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Sunday, February 26, 2017


College goalie Frank Slubowski has Big Lebowski-themed mask (Picture)

Behold quite possibly the best goalie mask we’ve ever seen. What you see above is the mask for Western Michigan goalie Frank Slubowski, a sophomore goalie at Western Michigan. Slubowski led his school to the CCHA championship as a freshman, winning team MVP honors, but that’s not what matters to us. What matters to us is that his teammates call him “The Big Slubowski” as a reference to the amazing cult classic “The Big Lebowski,” and that he got his mask to reflect the movie.

The folks at Head Strong Grafx put an image of “The Dude” on the side of the mask. El Duderino is pictured wearing his shades which are reflecting the wondrous rug that tied the room together.

Below are two more looks at the mask. On the opposite side is an image of a tank, and on the back it says “Frank the Tank,” which we’re guessing is another one of Slubowski’s nicknames:


Andy Roddick retiring after US Open

American tennis is losing one of its stars. Andy Roddick announced on his birthday Thursday that he plans to retire from tennis after the US Open.

Roddick says he and his wife, Brooklyn Decker, have known for the past few days that he would retire after the tournament. He says he decided to make the decision public so that everyone would know his plans. Roddick is 30 years old which is pretty old in tennis terms, and his announcement comes as no surprise.

Roddick has failed to make it past the third round in any of the majors this year. He impressively won the AEGON International, but his season has been full of early tournament exits. Retirement talks have been on the horizon for Roddick since he began hosting a radio show, which indicated a forthcoming transition into the media.

Roddick’s peak as a tennis player came in 2003 when he won the US Open, reached the finals at Wimbledon, and the semifinals at the Australian Open. He also became the No. 1-ranked player in the world that year, holding the spot for 13 weeks. Roddick never won another major, but he did reach four more finals and lost to Roger Federer every time. He won 32 singles titles during his career, and he helped the US win a Davis Cup.

While Roddick’s career can be viewed as somewhat disappointing because he never won another major after the US Open in ’03, his achievements must be placed into proper context. He had the misfortune of playing at the same time as Roger Federer, who is considered by many to be the best player ever. Federer began dominating in 2004, the year after Roddick had won his major. Federer thoroughly dominated from 2004-2007 before being challenged by another legend, Rafael Nadal, and more recently, Novak Djokovic.

Roddick says his most proud achievement is that he maintained longevity in a grueling sport.


Jimmy Rollins pulled for not hustling

Two weeks after a billboard went up in Philadelphia criticizing Jimmy Rollins for not hustling, the Phillies shortstop was pulled from a game for repeating the same offense. Rollins did not run hard after popping up in the sixth inning of Thursday’s Phillies-Mets game (pictured above), so he only made it to first instead of second when the ball dropped. He later was tagged out after making a poor decision on a fielder’s choice. The lack of hustle was enough to merit a benching from manager Charlie Manuel.

“I got two rules: Be on time and hustle. And hustle’s part of it,” Manuel said after the game. “Running balls out is definitely part of it.

“It’s a reflection on myself, it’s a reflection on whoever don’t do it, and things like that. It’s a reflection on our team, it’s a reflection on the organization. My frustration grows every time I see anyone not hustle,” said Manuel.

Rollins reacted defiantly when asked after the game if he planned to talk to about being pulled.

“Hell, no,” Rollins said, per Todd Zolecki. “[Charlie Manuel] already told you what happened. There you go.”

It’s about time Manuel addressed the matter. It doesn’t matter what is going on with a player — there is no excuse for not hustling and running out balls hard. Being a former MVP shouldn’t excuse Rollins from this basic expectation.

Below is a video of Charlie Manuel talking about the benching following Philly’s 3-2 win:


Robert Kraft: Tom Brady is better than Joe Montana, might be best ever

While most fans and media believe that Michael Jordan was the greatest NBA player of all time, there is far less consensus about who is the best quarterback of all time. Some say Johnny Unitas, others point to Joe Montana, both John Elway and Peyton Manning are in the discussion, and many believe Tom Brady is up there.

Montana gets the nod in many debates because he went 4-0 in Super Bowls. Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who is obviously biased, believes Brady is the best ever.

“I think that Tommy, with all due respect, is better than Joe Montana,” Kraft said in an article about Brady. “I know that’s a leap, but I really think he might already be the best of all-time. I watch how involved he is, how driven he is. He’s like Belichick, he’s into the details. And he’s got a skill that makes him so special, he can process all of it so quickly. … And then, he’s just got that quality. Certain people have that sincerity. He’s a very genuine guy. People can relate to him. People can trust him.”

Kraft also said Brady is like a son to him, so it’s not exactly shocking that he would make the remark.

Brady was told about his boss’ remark and switched the focus away from whether he’s better than his idol.

Brady might not want to participate in the debate, but that won’t stop us from analyzing it.


Kendall Marshall says he plays hard to get his NBA 2K13 player rating up

Former UNC guard Kendall Marshall was drafted by the Suns with the 13th overall pick back in June. While we have yet to see how his game will translate from college to the NBA, the video game world waits for no one. Like any other rookie on an NBA roster, Marshall will be featured in the popular basketball game NBA 2K13 when it’s released on October. His career has hardly begun, but the game has already provided him with some added motivation.

“I am, definitely worried about (my player rating),” Marshall told Dylan Murphy of DIME Magazine. “In college I played for Twitter followers. I played well so I could get more followers. In the NBA, I gotta get my rating up. That’s all I’m worried about. …. I’m just hoping for a 70. If I can get a 70, I’ll be happy and just build from there. My passing better be at least a 95.”

We’ll assume, of course, that Kendall plays the game first and foremost for his teammates, coaches and fans, and the whole social media and video game thing is just a bonus. But then again, he did say he played Angry birds for 30 minutes to an hour before games at UNC, so video games are clearly a huge part of his life.

Marshall averaged only 7.2 points per game in his two-year career at UNC, but he recorded eight assists per game. He can expect his passer rating to be a lot higher than his shooting, but a 95 for passing may be stretching it. As we have already learned from players like this one, Marshall is not the only NBA player who cares about his NBA 2K rating.

Chest bump to I Am a GM for the story

Lindsay Lohan spotted drinking, hanging with former Yankees

Lindsay Lohan reportedly is moving from LA to New York, which should be a good thing because maybe she’ll do less driving this way. Ordinarily this wouldn’t be the sort of story we’d cover on LBS (though admittedly, we do stretch our boundaries quite a bit), but the mention of with whom Lohan was keeping company merits our attention.

According to the New York Daily News, Lohan was spotted drinking with former Yankees Pat Kelly and Shane Spencer at an Upper East Side bar. The Daily News reports that Lohan also did some karaoke. Scandalous!

Kelly, in case you forgot, was drafted by the Yanks in 1988 and played with them from 1991-1997, hitting 26 home runs while mostly playing second base. Spencer was drafted by the team in 1990 and played outfield for the Yankes from 1998-2002, winning three straight World Series titles. He tore the cover off the ball during his rookie call-up with the Yankees in 1998, bashing 10 home runs and registering a 1.321 OPS.

Don’t ask me what the trio were doing together. I’m guessing Kelly and Spencer were hanging out together and Lohan just happened to be there. My advice to them: stay away. That girl is crazy.

H/T Hardball Talk
Photo via Lindsay Lohan/Twitter

Dale Earnhardt Jr. calls Roy Helu’s touchdown run (Video)

Want to a know unique way to spice up a preseason football game broadcast? Have a NASCAR driver step in and provide some guest commentary. During Wednesday night’s game between the Redskins and Buccaneers, Dale Earnhardt Jr. joined ESPN980’s Larry Michael, Sonny Jurgensen and Sam Huff. At one point, Jr. grabbed the reins and took over the play-by-play while the Redskins were inside the red zone. It turns out he was good luck.

As soon as Dale Jr. stepped in, Roy Helu took a handoff and turned the corner for a 15-yard score. Earnhardt played it as cool as you would have expected him to, but he seemed fully confident in labeling the play a touchdown even though Helu hit the pylon and it appeared borderline. That type of certainty could only come from a man who drives 200 mph for a living.

H/T Eye on Football

Hank Aaron: First PED violation should be 100-game suspension, second lifetime ban

Every time a player gets caught using performance-enhancing drugs, it leads to a discussion about whether or not the punishment is harsh enough. On paper, being suspended for a third of the season for a first offense and more than half of the season for a second offense sounds pretty significant. Baseball has a 162-game season, so players who test positive lose a lot of time and money — not to mention the hit to their public image. Former home run king Hank Aaron doesn’t think it’s enough.

“I think it’s got to be a little bit more severe as far as penalties are concerned,” Aaron said at a benefit for his charity on Wednesday according to “I think 50 games is not enough. I’d like to see 100 games really. I think the second time, they need to just ban the player from baseball.”

Contrary to what the founder of BALCO would like you to think, I have trouble believing that steroid use is still as rampant across Major League Baseball now as it was five to 10 years ago. Unless pitchers are now the most frequent users, there’s a reason we have seen a noticeable spike in no-hitters and perfect games over the past two or three seasons.

As someone who had to watch Barry Bonds break his home run record, we can understand why Aaron feels like the punishment handed out to guys like Melky Cabrera is not enough. Other old timers like Kirk Gibson agree with his stance. While I feel that 50 games is a significant enough suspension for a first offense, I find it tough to disagree with Aaron about repeat offenders. People make mistakes and have lapses in judgment. Using PEDs after you’ve already been caught using PEDs is an entirely different set of circumstances.

Celtic players cover teammate Mohamed Bangura’s car in Post-It notes (Picture)

When it comes to harmless pranks on a teammate’s car, you won’t find anyone more in favor of it than me. But is this too much? Sure, these Post-It notes that Mohamed Bangura’s Celtic teammates put on his car are going to take forever to take off — and they’ll probably leave an annoying adhesive residue — but how long did this stunt take to execute? Unless they had an army of 200 helping them, it had to have taken hours to cover the car.

Bangura can just be thankful his teammates didn’t destroy the interior of his car by loading it with buttered popcorn like some have done before him. He also doesn’t have to know how to put a tire back on in order to drive away like this college quarterback had to. It’s a tedious job to remove all those stickies, but it certainly could have been worse.

H/T Dirty Tackle

Chris Cooley would only play for the Cowboys if the money is right

Veteran tight end Chris Cooley fell victim to a somewhat surprising release earlier this week when the Redskins cut him as part of their roster clean-up. Cooley spent eight years with Washington, the last few of which were plagued by injuries. Now, he is in search of work. With the regular season just around the corner, you might think Cooley is open to joining any team that will have him. That is not quite the case.

During his extended stay with the Redskins, Cooley grew to dislike the NFC East division rival Cowboys. As a result, he doesn’t sound all that willing to join them.

“I don’t think so, but people do a lot of things for money,” Cooley said during a recent interview with the Washington Post.

When you think about some of the stuff Cooley said about Tony Romo last season, that shouldn’t come as a huge shock. The ironic thing about the situation is that Jason Witten has been nursing a spleen injury, so Dallas is one of the teams that could conceivably be in the market for some tight end insurance. From the sound of it, they’ll have to pony up a little more dough than the average team if they want to make it work. And if they did that, Romo would probably be offended.

H/T DC Sports Bog

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