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Thursday, February 23, 2017


Joe Girardi explodes on heckler mid-press conference (Video)

The Yankees lost to the White Sox 2-1 on Wednesday and were swept in a three-game series. In light of the sweep, it’s no surprise that manager Joe Girardi wasn’t in the best of moods after the game. In fact, he even stopped a press conference with reporters to confront a heckler.

“Yankees swept, yes!” the heckler yelled, before Girardi began his press conference.

The heckler continued to yell as Girardi was fielding a question, but the manager stopped mid-answer to go after the heckler and tell him “shut up! I’m doing an interview!”

Impressively, Girardi returned to the press conference and continued his answer right where he left off.

The outburst was out of character for the typically composed manager — it’s not like we’re talking about Lou Piniella or something — so it makes you wonder if there wasn’t some history between the two in a Chris Perez type of situation.

The Yankees are still 72-52 despite the losing streak, but the Rays are closing and only three games back. That could be why Girardi is suddenly feeling the heat.

Video via CSN Chicago, H/T Deadspin

You mean Bartolo Colon’s improbable career turnaround was illegitimate?

Who didn’t see that one coming? 39-year-old Bartolo Colon, who leads the A’s in wins, ERA, and innings pitched, was suspended 50 games on Wednesday for violating MLB’s performance-enhancing drugs policy. I’m sure you’re shocked by this revelation.

This is the same Bartolo Colon who was out of baseball for all of 2010 after his arm practically fell off in 2009 while he was with the White Sox (he actually had an elbow injury). He had a stem-cell procedure done on his pitching arm and returned to baseball last year with the Yankees after having success in the Dominican Winter League.

He went 8-10 over 26 starts with the Yankees last year, posting a 4.00 ERA. He was even better this year going 10-9 with a 3.43 ERA over 25 starts for the A’s.

I’ve long held suspicions about Colon’s comeback. The guy seemed like he was done after going 6-8 with a 6.34 ERA in 2007 with the Angels. From 2006-2009, he had so many arm problems he never topped 100 innings in a season. And then he comes back and starts pitching his best since his 2005 Cy Young-winning season? Yeah, that never added up. Oh, and Colon never deserved that Cy Young; it should have gone to Johan Santana.

There are no details about the type of performance-enhancer Colon was using, but we know he had elevated levels of testosterone which triggered the positive test. The rotund hurler is the fifth Major League player to be suspended this year for a violation, joining Melky Cabrera, Guillermo Mota, Marlon Byrd, and Freddy Galvis.

Photo Credit: Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

Rory McIlroy can’t wait to kick Tiger’s ass at the Ryder Cup

Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods will be playing together in a PGA Tour event for the first time when they and Zach Johnson tee off at The Barclays on Thursday. Although McIlroy and Woods have tremendous respect for each other, the youngster couldn’t help but talk some trash to his idol during a press conference on Wednesday.

A reporter began a question to McIlroy by mentioning the Ryder Cup when the two-time major winner interjected.

“Yeah, I’d love Tiger to go out first and kick his ass,” McIlroy joked with a big smile, receiving much laughter.

Naturally, a reporter followed up with Woods, asking if he was ready to have his ass kicked by Rory at Medinah.

“At Medinah?” Tiger asked. “No.”

Tiger will never concede anything to an opponent. And even though McIlroy is an admitted Tiger Woods stalker, you know he does in fact want to kick Tiger’s ass in competition.

The two are in the same group because they are Nos. 1 and 3 in the FedEx Cup point standings. All the trios at the event are organized by the point rankings, which has led to some very strong groupings.

Golf clap to Press Tent

Carmelo Anthony’s stop snitching drug video resurfaces in anti-Obama talks

carmelo lala anthonyWhat was supposed to be a joyous time for Carmelo Anthony turned into one where his past mistakes were rehashed. The five-time NBA All-Star was stoked to be a guest at President Barack Obama’s “Obama Classic” basketball-themed fundraiser on Wednesday, but instead he’s being mentioned in anti-Obama campaign talks because of his appearance in a 2004 “Stop Snitching” video.

Melo made headlines when he appeared in an underground “Stop Snitching” video in his hometown of Baltimore, Md., in 2004. The video preached police defiance and discouraged viewers from snitching on drug dealers by threatening them with violence. Melo’s appearance in the video suggested a tacit approval of its message. He denied that was the case.

“You watch music videos all day and see that,” he said. “You could say the same thing if I was in a music video. I’m not really concerned about it. … I don’t hang with drug dealers. I surround myself with good people.”

Melo’s appearance in the ’04 video has fueled recent anti-Obama talks.

The Weekly Standard published a blog post on Wednesday titled “Obama Fundraises with Maker of Pro-Drugs ‘Stop Snitchin’ Video.” The Washington Free Beacon expressed similar thoughts two weeks prior in a piece called “Stop Snitchin’, Start Donatin’.

I guess we can never underestimate the ability of people to dig up old dirt. That video was made eight years ago when Melo was 20 years old. I’m guessing he’d like to take it back. And even though he’s not exactly the most likable fellow in the sports world, he has worked hard to repair his image and stay out of trouble.

I was extraordinarily harsh on Melo in 2007 for his appearance in the video, but five years later even I’ve moved on. Maybe it’s time for everyone else to unless he gives us a reason to bring it back.

You can see a clip of the Stop Snitching video below, but be warned: it contains offensive content and language:


Basketball prospect Tony Farmer collapses while receiving prison sentence (Video)

Tony Farmer, one of the top high school basketball players in Ohio, collapsed in court on Tuesday while receiving his three-year prison sentence for beating his ex-girlfriend.

Farmer plead guilty in July to kidnapping, robbery, assault, and intimidation of his ex-girlfriend in an incident that took place last April. Farmer listened to the judge sentence him to three years in prison for kidnapping and two years for felonious assault, and thought he was going to jail for five years. Farmer was so shocked he collapsed and had to be helped up by a sheriff. The judge then explained that the sentences would be served concurrently.

Farmer’s lawyer was expecting his client to receive probation after pleading guilty. The sentence will be reviewed after 180 days.

Two teachers spoke at the hearing on Farmer’s behalf. Even his ex-girlfriend said she didn’t want him to go to prison, but that hardly mattered to the judge. After watching video of Farmer abusing his ex-girlfriend, it’s easy to see why.

Parts of the incident were captured on tape by the camera system at the victim’s apartment complex. You can watch it below via Action News 19:


Sam Hurd allegedly tried buying 200 pounds of marijuana, 5 kilos of cocaine while on bail

It’s confirmed: Sam Hurd may be the dumbest athlete in the country. The former Cowboys and Bears wide receiver was busted last year by undercover federal agents for trying to buy absurd amounts of drugs. Now here’s the kicker: while out of jail on bail, Hurd not only tested positive for marijuana twice, but he also tried buying truckloads of drugs. Again. No joke.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Hurd successfully purchased 30 pounds of marijuana while out on bail. He also allegedly tried buying 200 more pounds of marijuana and 5 kilograms of cocaine.

Hurd was arrested for violating his bond and remains in federal custody while awaiting trial on October 9 for drug trafficking charges.

If Hurd’s not the dumbest athlete in the country, he’s up there. I mean that is just asking to be locked up for good. Are you really that addicted to the life that you can’t give it up for a few months while you’re awaiting federal drug trafficking charges? Or do you think that Hurd knew he was going to spend the rest of his life in jail, so he figured why not stick his nose out there for his buddies so they wouldn’t risk getting into trouble?

I really wonder what was going through Hurd’s head when he tried to set up that purchase. Even D.J. Williams thinks he’s an idiot.

H/T Black Sports Online, Pro Football Talk

Brandon McCarthy’s wife asks if ExtenZe would result in a failed PED test

Exactly one week after the MLB announced that Melky Cabrera has been suspended 50 games for a positive drug test, A’s pitcher Bartolo Colon was handed the same punishment. Like Cabera, Colon tested positive for testosterone. Unlike Cabrera, whose posse reportedly created a fake website in an attempt to cover up the test, Colon released a statement apologizing to the fans and taking responsibility for his actions.

A’s starter Brandon McCarthy’s wife, Amanda, now wants to make sure that she won’t get Brandon in trouble with the MLB if she gets him a free trial ExtenZe:

For those of you who are somehow unaware, ExtenZe is a sexual enhancement drug that is supposed to add length to a man’s…well, you know. Amanda McCarthy obviously has a tremendous sense of humor, and I recommend following her if you’re looking for a good laugh — particularly at Brandon’s expense. As far as ExtenZe resulting in a positive drug test is concerned, I doubt it. But with the way things have gone over the last week or so, I probably wouldn’t risk it.

Fist pound to Hardball Talk
Photo credit: Kyle Terada-US PRESSWIRE

Lakers have improved, but championships aren’t won in August

There is something to be said about being a cockeyed optimist. So, I will say it: It’s not a good practice to which to adhere. Keep in mind, that sentence was written by someone who is the nonfiction equivalent of Chicken Little.

I, like everyone else, tend to get wrapped up in what’s popular, or “trending” as the zeitgeist would have it. The only problem is I’m usually about a decade behind these folks. (Please see recent tweet about lawn bowling.) Sports are no different.

Having been born and raised on Lakers basketball and a flavorless mash made out of certain tubers and root vegetables, I was delighted to hear about the team’s big moves this offseason, including the most prominent one: Jodie Meeks. Imagine how many jokes I can now make about how Meeks shall inherit the Earth. Actually, that might be the only one…

While the Meeks signing might have gone undetected by many — how $3 million over two years goes undetected is beyond me — the biggest acquisitions were Steve Nash and Dwight Howard, a tandem that, combined with Kobe Bryant, ensures the Lakers will be ready for 2005 should the year ever decide to come back around again.

This trio certainly is an upgrade, especially when you consider the Lakers have had a knack for floundering in the postseason the last two seasons against younger, better teams. The Lakers calling on the services of Nash and Jamison, who are on the wrong side of 35, and aching Howard should do wonders to that end. Well, all things considered, it is a much better trio than the Kobe/Chris Mihm/Smush Parker triumvirate of yesteryear.

Now comes the devil’s advocate part of my weekly (weakly?) jaded analysis.


Gymnast Sam Oldham’s grandmother loses her bet that he would win gold because Great Britain won as a team

Sam Oldham may have been a long shot to win a medal in London, but that didn’t stop him from accomplishing the feat. The 19-year-old and his fellow Team Great Britain gymnasts defied the odds and won the bronze in the men’s team event, marking the first time since 1912 that Great Britain medaled.

Oldham’s grandmother, Linda Aldred, was so confident in her grandson bringing home a medal that she bet the equivalent of about $8 on it with 200-to-1 odds before the Games began. After watching Oldham and Team GB win the bronze, she assumed she was not only the world’s proudest grandmother but also about $1,600 richer. According to The Telegraph, the bookie Aldred placed the bet with will not honor the wager because Oldham did not win a medal as an individual.

“I went back to the shop and I asked if my bet was finished and they said it was and the bet was void as Sam had won the medal as part of a team not as an individual,” Aldred explained. “I was stunned. I am really happy Sam won, it is more the principle than the money, but I could have used the winnings to pay for my ticket to see Sam at the 2016 Olympics in Rio.”

Aldred has taken her complaint to The Independent Betting Adjudication Service and the organization is looking into it. She said that her husband (Sam’s grandfather) was a betting man so she figured she would place the bet in his honor.

If the bet was for Oldham to win a medal and Aldred didn’t skip over any fine print, the bookie should honor it. If the action clearly stated that she was wagering on Oldham to win an individual medal at the London Olympics, there’s probably not much that can be done. Then again, if a bookie can refund bets like these just because the outcome was painful, maybe Aldred should get her $8 back.

Oregon’s new football uniforms released (Pictures)

Several teams unveiled new uniforms for the upcoming college football season, but fans were still waiting on one school to show off their new duds: Oregon. Nike finally came through on Wednesday by releasing the new football uniforms for the Ducks. The uniforms are made of 16 different materials, and they look infinitely better than Notre Dame’s hideous unis. Here are a few looks at the uniforms:


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