Kobe and His Dad Jelly Bean Spend Father’s Day at Angels/Dodgers Game

Just in case the packed house at The Big A or the multiple ESPN cameras didn’t already remind the players that many people were watching their performances, the Dodgers saw Kobe Bryant sitting right behind their dugout to keep them on their game. The Bean was taking in the final game of the Freeway Series in Anaheim Sunday along with his father, Joe “Jelly Bean” Bryant. As much as I don’t like Kobe, I think it was really cool to see him spending Father’s Day the way many of us like to — sitting front row at the ballpark. I also like that he’s just kicking it in a t-shirt, not trying to prove he’s bigger or badder than anyone else. Quick trivia question: what’s the difference between Kobe and Joe Torre’s four rings?

Kobe actually did some work for his. And nice to see he and his father getting along especially after those reports from years ago that they weren’t talking following Kobe’s marriage. Lastly, in case you were wondering, it appears as if he was rooting for the Dodgers.

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Carson Palmer’s Wife Pulls Plug on Ochocinco’s Brokeback Summer

Chad Johnson/Ochocinco whatever you want to call him has enjoyed quite the eventful offseason. He admitted that he didn’t do any conditioning prior to last season, he challenged a media member to a fight, and he said that he and Carson Palmer are on “Brokeback” terms. And in an effort to mend the relationship with his quarterback, Ochocinco said he was going to live with Palmer for the summer. That sounds great from Chad’s perspective, but I always figured some members of the Palmer household wouldn’t be too wild about him crashing their digs. Apparently that’s the case for Carson’s wife:

There’s no way her husband, the Bengals’ quarterback, is going to let Chad Ochocinco, the team’s star wide receiver, crash at their Southern California home in July while the two work out together.

“I told [my wife], ‘Don’t worry. I haven’t made any commitments to having to clear out the boxes in the (spare) room to make a bed for [Chad]. Don’t worry about that. It’s not going to happen.’

“I just told him that unless he’s picking up my mortgage for the month of July and August, he can’t stay. He’s not living for free. I don’t need another kid around the house.”

Yeah, with newborn twins in the casa, why would Carson want to mess around with an even bigger, immature kid? Chad would have the media on the front lawn while doing push-ups. Besides, doesn’t he have his own house and family to take care of? I guess it really just is Chad being Chad.

Vanessa Colbert Says Travis Henry’s Fathered Two More Illegitimate Children

You might be asking yourself why this story sounds so familiar. The answer is pretty simple: at last check, former Titans and Broncos running back Travis Henry had nine kids by nine different women. If you thought that was impressive then hold onto your mouse and keyboard for something even better than that:

Vanessa Colbert recently became the second woman in Orange County to try to collect child support from Henry. She says the former athlete fathered her twins, who are now 18 months old.

Henry, who recently pleaded guilty to a federal drug charge, isn’t current with any of his child-support payments, which are estimated to total $15,000 a month.

Did Colbert do any of her research before engaging in intercourse? If so, she may have realized that Henry had dropped down the Broncos’ depth chart and she might have passed on the sex. I mean the least you could is punch him up in google news to see if he’s worth banging, right? You would think that’s the least a diligent groupie could do.

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Wade Boggs Comments on Steroids Cheats and the Hall of Fame

I’ve been waiting a long time to hear a player speak out about steroids the way Hall of Famer Wade Boggs did. For all the people who say “everyone was doing it” or “I would have done it too,” we have Boggs to bring some passionate honesty to the matter. Check out what the lifetime .328 hitter said to NESN’s Dirty Water TV:

“Unless Cooperstown is going to … add a lot of bricks, to add another wing for this whole era, I don’t see it going forward.” That’s what I’ve been saying — the only response is to create a steroids-era wing to induct these players. They belong in Cooperstown but not in the Hall of Fame as long as the criteria includes “integrity, sportsmanship, character.” Now we’re finally getting somewhere! As far as his comments that the owners are the ones getting screwed, yeah they are when they sign a guy like Andruw Jones for $36 million and he hits a buck 50, but when guys like Barry Bonds set home run records, it’s all worthwhile.

P.S. If you’re wondering where LBS has been the past few days, we [read: I] have been out with a nasty fever feeling like I went five rounds with Hong Man Choi. Thanks for patiently sticking with the site.

Joe Morgan Tells Yet Another Lie on Sunday Night Baseball

Joe MorganThis is almost becoming a habit for Joe Morgan and no longer a surprise. Two years ago, Morgan lied during a Sunday night game, saying he contributed to the Phillies blowing a big lead down the stretch of the ’64 season as a rookie with Houston. A few problems: Morgan made his rookie debut in ’63 and the Phillies never played the Astros during their collapse. Last year Morgan professed to be one of the stadium builders for the Cubs, saying the netting a Wrigley Field was named Banks Boulevard for all the home runs he hit up there. In actuality, the netting wasn’t put up until the end of Banks’ career and it never had that nickname. Now, for the third straight year, we’ve found Morgan lying yet again. The latest fib came right after Yadier Molina doubled in the 8th to break up Cliff Lee’s no-hit bid. As Morgan told it on ESPN, via Deadspin:

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Delusional Andruw Jones Blames Frank McCourt for His L.A. Departure

During a weekend where the Lakers won the NBA Championship, it was easy to let other stories slip through the cracks. Luckily my boy Anders(on) Varejao came through by sharing the comments Andruw Jones made this weekend when the Dodgers were in Arlington to play the Rangers. The LA Times says Jones is still bitter about being booted from LA and blames owner Frank McCourt for his fate:

Jones said he started to get the sense that he was on his way out of Los Angeles when he met with McCourt before undergoing knee surgery last May.

“It was disrespect,” Jones said of the way McCourt spoke to him. Jones said he was upset when his agent, Scott Boras, told him in the off-season that McCourt was looking into ways to void his contract. While acknowledging that McCourt paid him a hefty salary, Jones said the owner had no right to complain about a deal that was mutually agreed upon.

“I got paid that money because that was my value,” Jones said, pointing to the numbers he posted in 12 seasons with the Atlanta Braves.

Umm, hold on a second, correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t it Andruw Jones who hit a buck fifty and not Frank McCourt? If Jones had shown up in shape and ready to play then he’d be in LA, cashing McCourt’s checks. I’m not a McCourt fan but there’s no way not to stick up for him here. What U Jones did last year was totally and utterly disrespectful to the organization. If he had any sort of decency he’d give the money back because he didn’t earn it. I can’t believe how idiotically Jones views the situation. Maybe all the Golden Sombreros are cutting off the circulation to his brain.

Coach Dan Bylsma Calls Out Detroit at Penguins Parade in Pittsburgh

Many players and coaches have been known to do crazy things at team parades. You’ve had Mark Madsen break out in a horrendous dance, same thing with Pat Riley. Shaq’s rapped as has Juan Pierre. Chase Utley’s dropped an F-bomb in front of a packed Citizens Bank Park. I guess guys are riding so high that they feel invincible and will just do or say anything — almost like they’re drunk. Well Penguins coach Dan Byslma had one such moment on Monday in Pittsburgh at the team’s parade. Move ahead to the 2:45 mark to hear Bylsma take a shot at Hockeytown USA aka Detroit:

In case you can’t watch, Bylsma said: “We’re like, ‘we’re gonna win this one, we’re gonna win this one.’ And that’s what you fans did for us and done for us all along, it’s unbelievable. Bring this trophy back to Pittsburgh — city of champions — much better than Hockeytown.” Now it’s not as if Bylsma had a playing career with the Blackhawks or something like that where he should just automatically hate Detroit or the Red Wings. Seems like he was just playing along with the fans. I dunno, but I’m guessing Wings fans and Detroit will remember that one, especially if there’s another Stanley Cup rematch.