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Friday, January 20, 2017


Does Patrik Elias of the Devils have the Kings’ winning Stanley Cup puck?

The L.A. Kings have possession of the Stanley Cup, and at the end of the day that’s likely all they care about. However, the game-winning puck would certainly look nice in a trophy case right next to their massive piece of championship hardware. The problem is the Kings don’t seem to know where it is.

What we do know is that the puck was on the ice as the final horn sounded at the end of Game 6. As you can see with a close examnination of the video below, Patrik Elias of the Devils skated toward the puck when the celebration began and appeared to pick it up. He then skated toward the bench and returned to the handshake line without it. Skip ahead to the two-minute mark and keep your eye on center ice.

Rich Hammond of LA Kings Insider broke the mystery down with still images and a better explanation of what could have happened. Hammond says he reached out to the Kings and nobody seems to know the whereabouts of the puck. The video isn’t the greatest evidence, but the still shots Hammond provides seem to make it clear that Elias was one of the last people – if not the last person – to touch the puck. As for what would motivate him to keep it, we have no idea. Perhaps he brought it over to the bench absentmindedly and it got lost in transition. Or, perhaps he’s sitting at home having a good laugh at the buzz he’s created across the internet.

Adidas pulls disrespectful slave shackle shoes after backlash (Picture)

For every good design in the fashion industry, there are 100 that are awful and never make it onto the shelves. Then, there are those that are horrible but somehow slip through the cracks. Adidas let on past the goalie on Monday when it released a photo of its new shackle sneakers that were designed by Beverly Hills designer Jeremy Scott.

Adidas briefly defended the design, but after the Twitter world erupted with outrage and labeled the sneakers “Adidas slave shackle kicks” they decided it was best to pull the shoes. Good choice. We’ve seen some hideous basketball sneaker designs in the past, but how someone could be ignorant enough to say these aren’t offensive is baffling. And even if they weren’t, who the hell would wear these things?

H/T I Am a GM

Mario Balotelli muzzled by teammate after scoring goal

Mario Balotelli was muzzled by a teammate after scoring a goal to help Italy beat Ireland at Euro 2012 on Monday.

Italy was up 1-0 when Balotelli scored an acrobatic goal in the 90th minute off a corner kick to put the game out of reach. After he scored, teammate Leonardo Bonucci ran over and covered Balotelli’s mouth as a preventative measure to keep the loose cannon from spouting off.

“Whatever he said, he said it in English and I didn’t understand it,” Bonucci said after Italy’s 2-0 win. “I put my hand in front of him because Mario is instinctive, and that’s also his strength. We spoke with him and he knew how he should have behaved.”

It’s understandable why he felt the need to cover his teammate’s mouth. Balotelli is the same guy who set his house on fire with some fireworks last October. He’s also produced one of the most embarrassing plays on a pitch that we’ve seen. You never know what the 21-year-old striker is capable of, and after coming off the bench as a substitute, he was probably already irritated.

Italy finished second in Group C play behind Spain and will face the Group D winner on Sunday.

Video of Balotelli’s goal and the odd celebration is below:


Mat Latos implies Indians were relaying signs from second base

Pitchers Mat Latos and Derek Lowe opposed each other for the second time in a week, and much like their last game, a controversy ensued.

The Indians beat the Reds 10-9 on Monday in the first of a three-game series in Cleveland, and Latos thinks some funny business was going on.

The Reds starter got hammered for seven runs including three home runs over four innings, and he implied after the game that Indians base runners were relaying signs from second to the batter.

“I was a little up in the zone. I thought I made some good pitches that they spit on with a runner on second base. I suppose it was kind of ironic. We changed up the signs, for the last hitter unfortunately,” Latos told the media, unprompted, according to Jordan Bastian of “The outcome changed when we changed up the signs today.

“I’m going to go back and look at video. A couple [times with] runners on second base, they put better swings on the ball than they did most of the time without a runner on second base. [Shin-Soo] Choo hit that double and then [Asdrubal] Cabrera was up [in the fourth]. Me and [catcher Ryan] Hanigan changed the signs up. He called for a slider. We were going with a certain call. That certain call we were going with beforehand was a curveball. I threw a slider and he was looking breaking ball and was jammed on a slider. That to me shows me a little something. Other than that, I was up in the zone. I made a couple of bad mistakes and they hit them.”

When pressed about his implication that the Indians were relaying signs from second, Latos didn’t back down.


Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao pass Tiger Woods as top-earning athletes

“Money” isn’t just a nickname for Floyd Mayweather — it’s a billing he has lived up to.

The undefeated boxer and current jail inmate topped Forbes’ list of the highest-paid athletes, unseating Tiger Woods who topped the list since 2001. What’s more is that another boxer was second on the list.

Manny Pacquiao — Floyd’s biggest rival even though they haven’t fought — came in second on the list. Floyd earned $85 million from his two fights, while Pac Man pulled in $62 million including $6 million from endorsements.

Tiger Woods’ total earnings were $59.4 million, 55 of which came from endorsements. LeBron James was fourth, Roger Federer pulled in over $52 million to come in fifth, and Kobe Bryant was the second basketball player on the list coming in sixth. Phil Mickelson was seventh thanks largely to his $43 million in endorsements.

Soccer players David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo were 8th and 9th respectably, while Peyton Manning came in 10th despite not playing last year because of a neck injury.

13 basketball players made the top 100, while 30 football players made it, topping any sport. However, the football numbers are somewhat misleading because several players were paid bonuses last summer that didn’t hurt the salary cap, but increased their earnings.

Athletes from 11 different sports made the list, including two cricket players and track star Usain Bolt, who earns $20.3 million. Two women made the list, and both were tennis players.

Maria Sharapova’s $27.9 million placed her 26th on the list. Li Na made $18.4 million thanks largely to endorsement deals with multiple Chinese companies.

So yeah, now that you’ve seen the numbers you know whey Floyd Mayweather Jr. tells everyone his paycheck is like your social security number.

Here’s the entire Forbes list.

NC State declares North Carolina is ‘Our State’ (Picture, Video)

Much like the way letter burning has become in vogue for recruits who want to affirm their commitment to a school, billboard wars are the new way for schools to assert their dominance off the field.

NC State is the latest school to engage in this new form of trash talk. They’ve purchased billboards throughout North Carolina to declare that the state is “Our State.” The program is clearly trying to boast about its five straight wins over in-state rival North Carolina in football.

According to a tweet from the school’s athletics Twitter account, the above billboard appears in Raleigh and at major highway entrances to North Carolina. They’ve also made a commercial that features various players and coach Tom O’Brien sticking stakes in land throughout the state to claim it as NC State territory. The video is below:


NFL’s Saints bounty evidence includes image of Dog the Bounty Hunter

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell held hearings on Monday for four players suspended in the Saints bounty scandal, who have complained that the process is unfair. Some of the players and their attorneys have said the suspensions are based on a lack of evidence.

“The NFL’s investigation has been highlighted by sensationalized headlines and unsubstantiated leaks to the media. I have yet to see anything that implicates me … not in the last three months and not today,” said former Saints linebacker Scott Fujita. “The NFL has been careless and irresponsible, and at some time will have to provide answers.”

As part of the NFL’s CBA, the league turned over evidence to the union on Friday. The union made the evidence public on Monday, and some of the information “included some 200 pages of documents, with emails, power-point presentations, even handwritten notes, plus one video recording.” The ledger that supposedly shows bounty payments was not included in the evidence, but there was some damning material.

We looked through all of the 16 exhibits the league shared with the union as part of its evidence. Most of the documents include defensive plays, schemes, schedules, and game plans for opponents. But the documents also show motivational tools the Saints used, including an image of TV personality “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” and financial charts that seem to show the amount of money being offered for various hits or injuries.

Below is some of the more explosive evidence.


Olympic torchbearer David State proposes to girlfriend during ceremony

If you like events that involve the Olympic torch and unique proposals, this is a story you won’t soon forget. David State, a 25-year-old torchbearer for the London Olympics, proposed to his girlfriend during a torch ceremony in England on Monday as swarms of people lined the streets. The lovely lady, Christine Langham, gladly accepted.

“I was in complete shock,” she said according to the Daily Mail. “I think I still am, it obviously emotional anyway watching him run with the torch, but then he palmed it off with somebody and got down on one knee.

“I was surprised I didn’t give birth there and then. I was trying not to cry, at first I was in a fit of sobs a little bit and then said yes.”

Langham, 27, is pregnant with the couple’s first child. State was chosen as a torchbearer because of his voluntary service with the Scout movement. He has raised more than $15,000 for charities over the past 10 years.

After popping the question, State needed to get back to his duties and continue carrying the Olympic torch. That part, he says, was what made this particular proposal bizarre.

“I can’t really explain it,” State said. “The only thing that could come out of my mouth at the time was ‘I’ve got to go’ and I ran off with the torch. I think if I’d stayed any longer I would have burst into tears. Christine was crying her eyes out, bless her.”

One thing is for sure — you won’t find a more unique proposal than the one Langham was surprised with. Juggling the Olympic torch and an engagement ring takes some serious commitment. Between State and this 91-year-old athlete, London has itself some interesting torchbearers for the Summer Games.


Webb Simpson, wife celebrate US Open win after Graeme McDowell misses putt (Video)

U.S. Open winner Webb Simpson was sitting in the clubhouse on Sunday after his 2-under 68 in the final round, waiting to see if his 1-shot lead would be good enough to take the tournament. Jim Furyk and Graeme McDowell were still on the course trying to either tie Simpson to go to a playoff, or win the tournament outright.

Furyk did a poor job on the hole and double-bogeyed, taking him out of contention. But McDowell had a birdie putt opportunity that would have tied things and sent it to a playoff. Once he missed, Webb and his wife knew he had won his first major. Their reaction was shown on TV by NBC and was priceless.


Fan’s ‘Jon Barry Sucks’ sign displayed proudly after Game 3 of the Finals (Picture)

If you are one of the very few people across America who enjoys listening to the ESPN studio crew comprised of Magic Johnson, Jon Barry, Chris Broussard, and Mike Wilbon I would love to hear your reasoning. Simply put, this is the most unbearable crew in professional sports. Magic Johnson is one of the best players of all time, but he has no business sitting at a studio desk with a microphone on. When he changed his prediction for Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals from the Celtics to the Heat because he “saw the Heat’s faces,” I officially gave up on Magic.

After Miami’s Game 3 win over Oklahoma City in the Finals Sunday night, a brave fan decided to park himself behind the infamous crew and hold up a sign that read “Jon Barry Sucks!!” While I don’t mind Barry and Wilbon as much as I hate Magic and Broussard, his message is one that we can all appreciate. I’m thinking ESPN may have even let him stay there for so long because they know how miserably they failed when they assembled this crew.

Thanks to Mocksession for the screenshot

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