Lane Kiffin’s Sour Grapes?

Lost in the shuffle last week because of Super Bowl hype and the news that Lane Kiffin received a commitment from 13-year-old quarterback David Sills, was another dumb comment by Kiffin. As LBS contributor Botros reminded me, Kiffin had this to say last week about UCLA recruits:

“I watched it over the weekend, just to see if it’s the same, and it’s really still the same,” he said. “I guess we waste time continuing to recruit them. We know within the first 10 minutes whether they’re the type of guys that want to play here or there.”

First of all, when Kiffin was working at USC last time Karl Dorrell was the coach in Westwood and he allowed the Trojans to take their pick of top recruits in So Cal like they were Neil Patrick Harris walking into a brothel. This time around it’s Rick Neuheisel coaching the Bruins — someone who lives for recruiting and has no qualms about stealing your recruit nor your wife. In other words, times are completely different now and Kiffin’s words sound solely like sour grapes coming from a man who saw a few top recruits choose UCLA over USC — not the way it was supposed to be (or used to happen). I’m not about to gloat over UCLA winning a few recruiting battles. Only time will tell if those really were victories for the program because most of player development depends on coaching. Neuheisel and Chow have a pretty good track record of maximizing talent. Pete Carroll was legendary for his abilities. Ed Orgeron was a flop. Lane Kiffin? I have a good reason to believe his results will not match his mouth.

New Orleans Knows How to Celebrate a Saints Super Bowl Win

The city of New Orleans put a mini-kibosh on things when they said no flashing was allowed at the Saints Super Bowl celebration parade. That didn’t keep a Getty photographer from catching a Saints fan flashing the camera the night before, but we’re not going to let the new rule ruin our evening. Anyway, just came across this awesome video of what it was like in a local New Orleans bar following Tracy Porter’s interception of Peyton Manning. The atmosphere was just like my house only they had lots of drinks, lots of people, and lots of screaming. OK, it really wasn’t much like the celebration at my house but it was pretty priceless. Check it out via SI’s Extra Mustard Hot Clicks:

I’m not going to get into any stupid discussions suggesting that the city of New Orleans and their fans “deserved” it more, but I will say that there hasn’t been another city and fan base that appreciated its team’s championship more than New Orleans. I wish all cities celebrated their championships with as much fervor.

Greatest Quarterbacks of All-Time Don’t Throw Pick Sixes to End the Super Bowl

A ton of talk leading up to the Super Bowl was about Peyton Manning’s place in history. Many people were starting to talk about him being the best QB of all-time. After he shredded the Jets — the top defense in the league — Rex Ryan and others lavished Peyton with endless praise. People were saying that there wasn’t anything you could throw at Manning defensively that he hadn’t already seen. People said that Manning prepares better than any other player and that defenses can’t confuse him. Many people suggested that he was poised to become the best quarterback of all-time. While I recognize the greatness of Peyton Manning — supreme consistency, excellent stats, an uncanny ability to run the two-minute drill and lead his team to comeback wins — he’s only been average (by his standards) in the postseason, and that’s a major concern.

In recent years, Manning’s Colts have lost in the postseason to the Chargers twice. Previously, they couldn’t get past the Patriots when they had to play in Foxborough. There are two undeniable truths to take from those facts: one, Manning’s success in the passing game is related to the weather, and two, the Colts have a tendency to lose to inferior teams in the playoffs. Additionally, a problem that plagued Manning early in his career reemerged in the Super Bowl. Peyton used to throw a lot of pick-sixes (28 interceptions his rookie year, 23 his fourth season) and that had a large role in the eventual resignation of Jim Mora as Indy’s head coach. It also came back at the most inopportune time for Indianapolis.

I’m not saying Peyton Manning isn’t a great quarterback and that I wouldn’t love to have him as my franchise’s quarterback; that’s not the issue. What I’m saying is that the greatest quarterback of all-time doesn’t throw a pick six to end his team’s chances at winning a Super Bowl. What I’m saying is that Peyton’s alleged invincibility does not exist. Apparently defenses can get to Peyton with pressure and apparently they can confuse him with different looks. If that weren’t the case, then how did Tracy Porter know the play was coming and how did he bait Manning into that throw? If Peyton Manning is the most well-prepared player in the league, then how is it that extensive film study led Porter to make the game-clinching play over Manning? And I’m sick of hearing people blame Reggie Wayne for the interception; did he make the throw? Did he decide to run a play the defense knew was coming? I thought Peyton Manning was a coach on the field and Indy’s offensive coordinator? If that’s the case, then he made a bad call. Peyton Manning is an outstanding quarterback but he’s still a notch below Tom Brady in my eyes, and possibly on an equal level with Drew Brees now. The greatest quarterback of all-time doesn’t make that throw.

By the way, even Tony Dungy admitted on Dan Patrick’s show that the throw would hurt Peyton’s legacy: “Those are the situations where you expect the great quarterbacks to make the play and to go down and win it. I was sitting there expecting that they were going to go in and tie it up. One throw a lot of times can impact a legacy.” No doubt about it.

Tony Dungy Cursed the Colts

If I were running an NFL team trying to rebuild (the Rams and Lions come to mind), my first item of business would be hiring Tony Dungy. I wouldn’t try to make him my head coach or even my team president, the way the Seahawks tried to. Oh no. My role for him would be much simpler: motivate my team by picking against them. That sure seems to bring out the bests in opponents. Back when the Saints were 13-0 and the Cowboys were coming off back-to-back losses, Dungy said on NBC that the Cowboys had no chance against the Saints. Dallas of course went on to hand New Orleans its first loss of the season. That brings us to Super Bowl week where Dungy’s prognostication yielded headlines once again:

“I think they’re going to be so far ahead that people are going to say, ‘Oh, ho-hum, he played a good game, they won by two scores, the Colts won their second championship,’ ” Dungy said of Manning on Thursday. “He’s going to have those rings Sunday night. I don’t think it’s going to be close.

Not to say I was flawless with my predictions (at least I had the Saints plus the points), but man, could you be further off than that? Actually, if the Saints don’t recover the onside kick to start the 3rd quarter, it could have played out the way Dungy predicted. I know Tony’s job is to take stances as an analyst, but he might have to start watching his words now that he’s seen their impact. Either that, or he’ll continue to make picks figuring he has nothing to do with the actual play on the field. This should be interesting.

Megan Fox Super Bowl Commercial Was Funny but Crossed the Line

There isn’t too much about which we should complain when Motoblur sponsors a commercial featuring Megan Fox bathing in a tub. While it was clever and attention-grabbing, they didn’t get across the message of the product they advertised, and I thought there was a questionable moment. I can’t believe that CBS didn’t allow the ManCrunch gay dating site to advertise yet they allowed a scene in the Megan Fox Super Bowl commercial where a young boy was beating off in his bedroom! Check out the video:

Like I said, the concept was clever and the premise was cute, but how did that questionable display get through the CBS gatekeepers? You’d have to be pretty naive not to pick up on the implication of the mom knocking on the bedroom door. The commercial ranked 19th out of 63 in the USA Today Ad Meter, so that’s not bad. Anything with Megan Fox half naked is a success.

Getty Photos Includes Saints Fan Flashing Camera on Bourbon Street

They said New Orleans would throw the greatest party in American history if the Saints won the Super Bowl. Well, the Saints did indeed win the Super Bowl and the partying on Bourbon Street in New Orleans has been spectacular. It’s been so spectacular that I guess Getty Images photographer Skip Bolen figured he had to portray the wild scene in the most realistic way possible; he decided to photograph a Saints fan flashing the camera:

It doesn’t get more authentic than that. Some time from now, maybe a few weeks, that chick is going to wake up and realize half the country has seen her bust. And she probably won’t care. Why? Because the Saints won the Super Bowl.

Mark Sanchez Makes Women Swoon with Super Bowl Ad

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez didn’t waste any time capturing the heart of the press and female population in New York during his rookie season. He further cemented his budding Joe Namath “Ladies Man” status with the ad he starred in for the Super Bowl. In case you missed it, Sanchez was in some sort of PSA called “CBS Cares.” Its objective was to raise awareness with women regarding heart conditions, from what I gathered. Anyway, here’s video of Mark Sanchez’s Super Bowl ad in case you missed it:

While Sanchez’s commercial didn’t touch into humor the way fellow quarterbacks Brett Favre and Tim Tebow did, Sanchez is already picking up brownie points with the ladies. Check out some of the following comments on YouTube:

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