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Sunday, September 24, 2017


Umpire has the best ‘Whoomp, there it is!’ strike three call you’ll ever hear (Video)

Umpire-whoomp-there-it-isHave you ever heard a more impressive “Whoomp, there is is!” strike three call than this one? What’s that? You’ve never in your life heard a “Whoomp, there it is!” strike three call? Exactly, which is why this guy is the man.

There have been plenty of recreational league umpires who try to make a name for themselves with enthusiastic called third strike shenanigans. Typically that involves flailing one’s arms and raising one’s voice, but the gentleman you see above took it to the next level. Yelling just wasn’t going to cut it, so he decided to bring “Tag Team” into the mix. For that, we salute him.

PS: Anyone else thinking “D2: The Mighty Ducks?” I know I am.

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Michael Beasley needed medical treatment after punching self in the head (Video)

Michael-Beasley-punches-self-in-headThere are a number of ways Michael Beasley could screw up his opportunity with the Miami Heat this season. We know how much he loves speeding and smoking weed, so that is one thing Heat fans have to worry about. After Thursday night, they also need to be a bit concerned about him inflicting pain on himself.

According to the Miami Herald’s Joseph Goodman, Beasley was so upset with himself after being called for a traveling violation during the Heat’s exhibition game against the Detroit Pistons that he began punching himself in the head. And we’re not talking about love taps. Beasley reportedly hit himself so hard that he needed medical attention after the game, with trainers using those steel compresses that boxers use to reduce swelling.

Beasley played well overall, scoring nine points and grabbing two rebounds. He obviously expected more from himself, which should be seen as a positive. The former Kansas State star is only 24 years old, although it feels like he has been in the NBA forever. He could turn out to be a tremendous role player for the Heat, assuming he’s more careful about blows to the head in the future. I’d say he’s already killed enough brain cells as is.

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Pacman Jones: I’m 99 percent sure Andy Dalton can lead us to a Super Bowl

andy-daltonAndy Dalton has been one of the more efficient quarterbacks in the NFL since joining the Cincinnati Bengals three years ago. He isn’t going to throw for 5,000 yards like Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers, but he is capable of doing enough to put his team in a position to win. In this age of the pass-heavy offense, can Dalton do enough to win an AFC Championship?

Adam “Pacman” Jones is very confident in his quarterback. However, there is still a small piece of him that wonders if Dalton can lead Cincinnati to a championship.

“I’d say I’m about 99% convinced that Andy can take us to the Super Bowl,” Jones told Erik Kuselias on NBC Sports Network’s Pro Football Talk.

Pacman was then asked what Dalton would need to do for him to feel 100% confident.

“I think he just needs to step up vocally and lead the team but I think he has the tools and all the weapons to lead us there,” he replied.

In his third NFL season, now is the time Dalton needs to take his game to the next level. The Bengals have a solid defense, but it’s not good enough to reach a Super Bowl with Dalton averaging just one touchdown pass per game. He needs to do a better job of getting the ball to AJ Green and allowing him to dominate games. Scoring 13 points in a victory, like the Bengals did last week, won’t cut it most weeks.

And apparently Dalton needs to step up and lead more. The AFC does not look all that strong. We’re waiting for a top dog to emerge. It sounds like Jones is waiting for the same thing to happen within his own locker room.

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias reportedly were cheating on each other

Enrique Iglesias Anna Kournikova

Last week we shared a report saying Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias were “on the rocks” after 12 years together. Well it looks like they’re officially over. OK! Magazine says the two have broken up.

So what was the issue with them? Apparently they were both cheating on each other.

A website called “Blind Gossip,” which posts blind gossip items that contain clues in their stories, posted a story on Oct. 2 — the day after Page Six’s report on Kournikova and Iglesias was published — that a “beautiful couple” was about to break up.

In their blind item, they used terms that would apply to Kournikova and Iglesias, such as “love match,” which is a play on Kournikova’s tennis career, “track record” which is another sports term, and “mole” because Iglesias used to have a distinctive mole.

Blind Gossip included these nuggets in their story:


Justin Verlander says he was ‘running on fumes’ after eighth

Justin VerlanderJustin Verlander polished off the Oakland Athletics for the fourth straight time in the playoffs, allowing just two hits and one walk over eight scoreless innings in a 3-0 Game 5 ALDS win on Thursday. With the way Verlander was rolling — he had a perfect game through five and no-hitter through six — many wondered why manager Jim Leyland would lift him before the ninth and risk putting the game in the hands of the bullpen. Verlander had thrown 111 pitches, which is a lot, but the ace has thrown more than that many times in the past.

After the game, Verlander said he admitted to his coaches that he didn’t have much left after the eighth, but that he still wanted to pitch the ninth.

“I told them, ‘I’m running on fumes here, but send me back out there and let’s see what happens if I get three up and three down.’ Jim (Leyland) told me we don’t want to bring in our closer with men on base and a sticky situation (if I let a runner on) and they take me out. So that made sense to me and (Joaquin) Benoit’s been great all year,” Verlander told TBS’ David Aldridge after the game.

Aldridge also asked if that was the best command Verlander ever had of his pitches — which seemed like a pretty unlikely possibility given that Verlander has thrown no-hitters before — and the pitcher said it wasn’t quite his best.

“Not the best ever, but it felt good out there. It’s the first time in a while my changeup’s felt really good. Obviously this lineup with a bunch of left-handed hitters, that was a big pitch for me.”

Verlander has now thrown 30 consecutive scoreless innings in the playoffs against the A’s. Does he own them in the postseason or what? You almost have to feel badly for Oakland. So much for those Kate Upton cutouts serving as a distraction to the pitcher, huh?

Rob Gronkowski reportedly did not need first forearm surgery

Rob Gronkowski forearmRob Gronkowski may finally play this weekend after missing the New England Patriots’ first five games of the season. Gronkowski has been practicing with the team while recovering from back and multiple forearm surgeries, and his date of return has been disputed. There was speculation that he would return earlier in the season, but Gronk has remained out for the first five weeks. There were reports that he and the team are at odds, though he and the team denied that. Now WEEI has added something new to the conversation.

According to WEEI’s Mike Petraglia, Gronk’s forearm, which the tight end broke on a fluke play while providing protection on an extra point during a Nov. 18 game against the Indianapolis Colts last year, would have healed on its own had the team not done anything. However, the team wanted to speed up Gronk’s return to the field and performed surgery on the forearm in hopes that inserting an implementation would allow the Pro Bowl tight end to return for the playoffs. Gronk returned in Week 17 and caught a touchdown pass against the Miami Dolphins, but he re-broke the forearm in the team’s first playoff game. Gronk then had surgery again to repair the break, and he had two additional surgeries after the forearm became infected.

Yes, Gronk had four surgeries in seven months to help fix a break that would have healed on its own without any surgery. That is just one of the many reasons Gronk, his family, and his representatives have concerns over the Patriots team doctors (the team doctor performed the first surgery).

Gronkowski sought out the advice of the respected Dr. James Andrews concerning his forearm. Both he and the team have entrusted the doctor with making the determination of when Gronk could return to play. That explains why reports said there was a rift between the sides; Gronk wants to make sure his forearm is completely ready for football this time, while the Pats want him back. Who can really blame Gronkowski for taking his time after all that’s happened?

Detroit Tigers did a Haka dance celebration (GIF)

After winning Game 5 of the ALDS 3-0 over the Oakland A’s on Thursday, the Detroit Tigers gathered at the mound and did a chant and coordinated dance. Many were wondering what exactly the team was doing, and we learned it’s their version of the Haka dance.

The Haka dance is described on Wikipedia as a “traditional ancestral war cry, dance or challenge from the Māori people of New Zealand.” The New Zealand national rugby team aka “All Blacks” made the dance well known by doing it before competitions. They actually still do.

To see the real Haka dance performed by the All Blacks, watch the video below:


Dave Dombrowski wore a green tie in Oakland for some reason

Dave Dombrowski green tie

Detroit Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski must have forgotten which city he was in, because for some reason he wore a green tie for Game 5 of the ALDS in Oakland on Thursday. Maybe he just wanted to blend in so he wouldn’t be accosted by the home fans and end up with a Dallas Latos assault situation.

Or maybe we should just give Dombrowski a break. It was late, it’s been a long year, and as this GIF showed us, he just wanted to go home:


Yoenis Cespedes breaks up Justin Verlander no-hitter with single (Video)

Justin Verlander was looking to become just the third pitcher in MLB history to throw a no-hitter in the postseason, but his bid came up short after he allowed a single to Yoenis Cespedes with two outs in the seventh of Game 5 of the ALDS on Thursday.

Yoenis CespedesVerlander retired the first two batters of the seventh, but he fell behind 1-0 to Cespedes and allowed a hard ground ball up the middle for a hit. Verlander wanted to go outside to Cespedes and hit his spot on the corner, but the Cuban outfielder delivered a shot up the middle for the hit. You can’t really complain about losing a no-hitter on such a clean shot.

After giving up the hit, Verlander struck out Seth Smith to end the inning.

Verlander actually had a perfect game going until the sixth when he walked Josh Reddick.

Verlander has thrown two no-hitters in his MLB career and was looking for his third. His first came in 2007 against the Milwaukee Brewers, and the other came in 2011 against the Toronto Blue Jays, when he walked one batter and faced the minimum of 27.

To show his level of dominance against the A’s, we’ll share this stat via Elias Sports Bureau: Verlander’s 30 consecutive scoreless innings against the A’s in the playoffs is a postseason record for any pitcher against one team.

Verlander allowed a run in the first inning of Game 1 of the 2012 ALDS against the A’s and then shut them out the next six innings. He pitched a 9-inning complete game shutout against the A’s in Game 5 of the 2012 ALDS. He went seven scoreless in Game 2 of the 2013 ALDS, and eight more scoreless in Game 5 of the 2013 ALDS.

Brandon Jacobs a fantasy option, looking like old self

Brandon JacobsBrandon Jacobs was a force for the New York Giants in the first half of their Thursday night game with the Chicago Bears and even looked like a good fantasy option.

Jacobs, 31, was signed by the Giants last month after backup running back Andre Brown fractured his leg during the preseason. Jacobs received 11 carries from Weeks 2-4, but then his workload picked up last week against Philadelphia when he rushed for 37 yards on 11 carries. On Thursday, he was steadily fed the ball in the first half and looked like his old self, even scoring a 4-yard touchdown.

Jacobs punished some Bears defenders — just ask linebacker DJ Williams how he felt after their collision — and was hitting the hole with a purpose. He rushed for a long of 16 yards in the first half and gave the Bears defenders fits every time they tried to bring him down. After riding the bench most of last year with the San Francisco 49ers, Jacobs showed for the first time since 2011 that he still has legs.

Naturally, after running the ball so well with Jacobs in the first half, the Giants came out throwing in the second half. Just what they want — they finally get a running game going, and they put the ball back in the hands of the guy who leads the league in interceptions. At least the Giants fed Jacobs the ball at the goal line for his second touchdown after getting a pass interference call to set things up.

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