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Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Brian Wilson’s All-Star Game Cleats Are Awesome (Picture)

Giants eccentric closer Brian Wilson was fined last year for wearing cleats MLB deemed too orange. He said MLB told him he had too much awesome on his feet. I don’t know if the “too much awesome” quote applied to those shoes, but it certainly does for the sweet cleats he rocked at the All-Star Game this year.

Who even thinks of having his own face painted on his cleats? The same guy who would wear this outfit during an interview.

Pic via Frisco Fastball
Story via Cosby Sweaters

Justin Timberlake Tells Us He Loves Beer in All-Star Game Interview (Video)

We aren’t at liberty to say whether or not Justin Timberlake was drunk at the 2011 MLB All-Star Game, but we can tell you with confidence that he had fun screwing with the FOX crew.  J.T. agreed to do an interview by the outfield pool at the All-Star Game and for those of you who like awkwardness he put on a show.  For starters, Justin completely patronized Joe Buck, who already had a major flub in the announcers’ booth earlier in the telecast.  When he was through with that, the pop star went on to tell Mark Grace — who was recently arrested for DUI — that his favorite ballpark snack is beer.  Check out the Justin Timberlake All-Star game interview video:

It doesn’t really matter if J.T. was drunk or just felt like being a comedian, because he covered all bases with that short interview.  Considering he’s usually emotionless and we have reason to believe he no longer enjoys baseball, no one in their right mind would actually think Buck is the laughing or crying type.  Thus marks the end of Justin Timberlake’s MLB All-Star game interview career.  It was fun while it lasted.

Joe Buck Cites Willie Mays ‘Interview’ from Wall Street Journal that Never Happened

FOX MLB announcer Joe Buck was providing commentary during the All-Star Game about several players skipping the Midsummer Classic. Buck was obviously dissatisfied that so many players elected not to partake in the game, so he cited a quote from Willie Mays that would seem to disparage the absent players.

“You talk about Stan Musial being a 24-time All-Star. He is tied with Willie Mays for the top spot, and Hank Aaron,” Buck prefaced before diving into the story.

“Willie Mays had some interesting quotes today in the Wall Street Journal with regard to guys not showing up for this All-Star Game. He said ‘I was rewarded 24 times as an All-Star, and I went 24 times. It’s not jury duty, guys should show up.'”

Those were some pretty powerful words from Mays, and something I hadn’t heard all day. First, I was wondering how I hadn’t heard about this quote earlier in the day. Secondly, I thought to myself “since when does the Wall Street Journal score MLB interviews with Hall of Famers?” And third, I went to find the story so I could write about it here at LBS.

One problem.

When I found the article and actually read it, I knew why I hadn’t heard about the “quotes” much less the “interview.” It’s because Willie Mays was not interviewed and he never made those remarks. Follow me here.


Ohio State Fans Use Dead Body of Roy Miracle to Spell Out O-H-I-O

That’s LBS commenter SpinMax’s family at his grandfather’s funeral. Yup, SpinMax’s family is so insensitive they’re using a dead body as a prop. Just kidding.

That picture is actually of Roy Miracle and his family. Here’s the description of the photo provided by Juli Miracle, who is second from the left:

Long time fan who was always the “I-O”, is forever the permanent “I”. Roy Miracle was shown in an OSU turtle neck that he loved, and holding the position that he loved! The rest of the long time fans are from left to right, Ann Robinson, Juli Miracle, my Dad (Roy Miracle), and Rick Ives.

If those fans are as rabid as they say, why couldn’t they spring for an Ohio State-themed casket? Actually, I have a better idea for them. To truly join the category of crazy fans here at LBS, they should take his casket to the Ohio State-Michigan game like these insane soccer fans did. Now that’s what’s up.

And Bama fans think poisoning trees is hard core …

via Eye on College Football

German Soccer Club Werder Bremen Bans Players from Getting Tattoos

While we have certainly expressed our discontent with some recent athlete tattoos, it looks like there are people in the world who are more fed up with the phenomenon than we are.  Tattoos like David Beckham’s Jesus tattoo, A.J. McCarron’s ridiculous chest tattoo, and Monta Ellis’ family tree design highlight some of the most recent bizarre artwork, but the tattoos themselves don’t seem to be the problem for German soccer club Werder Bremen.  The risk in getting them is.

According to the German newspaper The Local, Bundesliga side Werder Bremen has banned players from getting tattoos during the soccer season because of the inherent risk of infection.  Eljero Elia, another Bundesliga player, contracted a painful infection as a result of tattoo work last year and allegedly had trouble putting on his uniform because of it.  Elia’s infection inspired the ban.

Considering Werder Bremen’s players are loaded with ink, the ban will probably be resisted and tough to enforce — unless team management plans to strip players down and comb for fresh tats.  Then the question becomes what the proper punishment for getting a tattoo mid-season could possibly be. 

Here are some pictures of Werder Bremen players with tattoos to give you a better idea of why the ban could be extremely unpopular:

Adam James Did Not Want Mike Leach Fired, Found Closet Incident Funnny

Mike Leach got a raw deal from Texas Tech. The football program’s all time-leader in winning percentage was fired in late ’09 because of alleged mistreatment of wide receiver Adam James. James is the son of Craig James, a former SMU football star, who used his platform as an ESPN broadcaster to smear Leach. While the media prayed on the angle of Leach’s alleged mistreatment of James’ son who had a concussion, we pointed to the other side of the story — the one that said Adam James was a lazy jerk who was a poor teammate. Not only does that side seem much more accurate, but we’re also learning that Adam James did not want Mike Leach fired and that he found the “closet incident” funny.

Here is the other side of the story from Mike Leach, who wrote a book Swing Your Sword, which just was released. The two main points conveyed by the excerpts from the book are that Leach was fired because Texas Tech did not want to pay him an $800,000 bonus he was due, so they used the Adam James incident to push him out. The other important point is that Craig James lied what happened to his son and used his influence to get Leach fired.

We’ve blockquoted the most significant portions of the excerpt published at


Michael Vick Reportedly Close to Endorsement Deal with MusclePharm

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick played like an MVP candidate last season, and all the attention he’s drawing from advertisers is the latest indication that he’s making a full-on recovery from his time in prison. He reached a two-year deal with equipment manufacturer Unequal Technologies in January and produced huge dividends for the company. Shortly after it was revealed how strong of a pitchman he remains, other companies decided they wanted in.

Nike brought Vick back in at the beginning of the month. Now, Jason LaCanfora reports that supplement company MusclePharm is close to reaching a deal with him.

Vick’s deal with MusclePharm could be a three-year, $1.55 million deal according to LaCanfora’s report. He says “Vick would also receive $100,000 in MusclePharm stock per year and the first two years would include $200,000 in base compensation, and $250,000 in the third year.”

He also stands to make at least a $25,000 bonus for Pro Bowl and playoff appearances.

Between his salary for the upcoming season and the endorsement deals, Vick is coming close to regaining the status he had prior to getting busted for the dogfighting ring. I never thought Vick would be able to repay his creditors much less have the success he’s having on and off the field. Now the challenge will be making sure he doesn’t fall back into poor patterns of behavior with everyone loving him again.

Derek Jeter Skipping All-Star Game Because of Exhaustion: Right or Wrong?

For those of you who have not heard, Derek Jeter is passing on the All-Star Game.  The 37-year-old likely Hall of Famer was voted in as the starting shortstop by the fans because of popularity, not performance.  According to, Jeter has chosen to skip the Midsummer Classic due to “emotional and physical exhaustion from his pursuit of 3,000 hits.”  Our question for you is simply this: Is there anything wrong with Jeter’s decision?

On the one hand, we don’t think Jeter’s absence is a big deal because, frankly, he doesn’t deserve to be there anyway.  If you are a believer in on-field performance having the most weight on an All-Star selection, you probably don’t think Jeter belongs in Arizona.  In that sense, it’s nice that a player who is more deserving will get a shot to play.

On the other hand, Jeter only made the All-Star roster because of the fans, so you could certainly argue he owes it to them to make an appearance.  What if Derek’s first half performance in 2012 is even worse than his 2011 start and the fans decide to leave him off the ballot?  Skipping the final All-Star Game of his career because of “exhaustion” would not be a picturesque way of going out.

Regardless of which side of the argument you find yourself on, Jeter’s excuse proves even further that he is aging quickly — despite what the Yankees may believe.  Approaching and eclipsing the 3,000 career hit mark (get your DJ 3-K gear here!) was undoubtedly a taxing experience, but anyone who uses being tired as an excuse to stay home in the middle of the season obviously has some miles on their body.

Let us know what you think, LBS readers.  Derek Jeter’s decision: well-deserved or messed up?

Cristiano Ronaldo Has a New Black Ferrari and It’s Awesome

Cristiano Ronaldo Ferrari

That is Cristiano Ronaldo’s new black Ferrari. All tinted out and looking like the batmobile, as Dirty Tackle writes. What’s it doing parked on the sidewalk outside a Japanese restaurant in Lisbon? What else would you do with a vehicle that choice.

Now all he needs is a Justin Verlander-style vanity plate to match.

Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens, the gauntlet has been thrown. What will you do to respond?

Pic via Globo

Kelly Pavlik Drinking Again? Police Called for Alcohol-Fueled Fight at Parents’ House

Boxer Kelly Pavlik appears to be drinking again, and that’s not a good thing. The Youngstown Vindicator says police filed a report regarding a fight that allegedly took place between Kelly Pavlik and his brother Michael at their parents’ home Friday night. The report says both men were drinking at the time of the incident.

Here’s what they say happened:

According to police, Kelly, after exchanging words with Michael, “punched the west-facing side door of the home and pulled his brother, Michael, out of the broken window.”

Reports say officers found glass to have been broken and blood on nearby steps. Michael Pavlik, police said, appeared to have minor cuts to his arms and hands, but told officers at the scene that he did not need an ambulance or medical attention.

Given that Michael does not plan to press charges, you may be wondering what makes this a significant story. The reason is because Pavlik has had trouble with alcohol abuse. He spent a good amount of time in rehab last year and was released in January after two months of treatment.

A once promising prospect in the sport, Pavlik hasn’t been the same since losing to Bernard Hopkins in 2008. He returned to the ring in May and beat Alfonso Lopez, and his next fight is scheduled for August 6th against Darryl Cunningham.

Glove touch to Boxing Scene

UPDATE: Pavlik says he wasn’t drinking.

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