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Sunday, April 22, 2018


Brett Favre postpones Lambeau Field return because of Bart Starr’s health

Packers-waiting-to-retire-Brett-Favre-jerseyBrett Favre was scheduled to return to Lambeau Field on Nov. 9 for a Sunday night game between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears, but he has postponed the ceremony because of the health of Bart Starr.

Starr, another legendary franchise quarterback, is recovering from two strokes and a mild heart attack suffered in September. Favre planned for Starr to join him in the ceremony and is reluctant to continue until Starr can participate.

“I’m sure they could, but it was my idea to do it, and now that Bart can’t, I just don’t think I will,” Favre said via ESPN’s Ed Werder.

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Favre’s return to Lambeau has long been anticipated. He played 16 seasons with the Packers, winning three consecutive MVPs and a Super Bowl, before demanding a trade. He played one season with the Jets and finished his career by playing two seasons for the rival Minnesota Vikings. Now 45 and retired for four seasons, it’s time for him to be welcomed back by Packers fans.

Tim Tebow: Florida’s offense lacks identity, leadership

Tim Tebow SEC Network

Tim Tebow is one of many people disappointed in the Florida Gators football team this season.

Tebow, who grew up a Gators fan and won two national championships and a Heisman Trophy at the school, pinpointed what he believes is the problem for the 3-3 Gators during an interview with a Jacksonville sports radio station Tuesday.

“I don’t think the offense has an identity right now, and I don’t think that they know what they want their identity to be,” Tebow said on Jacksonville sports radio station 1010 XL. “One of the biggest problems on the offense is leadership.”

Tebow was particularly disappointed with the Gators’ 42-13 home loss to Missouri on Saturday.

“[The Missouri loss] was tough to watch,” Tebow said. “If you’re a Gator fan it was not easy to watch. They just didn’t play with the heart that I’m used to watching Florida Gators play with.”

The Florida has lost 10 of their last 13 games and are clearly struggling this season, Tebow hopes they will be able to take the losing and turn it into a positive.

“Maybe they can rally around the ‘our backs are against the wall’ mentality. … They need to get hyped and play with a chip on their shoulder when they come to Jacksonville.”

Tebow noted that Florida, at 2-3 in conference, still is not out of the race in the SEC East. The Gators play Georgia in Jacksonville in two weeks.

Pat McAfee hopes Antonio Brown doesn’t dropkick him


The Pittsburgh Steelers are set to take on the Indianapolis Colts this weekend, and Pat McAfee has not forgotten what Antonio Brown did to someone like him in Week 1. McAfee, the Colts punter, made some pretty funny jokes on Twitter Monday night about Brown karate kicking Cleveland Browns punter Spencer Lanning in the face last month.

It got even funnier when Lanning chimed in.

It’s great that we can all laugh about the play now, even though it was a pretty dirty move from Brown. And if you’re still not laughing, watch the Karate Kid mashup of the play. That will do it for you.

H/T Eye on Football

Lane Kiffin used in negative political ad in Tennessee


There are a lot of people in Tennessee who really dislike Lane Kiffin. How many? So many that a Republican who is running for political office in the state thought it would be beneficial to compare his opponent to the former Vols head coach.

Eddie Smith is looking to stop State Rep. Gloria Johnson from winning re-election this fall. In a recent campaign ad, Smith’s political team drew comparisons between Johnson and Kiffin.

“Like Lane Kiffin, who made a lot of big promises to Tennesseans, Gloria Johnson went to Nashville claiming she was going to reform health care and create jobs,” the ad reads. “And like Lane Kiffin, Gloria Johnson didn’t live up to her word.”


As many of you know, Kiffin spent one season as the head football coach at Tennessee before leaving to take the USC job. He led the Vols to a 7-6 record in 2009 after leading fans to believe he was going to turn the program’s recent misfortunes around.

Photos via KnoxNews.com
H/T SB Nation

Iman Shumpert wore a clock hat


If Iman Shumpert wants to know what time it is, all he has to do is remove his hat. After his team’s preseason game against the Milwaukee Bucks on Monday night, the New York Knicks guard wore a hat with an actual clock on it.

Is this like the new Flavor Flav or something? I’m only 26 and it seems like I already can’t keep track of what the kids are doing. I’ve seen crazy hats and crazy watches, but I’ve never seen a crazy hat that has a watch on it. If that makes me a sucker I think I’m OK with it.

Photo: Twitter/Seth Rosenthal
H/T SI Hot Clicks

Croatian boxer Vido Loncar attacks referee (Video)

Vido Loncar, a Croatian boxer, viciously attacked a referee recently after losing his match to Lithuania’s Algirdas Baniulis at the European Youth Boxing Championships.

According to The Guardian, the assault came just as the official was about to announce that Loncar had been defeated by Baniulis. Loncar first punched the ref in the face, knocking him to the ground, before unleashing a flurry of punches as the official desperately tried to defend himself. Loncar was pulled off by someone outside the ring.


For whatever reason, Loncar trainer’s and coaches just stood there while he hit the ref before finally deciding to get involved. Here’s a video that shows the attack from another angle.

That was ruthless. If you ask me, Loncar should be banned from boxing for life.

H/T The Big Lead

Ben Roethlisberger rips media


The Pittsburgh Steelers came alive late in the first half against the Houston Texans Monday night, thanks in large part to some timely turnovers by their defense. After crawling out of the gate and finding themselves in a 0-13 hole halfway through the second quarter, the Steelers scored 21 points in 73 seconds to take a 21-13 lead into the half. Ben Roethlisberger then proceeded to tell the media where to stick it.

“They don’t know what they’re talking about because they’re not here so we kind of just laugh it off,” Roethlisberger said in a one-on-one interview with ESPN’s Lisa Salters. “A lot of people outside of this locker room are going to talk, are going to point fingers. We don’t have time for that.”

While he didn’t name names, Roethlisberger was almost certainly calling out former teammate Hines Ward. Last week, Ward said he believed Big Ben was to blame for Pittsburgh’s recent struggles on offense — not offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

“A lot of the media likes to point fingers, and a lot of times they don’t know what they’re talking about,” the Steelers quarterback added.

Sure, they got some help from their defense, but the Steelers put on a clinic in the red zone late in the first half. They even ran a trick play where Antonio Brown faked like he was going to run and turned the other way to throw a touchdown pass. Second-year running back Le’Veon Bell finally found the end zone and looked every bit like the feature back the Steelers drafted him to be.

Despite their struggles, the Steelers are now 4-3 and still in fine position in the AFC North division. They have tough games the next two weeks against the Indianapolis Colts and Baltimore Ravens, but both are at home. Pittsburgh shouldn’t be buried just yet.

Floyd Mayweather posts losing betting slip


Floyd Mayweather Jr. is always posting photos of his winning gambling tickets on social media. He obviously bets a ton, so we all know there are plenty of losing slips that Floyd is not showing us. Believe it or not, Mayweather posted a loser on Instagram Monday night.

Of course, it was only a $20,000 bet. All of the winners Mayweather posts show that he won anywhere from a few hundred thousand to $1 million. He did post a $100,000 loser two years ago, but this is pretty much the first losing slip we have seen since then.

Posting a $20,000 loss is so classic Floyd it hurts. It’s like he’s saying, “See, I don’t only post winning tickets, but when I do lose I lose way less than I win.” Don’t worry, he also posted one of his huge winning slips from Sunday to “prove” he still came out on top.


Anything to maintain The Money Team image.

Report: Oklahoma State players arrested for being passed-out drunk at drive-thru


Two Oklahoma State football players were arrested early Sunday morning after they allegedly fell asleep in a car while waiting in the drive-thru lane of a Whataburger in Stillwater, Okla. Shockingly, police suspect they may have been drinking.

Sophomore wide receiver Jhajuan Seales and freshman cornerback Juwan Offray were booked for suspicion of public intoxication. Both are underage. According to a police report obtained by the Tulsa World, officers found Seales and Offray sleeping in the front seats of a 2014 Ford Focus with Seales behind the wheel.

“Both males were totally asleep and oblivious to anything going on around them,” one officer wrote. “I observed Seales trying to turn the vehicle off and he seemed very confused and unable to possess even the manual dexterity to simply turn the key to the off position. In fact, (Offray) had to physically help Seales turn the vehicle off.”

Offray was also cited for hampering an officer. He allegedly removed a state championship football ring from his finger and placed it in the middle console of the car while Seales was being arrested. Police say he then gave a fake first and last name and began arguing with officers that he was not intoxicated.

Drinking and driving is bad. Drinking and drive-thruing may be worse.

H/T Sports Illustrated

Austin Davis: Rams security doesn’t even know who I am


If you still have no idea who Austin Davis is, you’re not alone. Apparently not even everyone within the St. Louis Rams organization can identify the team’s starting quarterback without a little assistance.

During an appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show” on Monday, Davis explained that he actually had to show some identification recently when entering the Rams facility.

“The guy at the front desk at the facility here actually asked who I was the other day,” Davis said. “It was pretty good.”

For the record, Davis is a former Southern Miss quarterback who has played pretty well since taking over for the Rams this season. He has thrown nine touchdowns and just four interceptions in six games and has a passer rating of 94.3. There’s a good chance St. Louis will stick with him for the future if the team decides to cut ties with Sam Bradford.

David also discussed the Rams’ now-famous trick plays with Patrick, admitting that he had no idea the fake punt return touchdown or fake punt in the fourth quarter were coming.

“When I saw the play, I saw the ball go up in the air and Tavon (Austin) went the other way,” Davis said of the return touchdown. “I thought he was just giving up on the ball. I had no idea what was going on. I was really confused. Steadman (Bailey) caught the ball and no one was around him. I can’t imagine all the things that had to go right for that play (to be successful).”

The opposition is fooled. The quarterback is fooled. Team security is fooled. The Rams are just deceiving everyone these days.

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