answer to; what he does to avoid coming off looking smug because he has all the answers; the design of the set; the casting process for contestants; and what else DP has left on his professional bucket list.

Sports Jeopardy! is a lot of fun and the perfect sort of thing for people looking for entertainment on-the-go. It’s a great time-waster when you’re bored or standing in line somewhere. It’s also great when you’re hanging out with your sports buddies. Sports Jeopardy! is available on Crackle with new episodes released every Wednesday.

Now they just need to put me on as a contestant!

LB sports Jeopardy!

Parent claims league that blew whistle on Jackie Robinson West also cheated


A parent whose son played for Evergreen Park Little League, the league that blew the whistle on Jackie Robinson West, claimed this week that the whistle-blowers are guilty of doing the same exact thing.

Renee Cannon-Young claims her son Jacoby was recruited to play baseball for Evergreen Park back in 2011. Cannon-Young says her family lived on Chicago’s South Side at the time, which would put them outside of Evergreen Park’s district. She was told it didn’t matter.

“The paperwork was filled out for me,” Cannon-Young told ABC 7 in Chicago. “I was told that although he was not a resident of Evergreen Park, they were going to fix that so that he could play. Just use another address, and he would be able to play.”

As you know, Jackie Robinson West was stripped of their Little League World Series US championship after an investigation determined the team used players from outside their boundaries. Chris Janes, the vice president of Evergreen Park Little League, is the one that alerted Little League Baseball about the cheating. JRW had defeated Evergreen Park 43-2 during the tournament.

[Related: Mark Mulder says JRW has always cheated]

President and CEO of Little League International Stephen D. Keener acknowledged that residency rule violations are common but are usually spotted sooner.

“These types of things do happen occasionally at the local level, but they’re usually sorted out pretty much when the local tournament begins because neighbors know neighbors,” Keener said.

The bottom line? People are pathetic. These are kids who range in ages from 10-13. Cheating by “recruiting” children from ineligible districts is everything that is wrong with youth sports in America.

Mark Fox gives hilarious interview after losing his voice (Video)

Georgia basketball coach Mark Fox led his team to a spirited 62-53 win over Texas A&M on Wednesday night. His vocal cords took more punishment than his players.

Fox was completely hoarse during his postgame interview on the court. If you didn’t know he was serious, you could have easily thought you were watching a “Saturday Night Live” skit.


“We just defended, you know?” Fox said with an incredibly squeaky voice. “We just defended and made enough baskets to get a lead and then made our free throws.”

The best part was Fox didn’t even acknowledge that he lost his voice. He could have easily cracked a joke and it wouldn’t have been nearly as funny. We’re glad he didn’t.

H/T Sporting News

Dwight Howard grabs Isaiah Canaan’s nuts (Video)

All Houston Rockets beware — Dwight Howard’s boredom may result in nut-grabbing.

Howard is expected to miss up to two months with a knee injury. So what has he been doing while he can’t play basketball? Wearing ridiculous suit jackets and grabbing his teammates in inappropriate places. This is what cameras caught Howard doing to Rockets guard Isaiah Canaan on Wednesday night:


We know one NFL superstar who approves of this message.

Video via Jimmy Traina’s The Big Buzz

Rob Gronkowski plays dodgeball on ice (Video)

Rob Gronkowski is finally entering a healthy offseason that requires no rehabilitation from a serious injury. That doesn’t mean Bill Belichick and company won’t be holding their breath and hoping he is healthy for the start of training camp.

If you thought Gronk partied hard when he was recovering during the offseason, just wait until you see how healthy, Super Bowl champion Gronk gets after it. We’re talking about stuff like ice dodgeball.

During intermission of the ECHL’s Florida Everblades-Fort Wayne Komets game on Wednesday night, Gronkowski participated in a game of dodgeball on ice — in sneakers. Can you think of anything more dangerous than that? It sounds like a broken arm waiting to happen.


I haven’t cringed that much watching a video since Gronk danced on stage with a bum ankle. The Patriots have to be uncomfortable with ice dodgeball.

H/T Barstool Sports

Bill Belichick on David Letterman talks about Deflategate (Video)

Bill Belichick made an appearance on “The Late Show with David Letterman” on Wednesday night, which in itself was completely out of character for the New England Patriots head coach. Of course, there were plenty of moments where Belichick was his awkward self.

When Letterman asked about the Patriots allegedly under-inflating footballs, Belichick sat there and smiled a lot. He chimed in eventually, turning back into Professor Belichick for a brief moment.

“Well, we all know that as the footballs get colder, they deflate — scientifically,” Belichick said with a smirk.


Letterman then suggested a theory that has increased in popularity over the past two weeks — that the Indianapolis Colts may have intentionally deflated a ball before turning it over to the league.

“We’re gonna bring you in to testify when we get the investigation next month,” Belichick joked.

Unfortunately, there were no fantastic movie references this time around.

Belichick also took some time to defend Pete Carroll against criticism of the Seattle Seahawks coach’s final play call of the Super Bowl.

Overall, it was Belichick like we have never seen him before and Belichick as we always see him all at the same time. Between Letterman subscribing to the Colts sabotage theory and the comments this former NFL quarterback recently made, I’m sure Belichick is liking a lot of the stuff he hears about Deflategate.

Mark Mulder: Jackie Robinson West has always cheated


Jackie Robinson West Little League was stripped of its US championship on Wednesday after a lengthy investigation revealed that the team used players from ineligible districts. According to former MLB pitcher Mark Mulder, this was nothing new for the Chicago-based team.

Mulder, who grew up in South Holland, Ill., played against Jackie Robinson West in Little League 25 years ago.

“JRW Little League has been cheating and doing things the wrong way since I played them as a kid,” he wrote on Twitter Wednesday. “Sad that those kids are taught that’s ok. Good chance the people running it now played for them when I was little.”

Evergreen Park Little League vice president Chris Janes, who blew the whistle on Jackie Robinson West, said on Wednesday that cheating rumors have surrounded the scorned league for years.

“There’s been rumors of innuendo circulating around for that organization for years,” Janes told 670 The Score, via CBS Chicago. “But that’s all it’s been. There’s been no proof that I’m aware of that they’ve been cheating. All I have firsthand knowledge of is this year.

It’s an absolute atrocity that parents and adults have tarnished what a group of 11- and 12-year olds accomplished. Jackie Robinson West represented one of the best sports stories of 2014, with the Chicago Cubs honoring the team with warmup jerseys and one business owner paying rent for a player whose family was struggling. Situations like these make you feel like nothing is sacred anymore.

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