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Sunday, June 25, 2017


Matt Barkley plans to make teams that passed on him pay

Matt BarkleyMatt Barkley waited until the third day of the NFL Draft before he was finally selected, and he won’t forget that for a while. The former USC quarterback also says he plans to make the teams that passed on him multiple times remember their mistake.

Barkley was believed to be a likely first-round pick had he left school following his junior season. Instead, he decided to stay for his senior season, had a mediocre year, and he fell to the fourth round of the draft after going through the scouting process. A shoulder injury suffered against UCLA likely didn’t help his cause. Still, the Philadelphia Eagles took him 98th overall.

“I’m going to remember this weekend for a long time and so are the teams that didn’t draft me,” Barkley said Saturday per Scott Wolf of the LA Daily News.

Barkley is the latest player who will enter the league with something to prove.

“I had tough skin to start with and it’s even thicker,” Barkley said, via Wolf.

Though Barkley knows he will forever be considered a fourth-round pick, he pointed out that it won’t say Matt Barkley, fourth-round pick on the back of his jersey in the NFL.

One thing that is notable about Barkley going to the Eagles is that Chip Kelly must have been impressed by him if he thought he was worth a draft pick. In fact, Kelly said the Eagles had Barkley ranked in their top 50.

I’m honestly shocked that Kelly took Barkley. Not only do I not see Barkley having a very good pro career, but I also did not think he was the type of player Kelly would want for his offensive system. The same issue that Barkley had in high school and college concerns me the most about him: he throws a lot of interceptions.

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Pau Gasol’s brother has words for Lakers fans

Pau Gasol’s brother Adria had words for Lakers fans as the team was getting demolished in Game 3 of their series with the San Antonio Spurs on Friday.

Adria, who is known for speaking his mind, tweeted in response to Lakers fans turning on the team:

The fans were getting rowdy as the team was getting routed. Fans began chanting “We want Phil!” while the team was getting blown out, which was a call for the team to making a coaching change from Mike D’Antoni to Phil Jackson. Someone should probably break it to the fans gently that Phil probably wouldn’t have much interest in this aging, injury-depleted roster.

One thing we’re seeing is how spoiled Lakers fans are. Since 2000, the team has won five titles and lost in two NBA Finals. The fans are used to seeing the team compete for an NBA title, so watching the team get swept to end a disappointing season has left many of them bitter. But fans should realize that if this is as bad as it gets in Laker land, it’s still much much better than what most fan bases deal with.

Jon Jones suffers broken toe in win over Chael Sonnen


Jon Jones destroyed Chael Sonnen at UFC 159 on Saturday to retain his UFC light heavyweight title, but he did get injured in the process.

Jones won by first-round TKO — the fight was stopped after Jones pummeled Sonnen with elbows — but the champion broke his big toe.

Below is an image of Jones’ toe, and beware — it is graphic:


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Kevin Durant yells ‘This is my city!’ in Houston after taking charge (Video)

Kevin DurantKevin Durant was feeling it in Houston during Game 3 of the playoffs between the Rockets and Thunder. Durant went off for 27 points in the first half and played like he was trying to prove a point in the team’s first game since Russell Westbrook got hurt. He was feeling so pumped up he even yelled out, “This is my city!” after taking a charge early in the second quarter.

Should anyone remind him he was in Houston and not Oklahoma City? Durant is from Washington DC, not Houston, though he did attend the University of Texas. But after his monster first half, he probably felt like he owned the entire country.

KD also threw down this jaw-dropping dunk on Omer Asik in the first quarter:


Jay Cutler is smoking and wearing wig in great ’80s outfit (Picture)

Jay Cutler zubaz

Jay Cutler is turning 30 on Monday, and it looks like he and fiancee Kristin Cavallari began the celebration early.

Cavallari tweeted out the picture you see above on Saturday evening, calling Cutler “sooo sexy.” She also said they were throwing an ’80s-themed birthday party for the quarterback.

Ordinarily we’d clown on Cutler for looking goofy, but he’s actually (sort of) growing on us. How can you not love the wig, cigarette, bracelet, chain, pink sneakers, and amazing shirt and pants? The best part is the way he poked fun at himself for the whole “Jay Cutler is smoking” meme that took over the Internet (and yes, the cigarette is fake and just a prop, in case you were wondering).

Awesome costume, have fun tonight, kids.

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Michael Jordan wedding pictures plus Scottie Pippen, Toni Kukoc on guest list

Michael Jordan wedding tent

Michael Jordan Yvette PrietoMichael Jordan took the walk down the aisle for the second time in his life. Yes, his Airness married model Yvette Prieto Saturday in a super private, super exclusive wedding in Palm Beach.

Earlier Saturday, we told you the wedding was expected to have 2,000 guests. Shiny Sheet tweeted that guests included ex-NBA players Scottie Pippen and Patrick Ewing, as well as film maker Spike Lee. In addition to Pippen, Gossip Extra says Jordan’s former Chicago Bulls teammates Ron Harper and Toni Kukoc also attended the ceremony. Golfer Tiger Woods was another guest from the sporting world who was in attendance.

Jordan and Prieto wed in the same church where Donald Trump got married — the Episcopal Church at Bethesda-by-the-Sea in Palm Beach. Below are photos of the church where the wedding took place, plus another picture of the massive must-see tent where the reception took place:


Chris Kluwe quotes ‘Dodgeball’ after Minnesota Vikings draft Jeff Locke

Chris Kluwe had a humorous response to the Minnesota Vikings seemingly replacing him by drafting punter Jeff Locke. Kluwe really quoted the movie “Dodgeball.”

Chris KluweThe Vikings used their fifth-round pick (No. 155 overall) on Locke, another former UCLA punter. Locke was the first punter selected in the draft, and you have to figure Minnesota intends to have him start right away.

The draft pick signals bad news for Kluwe, who has been with the Vikings since 2005. Kluwe was set to make $1.4 million this season, so the team may cut him. We also know that one of his coaches was growing tired of his outspoken ways.

Kluwe seemed to see the move coming. A tweet he sent on Thursday expressed uncertainty over his status with the team:

The interesting thing will be to see if another team picks him up. Kluwe’s outspoken ways may cost him some opportunities, but a team that needs a quality punter would likely be willing to overlook that.

Lakers fans chant ‘we want Phil!’ during Game 3 loss to the Spurs (Video)

The Los Angeles Lakers dug themselves into a massive hole with a blowout loss to the San Antonio Spurs in Game 3 on Friday night — one that they likely will not climb out of. The Lakers have disappointed their fans all season long, but as anticipated they have looked particularly lost without Kobe Bryant. Injuries have been the team’s biggest issue, but that hasn’t stopped the fans from blaming head coach Mike D’Antoni.

As Friday night’s 120-89 loss came to a close, Lakers fans were heard chanting “we want Phil!” I doubt Phil Jackson would have much more success with the current LA roster, but the fans never see it that way.

No matter where he goes, D’Antoni can’t seem to escape the chants for the Zen Master. When the New York Knicks were struggling last year under D’Antoni, fans chanted the same thing. I guess it’s a step above calling for him to simply be fired, but it’s tough to constantly coach in the shadow of Jackson. The Lakers had another shot at Phil but they decided to go with D’Antoni. Like it or not, the fans are probably stuck with it for another year.

Michael Jordan’s wedding will reportedly have 2,000 guests

Michael Jordan has already been married once before, but that doesn’t mean he wants his second wedding to be low key. Jordan and his fiancee Yvette Prieto are getting hitched this weekend, and they are expecting quite a few people. According to Entertainment Tonight Online, MJ and Prieto are expecting around 2,000 people for their ceremony and festivities.

Last month, we learned that guests who were invited to the wedding received an instruction card asking them not to share any details about the wedding with people who weren’t going. Since we found out about the instruction card itself and 2,000 people are expected to attend, keeping a secret this massive will be a difficult task.

Part of the reception will likely take place at Jordan’s 37,000 square foot home in Jupiter, Fla. Vendors have reportedly been setting up tents in his backyard to prepare for the weekend. They, too, have taken a vow of silence. In fact, they had to sign a form saying they would not tell anyone what they are doing.

“[Vendors] will get sued if they start talking about what they’re doing,”’s Jose Lambiet said.

Privacy is obviously a priority for MJ and his soon-to-be wife, so it will be interesting to see if everyone plays by the rules. Given the era that we live in, I have my doubts.

Bill Belichick got a Watertown Police Department hoodie with sleeves cut off

Bill Belichick Watertown hoodie

Bill Belichick is supporting the Watertown Police Department with a personalized touch. The New England Patriots coach got a Watertown Police Department hooded sweatshirt and customized it with a Patriots logo, Boston Strong ribbon, and cutoff sleeves, of course.

The Watertown Police said that they got a special request from the Patriots during the week for some police hats for team employees to wear during the draft. According to Watertown Patch, there was a joke at the time that a request would come in for a hooded sweatshirt. Sure enough, the call came in the next day.

Belichick showed off his hoodie during a press conference on Friday to discuss the team’s draft picks.

“To support the Watertown police. Unbelievable job they did … to support the people that protect our safety & our freedom … it’s what makes it possible for us to do what we do. I’m behind them all the way,” Belichick said of the sweatshirt, via the Patriots’ Twitter.

Watertown police apparently used to say they were part of Boston. But after the events that took place last Friday where they apprehended Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the whole world now knows who they are. We love the support from Belichick and the Pats.

Photo credit: Twitter/Patriots

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