Jason Pierre-Paul Could Have Been a Male Gymnast

Every once in a while we come across a video of a player doing something so darn athletic it has to be posted. It’s a reminder of how special some of these pro athletes are. For instance, there was Adrian Wilson jumping a five and a half foot high beam and Joey Gathright bounding over cars. Redskins rookie Keith Eloi amazed everyone when he jumped out of a swimming pool backwards. And now we can add South Florida DE Jason Pierre-Paul to the list for something pretty cool. The NFL prospect did 13 backflips in a row following a workout at the International Bowl in Toronto this season. Check it out:

A lot of teams are interested in his skills and it’s easy to see why. I’m even guessing the Raiders take a stab at him considering how much they love freaky talent; you don’t have to catch or tackle for them so long as you run the 40 in 0.2 seconds faster than is the norm at your position. He should be a lock for them.

Jayson Werth’s Beard Rivals Johnny Damon’s Jesus Look

Phillies All-Star outfielder Jayson Werth caused a mini-stir by showing up to Spring Training in Clearwater, Florida sporting shaggy hair and a long beard to match. Phillies beat writer Todd Zolecki of Phillies.com shared a few pictures of Werth in his most recent post. Here’s the new version of Johnny Damon — Jayson Werth and his beard:

That sure is an impressive beauty and it looks like it took all off-season to grow. What’s even more jarring is comparing the bearded Werth picture to one of him when he was drafted by the Orioles. The 700 Level tracked the evolution of Werth’s face and it is priceless. Now if you’re wondering why Werth has the bearded look, here’s his answer: “I think everybody knows the situation. It’s no secret.” Thanks Jayson, like that helps. If I get any more information I’ll be sure to pass it along.

Jamere Holland’s Facebook Profile Comments Get Him in Trouble

Oregon is having an offseason that might put Urban Meyer’s Gators to shame. Since dropping the Rose Bowl, the Ducks have seen over five of their players involved in off-field incidents. In order: running back LaMichael James was arrested for assault, strangulation, and harassment. Kicker Rob Beard was investigated for misdemeanor assault for his role in a street fight that defensive end Matt Simms was investigated for as well. As if that wasn’t enough, fellow kicker Mike Bowlin left the team after his alleged involvement in the same incident. Prior to that, quarterback Jeremiah Masoli and wide receiver Garrett Embry were named as suspects in an alleged theft of laptops. Embry was kicked off the team shortly thereafter. That’s not all. On Friday night/Saturday morning, linebacker Kiko Alonso was picked up for DUI. Teammate Jamere Holland mistakenly thought that meant Kiko was kicked off the team and he produced this rant on his Facebook profile (warning: extremely graphic language):

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Dalai Lama Is the Only Person Who Doesn’t Know Who Tiger Woods Is

Here I was thinking that Tiger Woods was the biggest story in the entire world. ESPN, ABC, NBC, FOX, and CNN told me so. The Dalai Lama said otherwise. The Buddhist spiritual leader was chilling in Beverly Hills over the weekend getting prepared to make a speech in support of Whole Child International when he was asked about Tiger Woods. The best part is he’s probably the first person I know of who wasn’t aware of Woods’ existence so he had to be briefed on the situation. The worst part is he slammed Tiger for not following his Buddhist faith:

[Dalai Lama said] when it comes to adultery, “all religions have the same idea.”

“Whether you call it Buddhism or another religion, self-discipline, that’s important,” he said. “Self-discipline with awareness of consequences.”

Tiger may have been the first public figure in America to invoke Buddhism when lamenting that he strayed from his faith. With that inclusion, he checked almost every aspect of the ideal public apology in the handbook: blame yourself, say you’ve found religion, remind everyone you’re human, conclude that you need help. It really is that simple. As a bonus, Tiger will also receive total consciousness on his deathbed. That has to be reassuring.

MLB: Where Steroids Are Allowed but Guns Aren’t

You have to love the way MLB came out and patted itself on the back this weekend. I can’t be certain that MLB is responsible for the article hitting the Associate Press, but I do know that they took a “preemptive strike” against weapons in clubhouses. From the AP:

Signs have been placed in spring training locker rooms stating “individuals are prohibited from possessing deadly weapons while performing any services for MLB.” The rules apply to employees of the commissioner’s office, other central baseball businesses and to teams, including players.

Bravo MLB, bravo. Way to respond to the Plaxico Burress and Gilbert Arenas situations responsibly. Actually, this has every bit as much to do with the Players Association as it does the commissioner’s office; the MLBPA didn’t allow drug testing in the sport until recently but they made concessions here. At least baseball is doing the right thing here so I should not give them too much crap. Still, it’s strange that it took 15 years to semi-properly address steroids but it didn’t take two months to lay down the law when it comes to guns.

New LBS Weekend Radio Shows

A lot of people who read the site have no idea that I work for Sporting News Radio as a show host and update anchor and that I work on this website on the side. Likewise, many people who listen to the show have no idea that I also have a sports site on the side. So for those who were curious or happened to listen to the Sunday morning show I was hosting during football season, I wanted to apprise you of my new schedule. LBS takes the radio waves by storm on the following nights:

Friday: 11pm-5am PT
Saturday: 8pm-1am PT
Sunday: 8pm-11pm PT

You can listen at sporting news radio’s site, on Sirius channel 127, or on your local affiliate. For those who don’t care and just want their share of funny videos, scandalous pictures, and inane commentary, sorry to bother you. Please carry on as you were. Thank you for your time.

Steve Lavin Knows: Blogs are Watching

I was watching the Purdue/Illinois game on Saturday on ESPN with Dave O’Brien and Steve Lavin providing the commentary. Lavin was talking about UCONN and how he expects them to go on a run now that Jim Calhoun is back. The production team then brought up a graphic regarding tournament regulars in danger of missing The Big Dance. Those teams included Arizona (13-12, on the verge of missing the tourney for the first time in 26 years), UCONN (5-9 in conference), North Carolina (3-9 in the ACC), Oklahoma (13-12 overall), and UCLA (12-13 overall). It’s pretty well known that UCLA has been horrendous this year, especially by their standard. Lavin, as a former Bruins coach who generally speaks positively about his former school, played it safely in his commentary:

Lavin: And Ben Howland still in the mix in terms of the conference race but has struggled overall. He’s done a nice job adjusting in Pac-10 play going to a zone defense (cut off by O’Brien)

O’Brien: Struggling? Yeah, you’re being kind there. It’s been an awful year for UCLA.

Lavin: Of course Dave, if I said that, I’d be getting lit up on the blogs tonight so I tread carefully.

Well Steve, just wanted to let you know that the blogs indeed are watching and they appreciate your careful treading. Matter of conjecture, both announcers were right; as O’Brien said, it has been an awful year for UCLA. Regardless of how many studs they lose to the pros, they shouldn’t be below .500 this late in the year. Losing to Cal-State Fullerton, Long Beach St, and getting blown out by Portland is pretty much unacceptable. As Lavin pointed out (and it may have taken a six-game losing streak), Howland has adjusted and done the unthinkable by incorporating a zone defense in conference play. Yes the Pac-10 is down this year because several players have been drafted recently but at least the Bruins have reached the point of respectability in the conference. Also, let it be known that Lavin is almost always complimentary of UCLA and Ben Howland. For a guy who got fired by the school and replaced with Howland, it probably isn’t easy to speak as positively about UCLA as he does and I respect Lavin a lot for not holding hard feelings.